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Тест на тему " Условные предложения" для 10 класса

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Раскройте скобки, употребляя голы в требующейся форме.

Card 1

  1. I should be delighted if I (to have) such a beautiful fur coat. 2. If it (to rain), we shall have to stay, at home. 3. If he (to work) hard, he would have achieved great progress. 4, If it is not too cold, i (not to put) on my coat. 5. I (to write) the composition long ago if you had not disturbed me.

Card 2

6. If ho (not to read) so much, he would not be so clever. 7. If my friend (to be) at home, he will tell us what to do. 8. If he were not such an outstanding actor, he (not to have) so many admirers. 9. If you (to give) me your address, I shall write you a letter 10. If she (not to be) so absent-minded, she would be a much better student.

Card 3

11. If my sister does not go to the south, we (to spend) the summer in St Petersburg together. 12. If they (not to go) to Moscow last year, they would not have heard that famous musician. 13. If you (not to get) tickets the Philharmonic, we shall stay at home. 14. If you were not so careless about your health, you (to consult) the doctor.

Card 4

  1. If she (to ask) me yesterday, I should certainly have told her all about it. 2. If you (to do) you1 morning exercises every day, your health would b much better. 3. If he is not very busy, he (to agree) to go to the museum with us. 4. If I (not to be) present at the lesson, I should not have under stood this difficult rule. 5. If he reads fifty page every day, his vocabulary (to increase) great

Card 5

6. If they (to know) it before, they would have taken measures. 7. If I (to get) this book, I shall give it to you . 8- If you really loved music, you (to go) to the Philharmonic much more often. 9. If you had not wasted so much time, you (not to miss) the train. 10. If you (not to miss) the train, you would have arrived in time.

Card 6

11. You (not to miss) the teacher's explanation if you had arrived in time. 12. You would have understood the rule if you (not to miss) the teacher's explanation. 13. If you (to understand) the rule, you would have written the test-paper successfully. 14. If you had written the test-paper successfully, you (not to get) a "two". 15. Your mother (not to scold) you if you had not got a "two". 16. If your mother (not to scold) you, you would have felt happier.

Card 7

  1. If it (to snow), the children will play snowballs. 2. If I (not to know) English, I should not be able to enjoy Byron's poetry. 3. I (not to do) it if you did not ask me. 4. If men (to have) no weapons, would wars be possible? 5. You will never finish your work if you (to waste) your time like that.

Card 8

6. If I (to have) his telephone number, I should easily settle this matter with him. 7. If I (to have) this rare book, I should gladly lend it to you. 8. The dish would have been much more tasty if she (to be) a better cook. 9. He never (to phone) you if I hadn't reminded him to do that.

Card 9

10. Your brother (to become) much stronger if he took cold baths regularly. 11. If he (to be) more courageous, he would not be afraid. 12. If the fisherman had been less patient, he (not to catch) so much fish. 13. If you (to put) the ice-cream into the refrigerator, it would not have melted.

Card 10

14. If I (to know) the result now, I would phone her immediately. 8. He is not ill: if he (to be) ill, he (not to play) tennis so much. 9. He was not ill last week: if he (to be) ill, he (not to take) part in the football match.

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Тест на тему " Условные предложения" для 10 класса рассчитан на учеников общеобразовательного уровня.

В работу включены задания на открывание скобок. Предложения разбиты на 10 карточек. Очень удобно работать с карточками по системе " ты мне - я тебе" Меняться карточками надо друг с другом до тех пор, пока к тебе не вернётся твоя первая карточка. На выполнение одной карточки отводится одна минута, затем по команде все одновременно меняют карточки. Таким образом за десять минут каждый ученик проделывает десять карточек. Это очень хороший тренинг на проверку грамматики. Придаточные условия запомнят точно.

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