Инфоурок Другое ТестыТест к модулю 2, 8 класс, учебник Spotlight

Тест к модулю 2, 8 класс, учебник Spotlight

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1.     You will hear an advertisement for a local cooking school. Listen and fill in the missing information



2. Connect words or phrases with its picture

6. Spicy sauce            ___

7. Biscuits                  ___

8. Mashed potatoes    ___

9. Pickled cucumbers    ___

10. Put on weight         ___



3. Translate these words into English

11. цветочный магазин _____________  16. почта _________________

12. булочная ________________             17. мясной магазин __________

13. магазин одежды ___________           18. обувной магазин _________

14. рынок _______________                      19. торговый центр ___________

15. ювелирный магазин_____________  20. блошиный рынок ___________

4. Choose the right idiom

21. The test was so easy. It was a cup of tea / a piece of cake.

22. Mary really loved the film, but it wasn’t  a piece of cake / her cup of tea.

23. Please don’t cry over spilt milk / spill the beans and tell my secret to anyone.

24. Mark loves telling stories, so you should take everything he says with a pinch of salt / as a piece of cake.

25. It’s a shame you lost the match, but it’s no use to spill the beans / crying over spilt milk.


5. Fill in is or are

26. There ___ scissors on the table in my room.

27. My hair ___ too long.

28. Your luggage ___ in you room already.

29. Maths ___ my favorite subject.

30. These trousers ___ too tight.

6. Choose the right answer

31. My sister ……… Mary for years.

a) have known  b) knew  c) has known 

32. I ………… English since my brother was 9.

a) study  b) studied  c) have been studying  d) have studied

33. ………… to a flea market?

a) Were you ever  b) Have you ever been  c) Has you ever been 

34. He …….….. that’s why he’s exhausted.

a) has been running b) have been running c) run

35. How many souvenirs you …….!

a) have been buying  b) have bought  c) has bought

36. How long ……… English?

a) have you studied  b) have you been studying  c) studied

7. Choose the right answer

37. Have you ever been to / in London?

38. They spend a little / a lot of money on presents.

39. Very few / very little girls spend money on video games.

40. The / - Smiths left the / - UK from a / - Heathrow Airport.

41. Max can play a / the violin.

42. He’s been going off / through hard time but hope everything will be fine with him soon.

43. I’m afraid the soup has gone up / off, don’t eat it.

44. I hate eating out, I prefer a (an) undercooked / home cooked meal.

8. Put the following adjectives into the correct order

45. young / tall / Englishman

46. large / stone / beautiful / cottage

47. blue / best / silk / my / shirt

48. tall / handsome / young / blonde / man

49. wooden / modern / nice / table


9. Read the email and choose A, B or C to complete the gaps.

Hi, Alison,

How’s everything going? I haven’t written for a while, e.g. A) but  I’ve been studying for my university exams, and you know how busy that keeps you! Anyway, I got your email, and I’m thrilled that you 50)____ to stay with me for a few days!

I know that one of the things you love about my city is the shopping, so let me tell you a 51)____ places I’ve discovered. First of all, forget about the shopping mall! There’s 52)____ fantastic flea market, just a ten-minute bus from my house, where you’ll find the most amazing things at unbelievably good 53)___ I’m sure you’ll love the colourful atmosphere and the loud street vendors calling out to you take a look at their 54)___. Another place we can do our shopping, as well as do something for 55)___ is the Oxfam store in the town center. It mainly sells second-hand things, but they’re in very good condition and at bargain prices. The last time I went there, I ended up buying four books and five CDs! My brother says there’s good car boof 56)___ on just outside of town every Sunday but I haven’t been yet. We can go together, if you like!

I’m sure you’ll fill your suitcase with 57)___ of new things to take back home. But you should know that we can only pay 58)___ card at these places, so leave your credit card behind.

I’d better go now, I need to go to the 59)____to pick up my new reading glasses.

See you soon,


e.g. a) but                               b) and                               c) so

50. a) are coming                    b) have come                    c) come

51. a) little                               b) few                               c) many

52. a)  –                                    b) the                               c) a

53. a) bargains                         b) budgets                        c) prices

54. a) stalls                              b) malls                            c) shoppers

55. a) charity                           b)benefit                          c) good

56. a) shop                              b) sale                               c) bazaar

57. a) many                             b) lot                                 c) lots

58. a) by                                  b) with                              c) in

59. a) butcher’s                       b) optician’s                      c) chemist’s


10. Write a letter to your friend and tell him about your last shopping. Tell him where you went, what have you bought and ask him about his last shopping (60-80 words).













1.     four

2.     international

3.     sixty

4.     fifty

5.     6493321

6.     e

7.     b

8.     d

9.     c

10.  a

11.  Florist’s

12.  Bakery

13.  Clothes shop

14.  Bazaar

15.  Jeweller’s

16.  Post office

17.  Butcher’s

18.  Shoe shop

19.  Shopping mall

20.  Flea market

21.  A piece of cake

22.  Her cup of tea

23.  Spill the beans

24.  With a pinch of salt

25.  Crying over spilt milk

26.  Are

27.  Is

28.  Is

29.  Is

30.  Are

31.  C

32.  C

33.  B

34.  A

35.  B

36.  B

37.  To

38.  A lot of

39.  Very few

40.  The, the, -

41.  The

42.  Through

43.  Off

44.  Home cooked

45.  Tall young Englishman

46.  Beautiful large stone cottage

47.  My best blue silk shirt

48.  Handsome tall young blonde man

49.  Nice modern wooden table

50.  A

51.  B

52.  C

53.  C

54.  A

55.  A

56.  B

57.  C

58.  C

59.  B

60.  Writing

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