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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / «The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland »
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«The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland »


Teacher: Bakytbekova A.M

The theme of the lesson: «The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland »

The aims of the lesson: To develop students’ skills and habits in reading, speaking, hearing.

  1. To enrich students’ knowledge about the country the language of which they study.

  2. To sustain interest and motivation by encouraging pupils to be creative so that they make discoveries in the language they are learning.

  3. To teach students how to communicate in English.

The type of the lesson: traditional

Equipment:Interactive board, personal computer , maps of  the British Isles,                                                   symbols of each country of the    UK, markers, posters.

Planning of the lesson.

 Organization moment.

T:  Hello, boy and girls. Glad to see you. Sit down, please. Today we have a very interesting  lesson. There are  a lot of materials and I hope you’ll be active and attentive at the lesson.

  1. Warm up.

T: But, to begin with let’s look at the blackboard! Here is the poem. Mind the main idea of it! Read, please!

                So many countries all over the world,

                So many people life- tales told!

                Different cities, languages, poems,

                Amazing  traditions, legends, stories,

               We travel East, we travel West

                To know so much is best,

                If South is warm, North is cold,

                We start our trip and off we go!

T: What is the key – word in the poem?

T: Right you are! So, we are going to have an imaginary trip. But where? Guess yourself.  I want you to answer one question: What is the name of the country the language of which we study? (England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom).

T: Right you are: So, the theme of our lesson today is: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is the official name.

  1. Pre task.

1. Cluster.

T: First of all, let’s make a cluster.

T: so, let’s think. What we know about the UK. (UK is in Europe, English is an official  language of UK, the capital of the UK is London, it’s an island)

T: Is it all? Well! Now let’s write : What do you want to know?

(Students questions.)

T: Well good. And the last cluster we’ll write at the end of our lesson.

  1. Presentation.

  2. Reading the text.

  3. Scanning reading – silent – key words.

Well, I’ll  give you fliers you’ll read the text. The task is to find key words in every paragraph.

  1. Reading.

Your task is to read aloud one by one.

2.Group work.

T: now, we have 3 groups. Your task is to put 2 questions to another 2 groups, concerning only your own paragraph. And our guest will prepare her own questions .

    I want to tell you about it. England – is only one part of the UK. It is situated  in the south of the UK. Great Britain is the  geographical name of the country. And when smb asks: How many countries does great Britain consist of, we answer Three: England, Scotland and Wales.

      And the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – is the official name of the country. You know but sometimes in everyday  use the word “Britain” is quite possible.

     The next question is : Why do you think the population lives mostly in towns and cities, but not in the countryside?

(students’ answers).

     The third is: Why  is the climate in Great Britain so mild and wet? And do you know what is the UK washed by? And what about the Irish Sea?

(Students’ answers)

  1. True or False.

 T: Now prepare 2 sentences. Make them true or false.

  1. The symbol of Scotland is a daffodil. (ex.-)

T: You  can use the exercise from the book at p. 119, ex. VI

V. Follow up.

The  work on interactive board.

  1. Commenting the presentation:

T: I have the presentation on the interactive board. Your task is to comment the slides.

  1. Creative work. A group work.

T: Now, I’ll give you markers felt- tips, glue- sticks and a few pictures of symbols and flags. Your task is to prepare the map of the UK very quickly. I’ll give you only 2 minutes. Don’t forget to stick pictures, where they need! Well start!

T: So, ready? Let’s look which is the best?

  1. Finishing the cluster.

T: now, we have the last task: to finish our cluster, do you remember?  So, our lesson is going to be over. Tell me, please

  • What new facts have you found out?

  • What new information have you learnt?

Let’s return to our cluster and add new information to it.


T: So, unfortunately our lesson is over. The aim of our lesson was to learn more about the UK. I think that we have reached the aims of the lesson. I hope now you can talk about the UK, can’t you?

VI.Wrap up.

T: and now your home task is to make up a project about the UK. Clear?

Did  you like our lesson? Well you’ve  done a great job! All of you were active today!

Good bye! Thank you everybody!

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