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"Stories about plants" 7 form

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Date: The 21st of January, It’s Wednesday.

The theme of the lesson: “Stories about flowers”

Form: 7 “A”

Aims: To develop students’ skills and habits in oral speech. To support interest in subject. To develop students’ ability to discuss facts, ideas, using a range of topical vocabulary.

Visual aids: Interactive board, flowers, pictures, cards, crossword, tape-recorder,


Plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment

  2. Checking up home task

  3. Warm- up

  4. Presentation

  5. Reading

  6. Brainstorming, Riddles

  7. Practice

  8. Production

  9. Crossword

  10. Home task

  11. Conclusion.

  1. T: - Good day, dear girls and boys!

P: - Good morning, good morning

Good morning to you

Good morning, good morning

We are glad to see you!

T: - Thank you, sit down, please!

  1. - Let’s check up your home task for today.

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent today in your group?

- OK!

- What’s your home task for today?

- Who wants to answer?

( draw the diagram about animals).

  1. Warming up:

The king of flower with his flowers want to introduce yourself.

Nurdaulet: - Good day, dear girls! I am glad to see you.

I like flowers that are bright,

I like flowers that are white

I like flowers with a smell

I treat flowers very well.

- My dear flowers! Who is coming first?

1. Dilnaz, Snowdrop: I am first. My name is Snowdrop. I come when the snow is on the ground.

I am white. I am pretty.

Pretty little snowdrops,

Growing through the snow

We are the first to come.

Don’t you know?

2. Akdana, Primrose: I am Primrose. We are pink, white, blue and yellow.

Spring is here

So you can guess

By the Primroses

Beautiful dress.

3. Dana, Daffodil: I come next. My name is Daffodil. I am white like snow and yellow like sun.

Once while walking in the hills

I saw some golden daffodils

Beside the lake, beneath the trees

Dancing, dancing in the breeze.

4. Dilnaz, Jasmine: My name is Jasmine. I am from the East. My flowers are white. They smell so sweet!

5. Tulip, Kamila: I am also spring flower. My name is Tulip. Colorful tulips are so bright. Red and yellow, purple and white.

6. Lily, Dana: My name is Lily. We are of different colors. We can grow even in the river.

The Lilies are colorful

Aren’t they wonderful?!

7. Rose, Ademy: My name is Rose. Everybody knows and likes me.

A fresh half open rose

Is very beautiful everyone knows

And what makes the rose lovely?

The sun I suppose.

8. Sunflower, Togzhan: My name is Sunflower. I am very big flower. I always look at the sun. My black seeds are very tasty.


The flowers are blooming everywhere

On every hill and dell

Oh! How beautiful they are!

How lovely do they smell!

  1. Presentation:

- Today we’ll take a new theme in our lesson: “Stories about plants”. Open your books at page 45.

- First of all, let’s read and introduce with the history of flowers.

- Look at the interactive board.

V. Reading: “History of flowers”

People have used flowers to express their feelings, enhance their surroundings, and to commemorate important rituals and observances. All forms of art, depict the use of flowers: music, books, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, tapestries, etc. Some of the most opulent examples of source material are the flower pictures, produced by artists during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, which so accurately depict flowers in their incredible beauty.

Flowering plants, called angiosperms, were believed to be already diverse and found in most locations by the middle of the Cretaceous Period ... 146 million years ago. A myriad of images of preserved flowers and flower parts have been found in fossils from Sweden, Portugal, England, and along the Eastern and Gulf coasts of the United States. Below are a few flowers which have a long history.

  1. Brainstorming, Riddles about seasons.

This is the season

When fruit is sweet,

This is the season

When school-friends meet.


F:\Мои видеозаписи\42367.jpg

2) I come with cold and snow

But you like me and know .


F:\Мои видеозаписи\lago1.jpg

3) This is the season

When nights are short

And children have plenty

Of fun and sport.

Boating, swimming

All the day

With a merry song

On a sunny day.


F:\Мои видеозаписи\016.jpg

4) This is the season

When snowdrops bloom

When nobody likes

To stay in the room.

This is the season

When birds make their nests,

This is the season

We all like best.



Exercise 1. Below are there are English names and pictures of three popular flowers. Can you match the names to the pictures Do you know the Kazakh names of the flowers in the pictures?




Read the text. What is the name of the flower?

- Work with cards. Listen the song: “ I just call I love you”.

Table 1.

Table 2.

IX. Crossword

X. Home task: Ex.9 p 48. Write astory about flowers.

XI. Marks

  1. Conclusion: The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye!

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