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Урок тест "Грамматические тесты"

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9 сынып


1. Choose the right variant. The richest part of London is:

A) South

B) Westminster Abbey

C) East End

D) West End

E) The City

2. … students of our University learn foreign languages.

  1. in

  2. for

  3. the

  4. a

  5. an

3. Her parents … stay here.

  1. was

  2. will

  3. were

  4. am

  5. are

4. You should change … wet shoes, or you will catch another cold.

  1. our

  2. my

  3. him

  4. his

  5. your

5 … is your name?

  1. When

  2. What

  3. Where

  4. Who

  5. Why

6) Every student learns one … the foreign languages.

  1. about

  2. after

  3. at

  4. of

  5. from

7) My sister’s husband is my …

  1. brother-in-law

  2. uncle

  3. grandfather

  4. nephew

8) People in Kazakhstan celebrate … on March 22.

  1. Constitution Day

  2. Republic Day

  3. Longest day of the year

  4. Independence Day

  5. Nauryz

9) What … she … now?

  1. is / read

  2. are / reading

  3. is / reading

  4. is / reads

  5. am / reading

10)What text … by you yesterday?

  1. is translated

  2. was translated

  3. am translated

  4. were translated

  5. are translating

11)I … strawberries more than any other fruit.

  1. see

  2. would rather

  3. like

  4. could

  5. have to

12) What are you going to do … afternoon?

  1. same

  2. this

  3. it

  4. its

  5. his

13) I looked for my pen, but I couldn’t find it …

  1. everywhere

  2. nowhere

  3. anywhere

  4. somewhere

  5. anybody

14)… students study French at the University.

  1. some

  2. anywhere

  3. any

  4. anybody

  5. nobody

  1. From the year 1941 to 1945.

  1. nineteen fourty one to ninety fourty five

  2. nineteen fourty one to nineteen fourty five

  3. ninety fourty one to nineteen fourty five

  4. nineteen four one to nineteen fourty five

  5. nineteen forty one to nineteen forty five

16) My car is … than yours.

  1. much fast

  2. fastest

  3. most fastest

  4. faster

  5. very fast

17) They moved … through the hall.

  1. the quietest

  2. quietest

  3. quietly

  4. quieter

  5. quiet

18) Last week Justin said “I’ll do it tomorrow.” He said he would do it … .

  1. yesterday

  2. the previous day

  3. today

  4. tomorrow

  5. the following day

19) If she is ill she will call a … .

  1. doctor

  2. friend

  3. student

  4. teacher

  5. dean

20)… is the nearest continental neighbour to Great Britain.

  1. Greece

  2. Portugal

  3. Norway

  4. France

  5. Germany


8 сынып

1 d

2 b

3 b

4 e

5 b

6 d

7 a

8 e

9 c

10 b

11 c

12 b

13 c

14 a

15 b

16 d

17 c

18 b

19 a

20 d

21) Books about Sherlock Holmes were written by …

  1. Conan Doyle

  2. Jack London

  3. Agatha Christie

  4. O. Henry

  5. William Shakespeare

  1. A university library … about 20000 books.

  1. originates

  2. organizes

  3. misses

  4. contains

  5. sells

  1. Your hair looks nice. … your haircut?

  1. has you been

  2. have you

  3. will you do

  4. would you done

  5. have you done

  1. They looked at the … plane.

  1. fly

  2. flew

  3. flaing

  4. flown

  5. flying

  1. What makes you .. so?

  1. think

  2. thinked

  3. to think

  4. thinking

  5. thought

26. Выберите правильный ответ: One hundred minus forty-six is…

  1. seventy

  2. forty-four

  3. fifty-four

  4. fifty-fife

  5. sixty

27. ... Выберите вопросительное местоимение для выделенного слова: I am interested in sports.

  1. Where

  2. When

  3. Why

  4. Who

  5. What

28. Найдите правильный вариант сказуемого: Itvery often in Britain.

  1. Will rains.

  2. Have rain

  3. Rain

  4. Has rain

  5. Rains.

29. Выберите правильную форму глагола в страдательном залоге: This newspaper (to sell) everywhere.

  1. Is sold

  2. Are sold

С) Were selled

D) Sold

E) Were sold

30. Выберите правильный вариант: Mike,…those books please.

  1. take does

  2. take do

  3. take

  4. does take

  5. takes


1. «Dirty” является антонимом слова:

  1. Fast

  2. Beautiful

  3. Hot

  4. Thin

Е) Clean

2. Найдите правильный эквивалент притяжательности: The answer of the student:

A) The students’ answer.

B) The student answer.

C) The answer’s student.

D) The student’s answer.

E) The student answers.

3. Выбери правильный вариант: ___ there any magazines on the shelf?

A) Have

B) Are

C) Has

D) Do

E) Is

4 Выбери правильный вариант t: … time is it now?

A) When

B) What

C) Where

D) Why

E) How

5. Дополните предложение: Here are … books by English writers.

A) Any

B) One

C) Some

D) No

E) Anything

6. Выбери правильный вариант: She lives on the … floor:

A) Thirteen.

B) Three.

C) Twenty-three.

D) Third.

E) Thirty.

7. Дополните предложение: He translates letters into English very… .

A) Little.

B) Often

C) Few

D) Much

E) Many

8. Дополните предложение: Before you … the city you should visit the exhibition of new paintings.

A) Will leave.

B) To leave.

C) Leaves.

D) Left.

E) Leave.

9. Вставьте правильный ответ ‘Where do you come from?’ is __.

A) I come home from school at 2 o’clock.

B) I come from school.

C) I come to the cinema in time.

D) I come home late.

E) I come from Kazakhstan.

10. It was very strange, a shirt made of __ paper.

A) An

B) –

C) The

D) A

E) Thus

11 Выбери правильный вариант He hasn’t arrived yet, … he?

A) has

B) hasn’t

C) doesn’t

D) isn’t

E) haven’t

12. Дополните предложение: These flowers … three times a week:

A) Are watered.

B) Are watering.

C) Is watered.

D) Is watering.

E) Water.

13. Дополните предложение: If you feel bad, you …:

A) Could help me.

B) Will go for a walk.

C) Should see a doctor.

D) Can go to the country.

E) Must go to work.

14. Выбери правильный вариантThat isn’t my key. … is here.

A) My

B) Me not

C) Mine

D) None of me

E) Me

15. Выбери правильный вариант I see only two students in the room. Where are …?

A) The others.

B) The other.

C) Other.

D) Another.

E) Others.

16 Выбери правильный вариант If you don’t know how to spell a word, look it __ in the dictionary.

A) After

B) On

C) For

D) Up

E) Out

17. Дополните предложение: February is … month of the year:

A) Shorter

B) Short

C) The shorter

D) The short

E) The shortest

18. Найдите правильный ответ: Someone … the tickets were free.

A) Said me

B) Told to me

C) Told me

D) Tell me

E) Said me that

19. Дополните предложение: Industrial district of London is called …:

A) West End

B) Westminster

C) City

D) Oxford Street

E) East End

20. Дополните предложение: America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in …

A) 1496

B) 1482

C) 1494

D) 1492

E) 1592

21 Выбери правильный вариант Public telephone boxes in Britain are __.

A) Red

B) White

C) Blue

D) Yellow

E) Green

22 Дополните предложение: He …… in Scotland for ten years. Now he lives in London.

A) will been living

B) has been living

C) had been living

D) lived

E) has lived

23. Выбери правильный вариант I’m very tired. … over four hundred miles today.

A) I drove

B) I drive

C) I’ve been driving

D) I’ve driven

E) I’m driving

24. Выбери правильный вариант Her story made everybody … .

A) To laughing.

B) To laugh.

C) Laughed.

D) Laughing.

E) Laugh.

25. Выбери правильный вариант A … future depends on her character.

A) Girl.

B) Girls’.

C) The girls.

D) Girls.

E) Girls.

26. Выбери правильный вариант Rita playsviolin and her sister plays … guitar.

A) A/ a.

B) A/ the.

C) The/ an.

D) The/ the.

E) -/ -

27. Дополните предложение: I oftena lot of work to do.

A) Had.

B) Is having.

C) Has.

D) Have.

E) Was having.

28. Выбери правильный вариант Peter andare students.

A) Us.

B) Him.

C) Her.

D) Them.

E) I.

29 Дополните предложение: These are sisters. … names are Mary and Ann.

A) My.

B) Our.

C) Your.

D) His.

E) Their.

30. Выбери правильный вариант My parents’ parents are my … .

A) Grandmothers.

B) Grandchildren.

C) Grandparents.

D) Grandfathers.

E) Great- grandparents.

Вариант – 3

1. Дополните предложение I have notany English films.

A) To see.

B) Sees.

C) To saw.

D) Seen.

E) Saw.

2. Дополните предложение Rememberthe door.

A) At locking.

B) For locking.

C) To lock.

D) About locking.

  1. Locking.

3 Дополните предложение This iscar.

A) my friends'

B) my friend

C) his friends'

D) his friend's

E) his friend

4. Дополните предложение My brother is … engineer:

A) To.

B) At.

C) A.

D) The.

E) An.

5. Дополните предложение He … a student of University:

A) Is.

B) Are.

C) Were.

D) Am.

E) Will.

6. Дополните предложение He is very selfish. He only thinks of ___.

A) Himself.

B) Herself.

C) Yourself.

D) Themselves.

E) Myself.

7. Дополните предложение: Ben found a … handbag in the street.

A) Lady’s

B) The lady.

C) Ladies.

D) Ladies’.

E) The ladies.

8 Дополните предложение He is playingfootball in … yard.

A) -/ the.

B) -/-

C) A/ the

D) The/ the.

E) The/ -.

9. Дополните предложение … any birds in the cage?

A) To be

B) Are there.

C) Have.

D) Is there.

E) Are.

10. Выберите правильный вариант She saw him … to his wife and … .

A) To talk/ to smoking.

B) To talk/ to smoke.

C) Talking/ smoking.

D) Talking/ to be smoke.

E) To be smoking/ to be talking.

11. добавьте необходимое местоимение Jane and John are students. … study at the same institute.

A) I

B) She.

C) You.

D) They.

E) We.

12. Выберите правильный вариант … wants to translate the text from English into Russian.

A) Where.

B) What.

C) How.

D) Which.

E) Who.

13. Дополните предложение Speed limitBritain is 70 mph.

A) with.

B) at.

C) behind.

D) on.

E) in.

14. Выберите правильный вариант The main rivers of Kazakhstan are … .

A) The Irtysh, the Lena, the Syr-Darya and the Ember.

B) The Irtysh, the Ural, the Dnieper, the Syr-Darya.

C) The Irtysh, the Ural, the Neva, the Ember.

D) The Irtysh, the Volga, the Syr-Darya and the Ural.

E) The Irtysh, the Syr-Darya , the Ural and the Ember.

15. Выберите правильный вариант She wasnt late, …, .

A) didn’t she?

B) won’t she?

C) was she?

D) wasn’t she?

E) doesn’t she?

16Дополните предложение Such interesting films … on this channel:

A) Are often shown

B) Shown.

C) Showed.

D) Show.

E) Is often shown.

17. Дополните предложение The students … not miss classes.

A) Shall.

B) Have

C) Might.

D) Must.

E) Cannot.

18. Дополните предложение We haven’t got … bread.

A) The more.

B) Any.

C) Something.

D) Some.

E) No.

19. Выберите правильный вариант How do you say the following sum “$ 63 million” ?

A) Sixty-three million dollars.

B) Dollars sixty-three million.

C) Sixty and three millions dollars.

D) Dollars sixties-three millions.

E) Sixty-three millions dollars.

20. Какой суффикс может использоваться при образовании прилагательного от существительного “price” ?

A) - ful

B) – al.

C) – ity.

D) - ous.

E) - less.

21. Выберите правильный вариант This term I decided to work … than I used to.

A) Harder.

B) Hardiest.

C) The hardly.

D) Hardly.

E) Hardlier.

22. Выберите правильный вариант The man said: “Will it rain soon?”

A) The man said it was raining soon.

B) The man asked if it will rain soon.

C) The man asked if it was rain soon.

D) The man asked if it would rain soon.

E) The man asked it would rain soon.

23. Выберите правильный вариант I’d like to go abroad about three times … year.

A) One.

B) -

C) A.

D) An.

E) The.

24. Выберите правильный вариант There are many farmlands in Britain, especially in the … of the country.

A) North.

B) East.

C) West.

D) South.

E) Ireland.

25. Дополните английскую пословицу “The Englishman’s home is his …”.

A) Mansion.

B) Castle.

C) Love.

D) Stable.

E) Penthouse.

26. Дополните предложение I … a new car. Do you want to see it.

A) has been buying.

B) will be buying.

C) by.

D) have bought.

E) bought.

27. Найдите синоним к выделенному слову: Many from overseas students are studying for higher degree.

A) Poor.

B) Rich.

C) Foreign.

D) Bright.

E) Excellent

28. Дополните предложение This isbook.



C) Asems


E) Asems

29. Выберите правильный вариант I likecoffee.

  1. an

  2. a

  3. at

  4. the.

30. Дополните предложение Ita table:

  1. are

  2. did

  3. will

  4. does

  5. is.

Вариант – 4

1. Найдите правильно составленный вопрос

A) Situated Oxford University where is?

B) Where is Oxford University situated?

C) Situated where is Oxford University?

D) Where is situated Oxford University?

E)Oxford University is situated?

2. Выберите правильную форму местоимения …vegetables are very good.






3. The Wilsons are having a … party on Sunday.

  1. the children

  2. children's

  3. child

  4. a child

  5. children

4. He … be free next week.

  1. will

  2. am

  3. was

  4. are

  5. were

5. We took off … coats and set to work.

  1. ours

  2. their

  3. our

  4. his

  5. theirs

6. My mother went … the hospital.

  1. at

  2. on

  3. to

  4. in

  5. out

7. The correct reply to the utterance 'How do you do?' is

  1. How do you do

  2. I do well

  3. I'm free today

  4. no bad, thanks

  5. I'm fine

8. There were many interesting art works of this … at the exhibition.

  1. pupil

  2. actor

  3. dentist

  4. surgeon

  5. painter

9. Tomorrow I shall go out of town with my friends, we … meet at the railway station.

  1. have to

  2. are to

  3. need

  4. can

  5. ought

10. I was very busy … day.

  1. same

  2. that

  3. such

  4. those

  5. these

11. … were you speaking to?

  1. which

  2. who

  3. whose

  4. where

  5. what

12. Выберите правильный вариант

  1. I passed the second exam successfully

  2. I passed twoth exam successfully

  3. I passed second exam successfully

  4. I passed two exam successfully

  5. I passed secondth exam successfully

13. The Tower of London does not belong to the City. It means that … .

  1. it is near the City

  2. It is in the City

  3. It is far away from the City

  4. It is out of the City

  5. It is a part of the City

14. The British celebrate Christmas day on … .

  1. 30th of December

  2. 26th of December

  3. 7th of January

  4. 25th of December

  5. 24th of December

15. Sarah … in London … 1985.

  1. have lived/since

  2. will live/since

  3. lived/for

  4. have lived/for

  5. has lived/since

16. I miss you. I wish … with us.

  1. to stay

  2. staying

  3. stayed

  4. will stay

  5. to staying

17. Выберите правильный вариант перевода: Ходить к врачу.

A) to see the doctor

B) to send for a doctor

C) to consult a doctor

D) to visit a doctor

E) to make an appointment with a doctor

18. вставьте правильное слово The largest … are the Irtysh, the Ural, the Tobol, the Ili.

A) oceans

B) lakes

C) rivers

D) sea

E) swaterfalls

19. Дополните предложение There were a lot of cowboys on their horse in the movie. It was a …

A) Horror film

B) Science fiction movie

C) Romantic movie

D) Western

E) Comedy

20. Найдите антоним слову «peace»

A) wit

B) Bomb

C) mate

D) war

E) piece

21. Выберите правильный вариант She thinks he is ___ :

  1. the smarter man in the world

  1. the smartest man in the world

  2. a smarter man in the world

  3. man in the world

  4. smartest man in the world

22 найдите синоним выделенному слову . To put together several objects to from one new unit.

  1. to unite

  1. to pay

  2. to find

  3. to pretend

  4. to formulate

23. Выберите правильный вариант: Mary wondered

  1. that you like pop music

  1. if you likes pop music

  2. if I liked pop music

  3. that I like pop music

  4. if I likes pop music

24. Выберите синоним слову : resemblance

  1. the same

  1. likeness

  2. similar

  3. alike

  4. resistance

25. Вставьте правильное слово Black coffee, please and two … of sugar.

  1. pieces

  1. bars

  2. lumps

  3. slices

  4. chunk

26. Найдите синоним выделенному слову To pass away

  1. to leave

  1. to turn away

  2. to die

  3. to go away

  4. to return

27. Найдите синоним выделенному слову He seems to be ill.

  1. looks

  1. stares

  2. gazes

  3. is

  4. wants to be

28. Вставьте слово

It will be … first year students to take part in the phonetic contest as it will give them a good chance to brush up their pronunciation.

  1. Bad for

  1. Useful for

  2. Conditional for

  3. Useful to

  4. Useful before

29. Выберите правильный вариант He … at me as if I had asked him to do something important.

  1. gazed

  1. glanced

  2. stared

  3. had a look

  4. looked

30. Выберите правильный вариант: All people in my group likes our guide.

  1. Everyone in my group likes our guide.

  1. All persons in my group likes our guide.

  2. All the tourists in my group likes our guide.

  3. All in my group likes our guide.

Вариант – 5

1. Future Perfect Continuous in the Past is formed:

  1. would have + Participle II of the notional verb

  1. would have been + Participle I of the notional verb

  2. would + notional verb

  3. will be + Participle I of the notional verb

  4. will be

2. Выберите правильный эквивалент To put two things together:

  1. to pick up

  1. to correct

  2. to make

  3. to collect

  4. to join

3. Найдите антоним United:

  1. divided

  1. combined

  2. disunited

  3. joined

  4. ununited

4 . Выберите правильный вариант The problem (study) for three years, but they haven’t got any results.

  1. was studied

  1. has being studied

  2. has studied

  3. has been studied

  4. is studied

5. Выберите правильный вариант The children jumped and squealed … little puppies.

  1. alike

  1. unlike

  2. look like

  3. as

  4. like

6. Выберите правильный вариант

  1. There are four lakes in this locality, aren’t there?

  1. There are four lakes in this locality, aren’t they?

  2. There are four lakes in this locality, are they?

  3. There is four lakes in this locality, isn’t there?

  4. There are four lakes in this locality, is it?

7. Future Continuous in the Past is built:

  1. would + notional verb

  1. would be

  2. would have been + Participle I of the notional verb

  3. would be + Participle I of the notional verb

  4. would have + Participle II of the notional verb

8 . Выберите правильный вариант When he entered the store did Arthur realize that there was danger.

  1. Upon entering the store did Arthur realize that there was danger.

  1. When his entered the store did Arthur realize that there was danger.

  2. After he had entered the store did Arthur realize that there was danger.

  3. Only after entering the store did Arthur realize that there was danger.

9. Выберите правильный вариант формы глагола If only they (to break) their prаomise in the future.

  1. hadn’t broken

  1. weren’t broken

  2. wouldn’t break

  3. haven’t broken

  4. didn’t break

10. Выберите правильный эквивалент Где хотенье, там и уменье.

A) A man can die but once.

B) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

C) Appetite comes with eating

D) A good beginning makes a good ending.

E) Where there is a will there is a way.

11. Дополните предложение My … … are very far from here.

  1. houses of my friend

  1. friends’ houses

  2. friend houses

  3. friends houses

  4. friend’s house

12 Дополните предложение I … in the 8th form eight year ago:

A) was

B) were

C) are

D) is

E) am

13. Выберите правильную форму местоимения I must go to the conference. … begins at 5 o’clock.

  1. He

  1. She

  2. They

  3. Him

  4. It

14. Дополните предложение The capital of Northern Ireland is …

  1. Cardiff

  1. Belfast

  2. Dublin

  3. Edinburgh

  4. Birmingham

15. Выберите правильный вариант The word ____ does not belong to electrical household goods:

    1. CD player

    2. Scientist

    3. Lamp

    4. Food mixer

    5. Air-conditioning

16. Дополните предложение Where isFlatTen:

  1. -/-

  2. a/the

  3. the/the

  4. a/a

  5. the/-

17. Дополните предложение My friend … to the cinema a lot:

  1. not goes

  2. don’t goes

  3. doesn’t goes

  4. goes

  5. go

18. Дополните предложение … University is named after E.A.Buketov:

  1. hers

  1. she

  2. their

  3. mine

  4. our

19. Выберите правильный вариант Look atblack clouds. I think it’s going to rain.

  1. it

  1. that

  2. those

  3. this

  4. her

20 Дополните предложение Have you been learning English … a long time?

  1. after

  2. during

  3. for

  4. of

  5. in

21 . Выберите правильный вариант A friend in need

A) is indeed your friend

B) is your real friend

C) Indeed is your friend

D) is a friend indeed

E) is not your real friend

22. Выберите правильный вариант “Academic staff

  1. Academicians

  2. University teachers

  3. Teachers and students at the university

  4. Teachers and librarians at the university

  5. University students

23. Выберите правильный вариант Yesterday I … to phone you, but I couldn’t.

  1. is going

  2. were going

  3. am going

  4. was going

  5. are going

24. Дополните предложение How many fish … ?

  1. has you caught

  2. has you catch

  3. did you caught

  1. would you catch

  2. have you caught

25 . Выберите правильный вариант Dont worry about us. We can take care of …

  1. ours

  2. himself

  3. ourselves

  4. themselves

  5. our

26. Дополните предложение We are … teachers of this school

  1. the

  2. an

  3. in

  4. a

  5. for

27. Прочитайте ситуацию и используя слова в скобках напишите предложение с модальным глаголом

Fiona did the opposite of what I asked her to do. (She/understand/what I said)

  1. She doesn’t understand what I say

  2. She cannot have understood hat I said

  3. She didn’t understand what I said

  4. She cannot had understood what I said.

  5. She can understand what I say

28. Выберите правильный вариант Many cameras … in Japan every year and they are very expensive.

  1. Are being made

  2. Are made

  3. Having been made

  4. Made

  5. Have been made

29. Выберите правильный вариант My wife’s mother is my …

  1. sister-in-law

  2. brother-in-law

  3. father-in-law

  4. aunt

  5. mother-in-law

30. Дополните предложение … Karaganda was founded in …

  1. a

  2. an

  3. the

  4. this

Вариант – 6

1. Вставьте правильный вариант At this time tomorrow I … to university.

  1. will be driving

  2. drive

  3. will drive

  4. drives

  5. was driving

2. Вставьте правильный вариант There manyin the zoo.

A) deer’s

B) a deer

C) deers

D) deer

E) deers’

3. Дополните предложение It is very late. You … phone them now.

  1. shouldn’t

  2. may

  3. am not to

  4. couldn’t

  5. hadn’t

4. Дополните предложение This room belongs to … .

  1. ours

  2. my

  3. us

  4. we

  5. our

5. Вставьте правильный вариант How do you say the title: Elizabeth II?

  1. Elizabeth 2

  2. Two Elizabeth

  3. The second Elizabeth

  4. Elizabeth the second

  5. The Two Elizabeth

6. Вставьте правильный вариант Who is … in your group?

  1. tallest

  2. most taller

  3. more taller

  4. the tallest

  5. tall

7. Выберите правильный вариант These shoes costmine.

  1. many than

  2. as much as

  3. as more as

  4. much than

  5. more

8. Выберите правильный вариант When I looked round the door, the baby … quietly.

  1. are sleeping

  2. was sleeping

  3. is sleeping

  4. were sleeping

  5. slept.

9. Дополните предложение Westminster Abbey … in the 11th century.

  1. founded

  2. will be founded

  3. was founded

  4. is founding

  5. founds

10. Выберите правильный вариант Most big towns in Britain have both a … a college of higher education.

  1. Private school and

  2. Gymnasium and

  3. Lyceum and

  4. Kindergarten

  5. University and

11 Выберите правильный вариант I thought that he … in a bank.

  1. is working

  2. works

  3. work

  4. am working

  5. worked

12. The house was very quiet when I … home. Everybody … to bed.

  1. got/went

  2. has got/has gone

  3. had got/had gone

  4. got/had gone

  5. will get/will go

13. Выберите правильный вариант We expected the guests … at 7 o’clock.

  1. coming

  2. came

  3. to come

  4. come

  5. to coming.

14. Дополните предложение Lena … English lessons every day.

  1. Have

  2. Having

  3. Are having

  4. Is having

  5. Has

15. Complete the sentence We enjoyed the concert very … .

  1. A few

  1. Few

  2. More

  3. Much

  4. Many

16. Выберите правильный вариант John lives in flat … .

  1. Forth

  1. Fortieth

  2. The fortieth

  3. Fourty

  4. Forty

17. Дополните предложение The room where we sleep in is …:

  1. A living-room

  1. A kitchen

  2. A bathroom

  3. A study

  4. A bedroom

18. There’s … forest at the end of the road.

  1. A

  1. An

  2. The

  3. Any

19. Выберите правильный вариант … are you looking for?

  1. At what

  1. Which

  2. What

  3. For whom

  4. Whose

20. Выберите правильный вариант We’ve lived in this flat … five years.

  1. In

  1. For

  2. Since

  3. Already

  4. Ago

21. Выберите правильный вариант Who studiesthan you?

  1. The best

  1. The most best

  2. Better

  3. Good

  4. More better

22 Выберите правильный вариант Great Britain is a parliamentary monarchy. The head of the state is …

A) Governor

B) Lord Chancellor

C) Queen

D) Prime-minister

E) President

23. Дополните предложение I ... German at school but I ... it.

A) learns/am forgot

B) will learn/have forgotten

C) am learning/speaking

D) learn/spoke

E) learned/didn’t speak

24. Дополните предложение I … my work by next Monday

A) Am finishing

B) Finished

C) Will be finish

D) Will have finished

E) Finish

25. Выберите правильный вариант There are manyin my flat.


  1. Room

  2. Rooms’

  3. The rooms

  4. A room

26. Добавьте предложение Their names are Bill and Ben. … are from the USA.

  1. She

  2. You

  3. They

  4. He

  5. I

27. Выберите правильный вариант It’s easy, you can do it … .

  1. Ourselves

  2. Himself

  3. Myself

  4. Themselves

  5. Yourself

28. Выберите правильное предложение:

  1. I have little time

  2. He has much friends

  3. There is not many milk in the fridge.

  4. There are much rooms in the house.

  5. Much people know Chinese.

29. Выберите правильный вариант January is the … month of the year.

  1. One

  2. Second

  3. First

  4. Third

  5. One of

30. Дополните предложение We keep our food in the …:

  1. Wardrobe

  2. Sofa

  3. Refrigerator

  4. TV-set

  5. Cupboard.


1. The cigarette lighter is made of ___ tin.

  1. any

  2. an

  3. the

  4. a

2. Дополните предложение The teacher is busy now. He … a new grammar rule:

  1. Was explaining

  2. Explains

  3. Has explained

  4. Is explaining

  5. Explained

3. Выберите правильный вариант Lion is theanimal.

  1. As no strong as

  2. Strongest

  3. Most strong

  4. Stronger

  5. As strong as.

4. Выберите правильный вариант He picked up the letter ______on the floor.

A) Laid

B) Lying

C) Lay

D) Lain

E) Having lain

5. Выберите правильный вариант The librarian told us ... so much noise.

A) Don’t make

B) Not to make

C) Not make

D) Not making

6. Дополните предложение ... ... is a policeman.

A) Samats brothers

B) Samats’ brothers

C) Samat brother

D) Brother’s of Samat

E) Samat’s brother

7. Compete the sentence This is ... book you need.

A) An

B) This

C) A

D) The

E) Some

8. Choose the right variant: Astana is this … new capital.

A) country’s

B) country

C) countrys’

D) countries

E) countryes

9. Выберите правильный вариант Happy birthday ... you:

A) For

B) In

C) To

D) At

E) On

10. Выберите правильный вариант

A … is a series of pipes through which hot water circulates to radiate heat

into a room.

A) Radiator

B) Stereo

C) Lamp

D) Chamber

E) Mirror

11. Дополните предложение

Residence of Kazakhstan President, the Parliament and the Government are Located in ... :

A) Almaty

B) Atyrau

C) Aktau

D) Taraz

E) Astana

12. Дополните предложение I ... for my friend at that time

A) was/waited

B) were/waited

C) waiting

D) were/waiting

E) was/waiting

13. Выберите правильный вариант After a few month on the training course I … speak English quite well.

A) Have to

B) Am allowed to

C) Is able to

D) Could

E) Am to

14. Выберите правильный вариант Howcountries have you visited?

A) Few

B) Much

C) Many

D) Any

E) Little

15. Выберите правильный вариант: 17759

A) seventeen thousands seven hundred fifties nine

B) seven thousand seven hundred fifty nine

C) seventeen thousand seventy hundred fifty nine

D) seventeen thousand seven hundred and fifty nine

E) seventeens thousands seven hundred fifty nine

16. Выберите правильный вариант He’s ... intelligent than I am.

A) Well

B) Very

C) More

D) Is more E) Most

17. Выберите правильный вариант I’ll tell Anna all the news when ... her.

A) I see

B) I saw

C) I’ll see

D) I shall see

E) I’m going to see

18. Выберите правильный вариант If I (to be) responsible for the matter, I (make) final arrangements.

A) Is/making

B) Were/would make

C) Was/would have made

D) Am/would make

E) To be/would make

19. Выберите правильный вариант English Parliament meets … .

A) In Downing Street 10

B) In the Houses of Parliament

C) In St. Paul’s Cathedral

D) In the Buckingham Palace

E) In Covent Garden

20. Выберите правильный вариант … is very useful thing:

A) being read

B) having read

C) is reading

D) reading

E) to reading

21. Выберите: Present Perfect Continuous

A) She is coming back next week.

B) He has been selling washing machines foe three month.

C) They decided to go the forest go gather some mushrooms.

D) Has the postman brought the mail.

E) The firm has shipped the goods by the 1st of April.

22. Выберите правильный вариант I heard the clock (strike) ten a long time ago.

A) strike

B) striking

C) struck

D) to strike

E) had struck

23. Выберите неверное предложение

  1. Is there a sofa in your room?

  2. There are one flower in the vase.

  3. His table is near the window

  4. They have no son

  5. There are three rooms in a kitchen.

24 … Sam playing the computer games at 7 o'clock yesterday?

  1. was

  2. were

  3. is

  4. are

  5. am

25. I'll see you … 7 o'clock … Monday.

  1. in; -

  2. at; on

  3. from; on

  4. at; -

  5. at; at

26. The Tower of London was used as …

  1. a market, a palace and a prison

  2. a fortress, a palace and a shop

  3. a fortress, a residence, a palace and a prison

  4. a fortress, a palace and a prison

  5. a castle, a palace and a prison

27. Nick has very (мало) time today.

  1. few

  2. much

  3. a lot of

  4. little

  5. many

28. Our prices are lower than …

  1. they

  2. their

  3. them

  4. theirs

  5. us

29. Найдите форму множественного числа слову 'night'.

  1. nightes

  2. nightis

  3. night

  4. nights

  5. nightsis

30. I … breakfast two hours ago.

  1. have

  2. has

  3. to have

  4. had

  5. will have


1. Mr. Freeman said that they would give us … discount of 6 per cent.

  1. -

  2. the

  3. a

  4. an

  5. those

2. The contract … ready the day after tomorrow.

A) Is

B) Are

C) To be

D) Will be

E) Am

3. I am afraid we …. this contract, because your price doesn't suit us.

A). Can sign.

B) . Can't sign.

C). Could sign.

  1. Couldn't sign.

  1. Could sign.

4. I … been to the Crimea since 1963.

  1. wasn't

  2. hasn't

  3. doesn't

  4. haven't

  5. isn't

5. My left arm … than my right one.

  1. strong

  2. stronger

  3. strongest

  4. most strongest

  5. more stronger.

6. Leave your coat in … hall!

  1. An

  2. a

  3. the

  4. ---

  5. these

7. The book … written in English.

  1. be

  2. am

  3. were

  4. are

  5. was

8. найдите антоним слову ‘’Death’’

A). Wife.

  1. Life.

  2. Time.

  3. Teeth.

  4. Day.

9. Найдите неверное предложение

A) I have already done this work.

B) Have you ever been to San-Francisco?

C) I have never visited the Tretyakov Gallery.

D) My friend have just been there

E) She has taken her entrance examination

10. Выберите правильный ответ:

In what book would you meet the following names: Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins?

  1. Silver Blaze”

  2. Robinson Crusoe”

  3. Treasure Island”

  4. Alice in Wonderland”

  5. Gulliver’s Travels”

11. Выберите правильный вариант Inspictor

  1. Imparter

  2. Institut

  3. Informasion

  4. Invitation

12. My friend … busy the whole day yesterday.

  1. was

  2. were

  3. is

  4. has been

  5. are

13. Tom is busy with his lessons. Don’t speak to … now.

  1. them

  2. him

  3. hers

  4. her

  5. his

14.Как сказать по-англ “101”.

  1. one and one hundred

  2. one thousand ones

  3. one hundred and one

  4. ones hundreds one

  5. one hundreds one

15. My dog is … than yours

  1. the best

  2. better

  3. the worst

  4. good

  5. well

16. We were … late

  1. more terrible

  2. much terrible

  3. terrible

  4. terribler

  5. terribly

17. My sister is married … a builder.

  1. with

  2. about

  3. on

  4. in

  5. to

18. Is there any … between the two crimes?

  1. connection

  2. connect

  3. connector

  4. connecter

  5. connecting

19. Выберите правильный вариант Suddenlycloud grew darker.

  1. the

  2. -

  3. a

  4. an

  5. some

20. Every winter in Trafalgar Square, in front of the National Gallery an enormous fir-tree stands.

  1. bright

  2. tiny

  3. gigantic

  4. nice

  5. straight

21. My work involves reading texts and writing an essay on a title given to me by my tutor.

  1. takes

  2. includes

  3. lacks

  4. divides

  5. has

22. Выберите правильный вариант : It was evening. My mother was reading a book and I … a letter.

A) was writing

B) were writing

C) am writing

D) wrote

E) have written

23. The machinery … .

A) wasn’t damaged

B) haven’t damaged

C) isn’t damaged

D) hasn’t damaged

E) weren’t damaged

24. This food … in China.

A) is making

B) was made

C) make

D) was making

E) made

25. I was getting ready to leave the office … someone phoned and asked strange questions.

A) when

B) while

C) since

D) for

E) in the moment

26. If you … the directions those days, you … at the court now.

A) had followed / wouldn’t have been

B) followed / aren’t

C) follow / won’t be

D) followed / wouldn’t be

E) had followed / wouldn’t be

27. If I want to buy a jacket I always … .

A) try it on

B) try it off

C) it try on

D) try it

E) try on it

28. Выберите правильный вариант: Dr. Smith has been living in Birmingham since 2002.

A) twenty zero twelve

B) two thousand two

C) twelve zero twelve

D) twelve zero two

E) twelve thousand two

29. A good statesman like any other sensible human being, always learns more from his … than from his fervent supporters.

A) enemies

B) faults

C) opponents

D) comrades

E) lovers

30. I look forward … from your son.

A) hearing

B) hear

C) to hearing

D) to hear

E) is hearing


1. The complaint of the customers gave the multinational company a bad … round the world.

A) strike

B) proposal

C) reputation

D) fame

E) opposition

2. You expect to be informed of the secret I know; listen … until the end of my story and you will perceive it.

A) interestingly

B) rapidly

C) inevitably

D) patiently

E) finally

3.The Whispering Gallery is remarkable for its … .

A) crowned

B) private

C) size

D) acoustic

E) light

4. She like reading … historical novels and listening to … classical music.

  1. the/a

  2. a/a

  3. a/the

  4. -/the

  5. -/-

5. I prefer coffee … tea

  1. at

  2. under

  3. by

  4. with

  5. to

6. This box is … than that one.

  1. as heavy as

  2. heavier

  3. the heavier

  4. more heavier

  5. the heaviest

7. In order to enter a higher educational Institute in Kazakhstan young people have to take an … examination.

  1. term

  2. entrance

  3. mid-term

  4. state

  5. final

8. What river devises Semey into two parts?

A) The Ghor

B) The Esil

C) The Ayagus

D) The Irtysh

E) The Tobol

9. Выберите правильный эквивалент местоимения …vegetables are very good.

A) it

B) this

C) them

D) these

E) that

10. Дополните предложение Thank you very

A) many

B) a little

C) little

D) much

E) few

11. Дополните предложение We write a lot…sentences:

  1. off

  2. of

  3. in

  4. at

  5. on

12 Выберите правильный вариант During the World Cup our streets…. with football fans

  1. fills

  2. are filling

  3. are filled

  4. will be filling

  5. was filled.

13. Дополните предложение People… to drive more carefully.

  1. may

  2. must

  3. ought

  4. could

  5. would

14. Выберите правильный вариант The play… was interesting, but the acting was poor.

  1. its

  2. himself

  3. it

  4. herself

  5. itself

15. Дополните предложение …is she?- Fine, thank you:

  1. what

  2. how

  3. who

  4. where

  5. when

16. Дополните предложение We havent gotbread

A) no

B) the more

C) some

D) something

E )any

17. Выберите правильный вариант He left his land in 1950

  1. the fifty

  2. nine fife

  3. ninetieth fifty

  4. nineteen fifty

  5. ninety fifty

18. Выберите правильное предложение страдательном залоге Somebody is using the computer at the moment.

  1. The computer is being used at the moment.

  2. Somebody uses the computer.

  3. The computer is using at the moment.

  4. The computer was being used.

  5. The computer will be using at the moment.

19. найдите синоним выделенному слову The University has plenty to keep students occupied in their spare time

  1. free time

  2. session

  3. busy time

  4. classes

  5. training

20.… Christmas the weather was quite good.

A) for

B) since

C) above

D) under

E) on

21. Выберите правильный вариант Tell me what artist doesn’t want …?

A) to have been appreciated

B) being appreciated.

C) to appreciate

D) be appreciated

E) to be appreciated

22. Дополните предложение The first president of the USA is … .

A) Theodore Roosevelt

B) George Washington

C) John Adams

D) Ernest Bush

E) Abraham Lincoln

23. Дополните предложение I … very tired so I … to sleep.

A) has been/went

B) were/would

C) will be/went

D) was/went

E) am/goes

24. Выберите правильный вариант: On my days off I wake up later than ___.

A) Usually

B) More usually

C) Most usual

D) More usual

E) Usual

25. Дополните предложение He … her for three months.

A) haven’t saw

B) hasn’t seen

C) haven’t seen

D) will not see

E) hasn’t saw

26. Выберите правильный вариант I see only two students in the room. Where are …?

A) Others.

B) The others.

C) Another.

D) The other

E) Other.

27. Выберите правильный вариант We didn’t take __ food with us.

A) Some

B) Few

C) Many

D) What

E) Much

28. Выберите правильный вариант Who is … in your group?

A) Tallest

B) Tall

C) Most tallest

D) The tallest

E) More taller

29. Выберите правильный вариант I thought that he __ in a bank.

A) Is working.

B) Work.

C) Worked.

D) Works.

E) Am working.

30.____ doesn’t flow though the territory of Kazakhstan.

  1. The Urals

  1. The Volga

  1. The Irtysh

  2. The Syrdarya

  3. The Ili.

Вариант – 10

1. Дополните предложение They … building the new road. They … it.

A) has been / finished

B) is / are not finish

C) are / haven’t finished

D) have / doesn’t finish

E) are / don’t finish

2. The bus is coming … two hours, let's have lunch before it comes.

  1. to

  2. for

  3. at

  4. in

  5. on

3. Where do you take books?

  1. at the station

  2. in the park

  3. at home

  4. at the library

  5. at the museum

4. Your mark is two. You … harder.

  1. must work

  2. had to work

  3. has to work

  4. have work

  5. must to work

5. Выберите правильный вариант: 8579

  1. eighteen thousand five hundreds seventy nine

  2. eight thousand five hundred and seventy nine

  3. eight thousands five hundred seventy nine

  4. eighteen thousand five hundred seventy nine

  5. eight thousand five hundred seventy nine

6. East or West home … best

  1. are

  2. was

  3. were

  4. is

  5. am

7. The Tower of London … with the royal dynasties.

  1. connects

  2. is connected

  3. is connecting

  4. connected

  5. will connect

8. Its five years … I have had a holiday.

  1. before

  2. while

  3. when

  4. since

  5. lately

9. My brother's daughters are my …

  1. uncles

  2. nieces

  3. cousins

  4. aunts

  5. nephews

10. Tom's father has been doing the same job … 20 years.

  1. of

  2. in

  3. for

  4. since

  5. during

11. Tommy was one of … in his class.

  1. the more happier children

  2. the happier children

  3. the more happy children

  4. happiest children

  5. the happiest children

12. The Channel Tunnel links up … .

  1. England & Germany

  2. Scotland & France

  3. Ireland & France

  4. England & France

  5. Ireland and Spain

13. His … was the smallest among the … living here.

  1. Mice/mouse

  2. Mouse/mousse

  3. Mouse/mice

  4. Musse/mousse

  5. Mice/mice

14. Mr. Wright'll be busy tomorrow. He… a lecture from 10 to 12.

  1. will be delivering

  2. will have delivered

  3. will be delivered

  4. will deliver

  5. will have been delivered.

15. The hotel owner informed us that he … the police already.

  1. is calling

  2. are calling

  3. had called

  4. calling

  5. calls.

16. In the House of Commons the members sit … .

A) on two sides and in the middle of the hall.

B) on two sides of the hall.

C) on four sides of the hall.

D) on three sides and in the corner of the hall.

E) on three sides of the hall.

17. Какой это век? : 2005

A) the twenty first century

B) ninety century

C) nineteen century

D) the nineteenth century

E) the twenty one century

18. All fruit … into halves so that we can process them easily.

A) will have been cut

B) were

C) will be cut

D) have cut

E) cut

19. … an engineer. I enjoy it.

A) I want be

  1. I would to be

  1. I would like to be

  1. I want to be

  2. I like being

20. What main cities are in Eastern Kazakhstan:

A) Karaganda, Semey, Oskemen

B) Taraz, Pavlodar, Astana

C) Oskemen, Semey, Pavlodar

D) Karaganda, Temirtay

E) Oskemen, Semey, Shymkent

21. Выберите правильный вариант On our way to the village we drove … a small bridge.

A) Above

B) Over

C) With

D) In

E) For

22. Выберите правильный вариант: The town isn’t very well-known and there isn’t … to see.

A) Few

B) Some

C) Many

D) Much

E) Little

23. Where are the Rocky Mountains situated?

A) Great Britain

B) The USA

C) Kazakhstan

D) Northern Ireland

E) Mexico

24. Выберите правильный вариант This morning I had … apple and some toasts for breakfast.

A) the

B) an

C) some

D) -

E) a

25. Выберите правильный вариант If he … so much, he will put on weight.

A) eats

B) would eat

C) will be eaten

D) ate

E) will eat

26. Дополните предложение This is the place … my uncle lives.

A) which

B) whom

C) when

D) who

E) where

27. … river flows through London?

  1. whom

  2. whose

  3. what

  4. where

  5. who

28. I had a pleasant surprise when I went to my room: someone … some flowers for me.

  1. had been putting

  2. had put

  3. had putted

  4. had putting

  5. had been put

29. Выберите правильный вариант: You … thirsty after having carried those heavy boxes. Shall I make some tea?

A) can be.

B) must have had

C) may be

D) must be

E) could have done

30. Дополните предложение Einstein … the scientist who … the theory of relativity.

A) were/ developed.

B) was /developed.

C) has been/ developed.

D) Is / developed.

E) has been/ has developed.

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