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Поурочные план на тему "Outstanding people in the UK"

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hello_html_6c1c2374.gifhello_html_4fb5749d.gifhello_html_4fb5749d.gifDate: 15.05.2014

Form: 7

The theme of the lesson: “Outstanding people in the UK”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to train speaking habits, revision of grammar structure. To give some information about the famous people in the UK.

Developing: to enlarge learners’ vocabulary and grammar skills, listening and writing skills; to advance learners’ logical thinking, attentiveness and memory; to broaden learners’ mental outlook.

Bringing-up: to promote comfortable environment in class; to form such qualities as activeness, diligence and communicativeness; to create or develop students’ interest to study English.

Type of the lesson: mixed

Visual aids: the interactive board, slides, cards, pictures

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment.

А) Greeting

Б) Duty’s report

II. Checking the home task: Ex: 9-10

  1. Newton was great English

Writers, Scientist, Poet

  1. He was born in

1642 1812 1564

  1. He sat at the garden, his attention was drawn by the fall of an

Orange Apple Kiwi

  1. Newton was buried in hello_html_23889e68.png

In Kazakhstan himself town Westminster Abbey

  1. He died at the age hello_html_5f0efcd7.png

84 58 96

  • So, look at the board and the picture. Fill in the Crossword “WRITERS” with the words on the theme “Outstanding people in the UK”

  • We know who this person? Slide 6-13: The famous people in the UK.

III. The new lesson.

-Dear children, our today’s task is good reading of the text, speaking about an outstanding writers, scientists and politicians in the UK.

IV. Vocabulary

Sonnet – сонет

Famous – атақты, танымал

Tragedy – қайғылы

Married – некеде болу

Masterpiece – үлгілі шығарма

Poetry – өлең

V. Doing exercises


1. I was playing computer games at 7 o’clock

2. I was writing a letter when my friend came.

3. The students were talking, were talking.

4. He worked as a teacher

5. I like listening to music.

6. Ermek taking photographs

7. Duman and Maira dancing

8. Kuanysh drinking a glass of juice.

9. Asel and Saule playing a dall.

Exercises: 4

Write sentences from the notes.

  1. the greatest/ William Shakespeare/ dramatist and writer.

William Shakespeare the greatest dramatist and writer

  1. went to / Shakespeare / school / grammar.

Shakespeare went to grammar school

  1. Shakespeare / once / and had / married / three children

Shakespeare married once and had three children

  1. He / the job / a lot / liked

He liked the job a lot

  1. Charles / to pay / had / to help / him

Charles had to pay to help him

  1. novels / His / are / popular / still.

His novels are still popular

VI. Children’s project work “ Outstanding people in the UK”

VII. English Nursery Rhymes “ Clap your hands”

VIII. Evaluation

T. Shonanuly’s secondry school

« Outstanding people in the UK »

(Open lesson)

Teacher: A. Elik


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