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Рекламный буклет на английском языке


Amazing Crimean peninsula for a long time has been called one f the pearls of Europe. It was specially created by nature for rest and good mood. Outstanding poets, artists, architects, musicians and composers got  inspiration for their masterpieces  in Crimea.

Crimea matches all possible and impossible kinds of traditional and active rest. You will find exactly what you need for a good rest in Crimea. If you love beaches and reckless holidays, you can lie in the sun and take idle walks along the sea coast, swim on a boat or go fishing. The lovers of nature will have a great opportunity to climb Mount Ai-Petri opening up a magnificent panorama of Big Yalta. From December till March the Ai-Petri is covered with snow. If you are fond of skiing or snowboarding – you are welcome!

You can enjoy hotels, restaurants, casinos, and amusement parks for children. Every year different people with different hobbies come here.

Tastes differ. But mild and warm climate, fabulous nature and unforgettable landscapes, the sea and the mountains make anyone indifferent.

If you still have some doubts about your travel route for your summer holiday we advise you to see at least one of the interesting films. Here is the following top of the most popular films in Russia:

  1. «The Dog in the Manger»

  2. «Sky Swallows»

  3. «The Amphibian Man»

  4. «Scarlet Sails»

  5. «Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession»

  6. «The Headless Horseman»

  7. «Ten Little Indians»

  8. «Caucasian Captive or Shurik’s New Adventures»…

All these films were shot at different places of the Crimean peninsula. See something from this list and you will surely make up your mind to see some of the Crimea’ s palaces, castles, mountains, embankments, bays, and grottoes by your own eyes.

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The Crimea is a true paradise for any tourist. There is no place in the world where you can enjoy such a successful combination of nature, climate, historical sights and unique architecture. That is why in the 20-th century many interesting films were shot there.

Let’s see the interrelation of some Crimea’s places of interest and old interesting Soviet films.


This is the Livadia Palace which is only 3 km. away from Yalta. Go to Livadia, walk in the park and around the palace and you will easily find this marble bench where Diana (actress Terekhova) was crying in the film «The Dog in the Manger».

If you are fond of active diving it is necessary for you to visit and enjoy the Laspi Bay on the southern shore of the Crimea. There is the place where nature has created a beautiful grotto. In this grotto Ichthiander (actor Korenev) was swimming and diving in the film «The Amphibian Man».


All tourists try to visit 2 recognizable places in the Valley of Ghosts. One of them is the old walnut tree where Nikulin’s character was sitting and throwing nuts.


Another recognizable place from the film «Caucasian Captive or Shurik’s New Adventures» is a large stone where Nina (actress Varley) was dancing and singing the famous song.


If you are a romantic person you should visit Crimean Koktebel and see the places where young and beautiful Assol (actress Vertinskaya) was waiting for a ship with scarlet sails.


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