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Проверочная работа по английскому языку "артикли"

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1. Complete the sentences using articles the/a, an /zero article.

1. What do you usually eat for___ breakfast. 2. Dan invited Alice for_____ dinner. 3. We had ______delicious meal in that café. 4. Thank you, dear. It was______ very nice breakfast. 5. When was _____mobile phone invented? 6._____river Volga flows into _____Caspian Sea.

7. We decided to stay in ____Grand Hotel, which is situated in____ Baker Street. 8. The sand from this beach was imported from _____Sahara. 9._____Seychelles are ____group of islands in___ Indian Ocean.

10. They are travelling through_____ Europe. 11. Have you ever been to _____ France. 12. They have reached the summit of ______Mount Everest. 13. Give me____ Cosmopolitan magazine, please. 14. He is absolutely ill know, he has got___ flu. 15.___love makes ____world go round. 16. They decided to travel by___ plane. 17.Our new house is too far from____ school. 18. I heard ____news on_____ radio.

19. There are millions of _____stars in____ space. 20. We looked up at ____stars in ___ sky.

21. ____Russian Federation is one of ____biggest country in ____world. 21. We will study the history of ___Europe of ___ Middle Ages. 22. At _____previous month ____ Crimea became the part of _____Russia. 23. ____ capital of _____ United States of America is ____Washington.

38 points

2. A/ an or the. Sometimes you don`t need either word- you leave it blank.

  1. I wrote my name at__________top of the page.

  2. ________moon goes around______earth every 27 days.

  3. The Soviet Union was___________first country to sand a man into_______space.

  4. Did you see the film on_______television or at____cinema?

  5. After_____lunch, we went for a walk by____sea.

  6. I`m not very hungry. I had_____big breakfast.

  7. John was_________only person I talked to at the party.

  8. Tim lives in_____small village in____country.

  9. Peru is_____country in South America. _____capital is Lima.

  10. I never listen to_____radio. In fact I haven`t got_____radio.

10 points

3. Write the definite article "the" where you see: ___ or omit it. Write the complete sentence.

___ Lake Victoria is in ___ central Africa.

Lake Victoria is in central Africa.

1) ___ Loch Ness is in ___ Scotland.

2) The Beatles made ___ Abbey Road famous.

3) Many migrating birds spend the winter in ___ Africa.

4) ___ River Thames is ___ England's second longest river.

5) I work near ___ Trafalgar Square in ___ London.

6) ___Asterdam is in ___ Netherlands.

7) ___ capital of ___ United Arab Emirates is ___ Abu Dhabi and not ___ Dubai.

8) ___ Lake District in the north of England has beautiful lakes like ___ Lake Windermere.

8 points

Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка подходит для проведения проверочной работы по английскому языку по теме "неопределенный, определенный и нулевой артикль". Подходит для учащихся 9-10 класса, общеобразовательной школы.

Проверочная работа состоит  из трех заданий, каждое из которых оценивается в определенное количество баллов.

В первом задании обучающимся предлагается дополнить предложения, используя необходимый артикль. Предложения имеют преимущественно страноведческий характер, также встречается много географических названий. Например третье задание полностью посвящено употреблению артикля с географическими названиями.

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