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Lesson plan THeme: Kazakhstan

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Technological scheme of the lesson

Subject: English

Teacher: Suleimenova T.T.

Group: 103-104

Date: 7.12.1015

Theme: Economy of Kazakhstan. Constructions “to be going to”

Lesson: 15

Main aims:

-To provide students with assimilation of the materials during the lesson; -To develop students’ speaking, writing, reading skills; -To make them to be able to use new vocabulary;

Tasks on competence formation:

  • Informative( to learn constructions “to be going to”)

  • Communicative(To be able to them and make positive, negative and questions .)

  • Problem solving(To explain new grammar)

Types of the lesson: combined

Methods and techniques: Brainstorming, critical thinking, communicativeness

Materials and recourse: http://www.grammar.cl/Notes/Going_To.htm

The necessary hardware and software: CDs , audio cassettes, cards with tasks ,Over-head projector, computer

Stages of the lesson

Organization moment: Greeting

-Good morning! How are you?

Checking up home task: What was your home task? Individual tasks for each level (A,B,C)

Individual work:

Economy of Kazakhstan”

a)Read the text

Economy of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is fairly rich in minerals and raw materials. Kazakhstan is able to meet its needs for mineral resources and also to export certain volumes of various raw materials and products thereof.Kazakhstan economy workforce is estimated to be 7,4 million people. The general education and scientific level of the workforce is rather high. One worker in ten has a higher education.Kazakhstan has got a rather great productive potential. Kazakhstan economy industry accounts for 42.2 percent of all fixed production assets; agriculture accounts for 26.1 per cent; construction accounts for 4.5 per cent; and transport and communications account for 21.1 per cent.90 out of the 105 elements in the periodic table occur in Kazakhstan. 70 of them have been explored and prospected, and 60 elements are now being used in manufacturing processes.Kazakhstan has got large deposits of copper, zinc, rare-earth metals, coal, iron, silver, gold, bauxite, natural gas and oil. Utilization of this potential began in Kazakhstan only in the past 60 to 70 years.

b)Translate these words :

raw materials assets bauxite

export the periodic table natural gas

volumes of occur oil

thereof copper Utilization

workforce rare-earth metals gold

general coal accounts

scientific level iron

potential silver

c) Retell


Positive & Negative Sentences

The positive and negative structures for Be Going To are as follows:



I am going to

I am not going to

You are going to

You are not going to

He is going to

He is not going to

She is going to

She is not going to

It is going to

It is not going to

We are going to

We are not going to

You are going to

You are not going to

They are going to

They are not going to

The structure BE GOING TO is normally used to indicate the future in English. We use this structure:

1. When we have already decided or we intend to do something in the future:

  • I'm going to India next year.

2. When there are definite signs that something is going to happen:

  • It's so cold! I think it is going to snow.

3. When something is about to happen:

  • Get back! The bomb is going to explode.

Questions with BE GOING TO

Questions are formed by changing the order of the subject and the verb BE:




going to

win the race.









going to

win the race?





You are going to be sick if you eat that. (Positive sentence)
Are you going to be sick if you eat that? (Question)

We are going to take orange juice to the party. (Positive sentence)
Are we going to take orange juice to the party? (Question)

Individual work: Translate these sentences and use the construction to be going to

Ты собираешься идти на работу?

Ты собираешься зарабатывать деньги?

Ты собираешься лететь в Австралию?

Ты собираешься поступать в университет?

Ты собираешься учить английский?

Ты собираешься делать утреннюю зарядку?

Ты собираешься встретиться с Мэри сегодня?

Ты собираешься решить этот вопрос?

Что ты собираешься сегодня делать?

Что ты сегодня собираешься почитать?

Когда ты собираешься купить новую машину?

Когда ты собираешься пригласить меня в ресторан?

Когда ты собираешься начать новую жизнь?

Когда ты собираешься с ней расстаться?

Когда ты собираешься пойти в магазин?

Conclusion: Thank you for being active! Your marks for today`s lesson …

Home task: for whole class

Answer this question

What are going to do this evening?

Feedback: Do you like the lesson?

Reflection: Do you like this lesson?

Do you have questions?

what was new for you?

The lesson is over. Thank you! You are free!

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