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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок-проект по теме: “A Tour Of London”.

Урок-проект по теме: “A Tour Of London”.

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УМК «New Millennium English-5» Unit 8, lesson 2

Тема: Урок-проект по теме: “A Tour Of London”.

Задачи урока:


отрабатывать фонетические навыки на конкретных примерах, понимать иностранную речь в игровых ситуациях;

закреплять полученные знания, учить использовать в речи устойчивые выражения, клише, лексический материал по данной теме;

обучать составлять сообщения по теме «Лондон и его достопримечательности».


развивать навыки устной речи, навыки диалогического и монологического высказывания.


прививать интерес к культуре, традициям, достопримечательностям англоязычных стран;

воспитывать умение работать в коллективе (группе).


Карта Великобритании.

Фотографии с изображениями достопримечательностей Лондона.

Презентация детей.

Презентация учителя.

Книга- проект.


Предварительная подготовка:

Первая группа учащихся находит и обрабатывает тексты о достопримечательностях, готовится к их пересказу.

Вторая группа учащихся заранее готовит небольшие справки о достопримечательностях Лондона и издает буклет.


-Hello, my dear friends! I am very glad to see you.

- How are you? Sit down, please. Do you remember what date it is today? What day of the week is it today?

- Have you ever been abroad?

- Never?

Well, today at the lesson you have got a chance to visit the most famous and beautiful city in the world, the capital of the UK – London! You will see some interesting and historical places of London.


-Would you like to see this city?


-Yes, I would ( отвечают дети)


-Are you ready to travel? OK, close your eyes. Let us go!

Звучит музыка. Слайд с картинкой двухэтажного автобуса и столицей Англии.

Open your eyes. Let’s imagine that you are tourists and I am a tourist guide. We shall travel by bus.

-Go. Dear ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad to welcome you to London! London is the capital of the UK. The UK consists of four countries which are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can see them on the map. Their capitals are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. London is one of the largest cities in the world. It is situated on the river Thames. About seven million people live here. It is the largest city in Europe and one of the largest cities in the world. London is not only the capital of the country. It is also a very big port, one of the greatest commercial centres in the world, a university city. The most important parts of London are: the City, the West End, the East End and Westminster. The City is the busiest part of London. People do business there. The West End is the richest part of London. You can find the best shops, theatres, cinemas, museums, fine parks and squares there. Its houses and streets are the finest in the capital. The rich people live here. The East End is the part of London where working people live. It is not so rich as other parts of London. Westminster is the center of administration.

There are some interesting places in London. They are Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament and some others.

Oh,I see the gates. They are closed. We should say the names of the places in London which we would to visit and some new words about the city. Repeat after me.

1.Trafalgar Square – Трафальгарская площадь

2.Buckingham Palace [̗bʌkɪŋəm'pæləs] -Букингемский дворец

3.The Tower of London- Лондонский Тауэр

4.The Houses of Parliament- Здание парламента

5.Big Ben-Биг-Бен

6.The London Eye- Колесо обозрения

7. Westminster Abbey-Вестминстерское аббатство

8.Tower Bridge- Тауэрский мост

9.Hyde Park Corner- Гайд-Парк

10. the Roman Wall of the City- Римская стена

11.10 Downing Street-Даунинг-стрит

12.Nelson’s Column- Колонна Нельсона

13. symbol- символ

14. popular – популярный

15.wonderful -замечательный

16. sights - достопримечательности


Well done. Go on.

- I know that your class do a project about London sights. It is interesting to look at it. How did you start to do this project. Let’s watch a film and listen to you about wonderful, popular and famous places in London. (Фильм о проекте)


My children! Look there is Buckingham Palace in front of you. Masha, can you tell us about this wonderful palace? Yes, I can. You are welcome.

1)Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is an official residence of the Queen and her family. It isn’t open to the public. It has 600 rooms, a swimming pool, a cinema, a ballroom, and a garden, which is like a private park.

In summer the Queen gives three garden parties for about 9,000 guests. The ceremony of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a great tourist attraction. It takes place daily at 11.30 a.m. and lasts half an hour. To the sound of music, the guardsmen arrive and pass the palace keys to another group.


Well done. Go on. My children! Look there is Trafalgar Square on the left. Dasha, can you tell us about this popular place? Yes, I can. You are welcome.

2) Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is in the centre of London. It was built in 1828. In the middle of Trafalgar Square is Nelson’s Column. Admiral Nelson defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. From that time English men wear black ties.

This Column is fifty meters high. A lot of demonstrations and public meetings take place here. It’s a famous square where on New Year’s Eve people gather to celebrate.


Well done. Go on. My children! Look, there is Big Ben on the right.

-Вероника, can you tell us about this big clock ? Yes, I can. You are welcome. We did a project about Big Ben.

3) Big Ben.(Вероника и Катя)

The big clock on the tower of the Palace of Westminster in London is called Big Ben. It is the biggest clock bell in Britain. It weighs 13.5 tons.

The clock tower is 318 feet high. You have to go up 374 steps to reach the top. The minute-hand is 14 feet long. The hour-hand is 9 feet long.

The clock bell is called Big Ben after Sir Benjamin Hall. He had the job to see that the bell was put up.

Sir Benjamin was a big man. One day he said in Parliament, "Shall we call the bell St. Stephen's?" St. Stephen's is the name of the tower.

But someone said for a joke, "Why not call it Big Ben?" Now the bell is known all over the world by that name.

Well done. Go on. My children! Look, there is Tower Bridge in front of us. Vika and Helen did a project about it. Are you ready? Yes

4) Tower Bridge(Вика и Лена)

This bridge built in 1894. The bridge, designed by city architect Horace Jones with John Wolfe Barry. It took 11,000 tons of steel to build the framework. The bridge became one of London's most famous symbols. you can also go inside the bridge, where you'll have a magnificent view over London from the walkway between the two bridge towers. Inside the bridge is the Tower bridge Exhibition Visitors can learn about the history of the bridge via photos, films, and other media..

Well done. Go on. My children! Look, there is The Tower of London on the left. Max and Rodion, Can you tell us about it? Yes

5) The Tower of London.(Максим и Родион)

The Tower of London is a very old building – nine hundred years old. In the early days of England the British (English) kings lived in the Tower. Then it was a prison where many people died. Black ravens had much food near the walls оf the Tower in those days.

Now it’s a museum. Many tourists from other countries come to see it. They see the dark stone halls with small windows and thick doors. The Tower is still guarded by the famous Beefeaters who wear a traditional Sixteenth century uniform.

T.: Well done. Now let’s get off our double-decker bus and have a rest a little.

Up, down, up, down,
Which is the way to London Town?
Where? Where?
Up in the air,
Close your eyes
And you are there.


Now, open your books on page 110. Ex.1a. Lets once again

Say the names of places and find them in the photos.

1a:1A 2B 3 C 4D 5E;

1b: 1b:1d 2e 3b 4c 5a.

Be attentive because the next task is to say where some places are situated in London. (слайды- Hyde Park Corner , The Roman Wall of the Сity, 10 Dowing Street).

Ex 3a p.110 (Аудирование, письмо)

Good morning, boys and girls. We are the pupils of the 5 form. We live and study in London. We would like to tell you about London sights. You should match the parts of the sentences about London. Good luck.

In front of you is Buckingham Palace. It is one of the most famous places in London. It is the home of the Queen.

Now we are going along Constitution Hill. Straight ahead we can see Hyde Park Corner, the official centre of London. We are going along Piccadilly, a street that leads to Piccadilly Circus. We are turning into Trafalgar Square. We are going straight ahead down Whitehall now. On the right we can see 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives.

Now we are in the ancient City of London. Behind us over there is the Roman wall of the City. This is only a small part of it. On the left is the Tower of London. It is the oldest building in London. The kings and queens of England lived there. It was a castle, a palace, a zoo, and a prison. It is now a museum. The most famous things in the Tower of London are the Crown Jewels. Now we are back in front of Buckingham Palace where we started our tour. Goodbye. We will wait your answers.

Your friends

From London

1)What can we see in front of you---e

2)What can we see straight ahead----b

3)What can we see on the right-------d

4)What can we see behind us-----------c

5)What can we see on the left---------- a


Well done! What places in London would you like to visit?

I would like to visit……

Thank you very much for your work. Did you like our tour around London? Now, I suggest you to answer the questions about the interesting information that you have learnt during this lesson. Take your pen or pencils. (Pupils write the task)


How British you are?

1)The official name of Britain is …

a) The United States of America b) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2)The capital of The UK is ….

a) London b) Washington

3) 4 parts of the UK are…..

a) England, Scotland, America and Wales

b) England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales

4) The head of the UK is…

a) The Queen b) the President

5) Big Ben is…

a) Queen’s residence b) clock tower

6) Admiral Nelson is…

a) A national hero b) a president

7) Ravens are…

a) Birds b) animals

8) The Thames is….

a) A palace b) a river

9) The tower of London is

a) a shop b) a prison

10) Which bridge is in London?

a) Boston Bridge b) Tower Bridge

11) The Queen lives in…..

a)the Tower of London b) Buckingham Palace


-Have you enjoyed our trip to London ?

Well our tour is coming to the end. I hope that you’ve liked it. Your homework for the next time is to write a letter to your friend about your trip to London. Your marks are… . The lesson is over. Have a nice day!

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Конспект урока по английскому языку к УМК "New Millennium English"5,

Unit 8,lesson 2, авторов Н.Н.Деревянко,С.В.Жаворонкова, Л.Г.Карпова и др.

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