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Урок по теме "Pets and other animals"

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Theme: Pets and other animals.

Form: 4A


Educational: getting acquainted with the world of animals

practicing topical vocabulary

enriching pupils’ knowledge

Developing: developing listening,speaking skills

developing pupils’ oral speech

Teaching: teaching to be kind to animals

New vocabulary: animals,pets

Equipment: PPT Presentation, cards,toy-animals.

Procedure of the lesson:

I.Organization moment.

-Good morning,pupils!

-Good morning,teacher!

-How are you?

-I’m fine.

-Who is on duty today?

-I’m on duty today.

-Who is absent?

- …. is absent.

-Now tell me,please, what date is it today?

-Today is the first of March.

-What day of week is it today?

-Today is Thursday.

-OK. What song do you know about the days of week?

/Pupils sing a song “ Days of week”

-Thank you everybody. Today’s lesson is unusual because we will talk about animals.Let’s remember our poem about animals.

II. Phonetic drill.

I’ve got a pet

It’s a cat.

His name is Fred

I love my cat.

III. The main part.

1.Work with electronic book Winnie English-2

Pupils match the words with the pictures.








2.What’s missing? /One pupil do it on the blackboard and the others put down the words in the exercise-books./








3. Working with the book Ex4p167


A lion

A toy-lion

A yellow toy-lion

A big yellow toy-lion

A big nice yelloy toy-lion

A big nice yellow and brown toy-lion.

A wolf

A big wolf

A big grey wolf

A big grey hungry wolf

A big grey hungry wolf ate a hare

A big grey hungry wolf ate a hare and a fox.

4.Developing thinking

Using the toy-animals pupils answer the question “What is your favorite animal?”

-What is your favourite animal?

-My favorite animal is a lion.

-My favorite animal is an elephant.

-My favorite animal is a tiger.

-My favorite animal is a crocodile .

-My favorite animal is a bear.

-My favorite animal is a fox.



5 Game “ Find your half”

Pupils are given two types of cards. In first cards they are given the names of animals,in the second they are given the descriptions to them. Pupils’ task is to find the animals by descriptions

I’m not big, not small. I’m orange. I like rabbits – Fox

I’m very big. I’m grey and I have a long nose.-Elephant.

I’m big. I’m green.My tail is big.I live in the jungle.-Crocodile.

I can run and jump.I like carrots. My ears are long.-Rabbit

6. Working with the picture

hello_html_4d859116.jpgWhose tail is it? hello_html_42157abc.jpgWhose legs are these?

hello_html_24714c77.jpgWhose eyes are these?hello_html_m5016c92e.jpg Whose paws are these?

hello_html_m7764925a.jpgWhose ears are these?hello_html_m5b136833.jpg Whose haed is it?

7. Relaxation. Song about animals.

There are monkeys and bears

And a big kangaroo.

Lions and zebras

And elephant too

Hippos and camels

And talking cockatoo

And lots more animals

Live in the Zoo.

8.Writing an exercise

Ex.5 p.168

The giraffe has got a long neck.

The elephant has got a short tail.

The bear has got a short tail.

The fox has got a long tail.

The hare has got a short tail.

The dog has got a long tail.

The cat has got a long tail.

The Crocodile has got a long tail.

9.Working with the dialogue

Minnie:Oh,Daddy,so many animals.

Father:Yes,dear,do you want to see a bear?

Minnie:Yes,I do

Father:Do you want to see a snake?

Minnie:Yes,I do.

Father:Do you want to see a zebra,Minnie?

Minnie:Yes , I do

Father:Do you want to see a giraffe?

Minnie:No, I don’t.I don’t like it.

Father:What do you want to see?

Minnie: I want to see a red fox,a tiger, an elephant,a lion, a hare and a wolf.

Father:OK. Let’s go.

Minnie: Yes.

10.Agree or disagree.

The elephants are big and strong.

Dogs are not good friends for people.

Monkeys don’t like bananas.

Cats like milk and meat.

Bears like honey.

Parrots can swim.

Giraffe’s neck is long

Monkeys haven’t got long tails.

IV Conclusion.Children, today we’ve talked about animals.What must and mustn’t we do?

We must look after my pet.

We must feed my pet

We must feed birds in winter

We must play with animals

We must take a dog for a walk

We must love pets


VI.Evaluating pupils.

VII. saying good-bye

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