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Проект по теме "Кино" "Мой любимый актёр"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Task 1. Read the text and answer the questions below.


My Favourite Actors

My favourite actors are Mel Gibson and Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg came a long way to her present international success. Her mother was divorced and poor. Whoopi chose a very difficult career for a black woman. She started as a theatre actress and did very well.

In the end she had a show on Broadway. Film producers saw her show and a new career in cinema began. She almost got an "Oskar" in Steven Spielberg's film. Whoopi can be a very serious actress. But she can be very funny too.

Mel Gibson, one of eleven children, was born in New York. But his family moved to Australia when he was twelve. He is a traditional Hollywood man of action in some ways; he is strong and handsome with bright blue eyes. But in his films he can be funny and shy like a little boy.

Gibson became famous in the "Mad Max" film (1979), made by the Australian director George Miller. Max lives in a desert after a nuclear war. People drive incrediable cars and lorries and wear strange clothes. It is a fantastic mix of past and future.

Mel Gibson is now also a film director. His first film as director was "The Man without a Face". 

Task 2.


1. What are your favourite actors? 
2. Was it easy for Whoopi Goldberg to become a star? 
3. What films with Whoopi Goldberg do you know? 
4. When did Gibson become famous? 
5. Mel Gibson is now a film director too, doesn't he?

to be divorced — быть разведенным 
career — карьера 
to move — переезжать 
director — режиссер 
nuclear war — ядерная война 
lorry — грузовик 
incrediable — удивительный


Task 3. Complete the sentences with the right forms of the verbs.

1. She (be) divorced ten years ago.

2. He (be) born in New York in 1956.

3. They (move) to the USA in 1968.

4. Now he (be) not only a famous actor in the world.

5. Gibson (begin) his career as a director with the film "The Man without a Face".


Task 4. Complete the sentences with new vocabulary.

1. He was not only an actor. He was also a film______.

2. Some years ago my cousin lived in Moscow, but recently she ______ to St.Peterburg.

3. Mary wants to have a _______of film actress.

4. Teenagers enjoy watching films about an ____________ world.

5. Boys like films about a __________ war more than girls.

Task 5. Make up a dialogue about the biography of Mel Gibson.

was born

moved to Australia

man of action

strong and handsome

became famous

a film director

Task 6. Homework

Draw a poster "The Biography of Mel Gibson"

a) Use pictures and photos, write questions about him and his films.

b) Be ready to speak about Mel Gibson.


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