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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Внеклассное мероприятие " Do you know English well?"

Внеклассное мероприятие " Do you know English well?"

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Байжукенова Гульмира Гаухарбековна

Учитель английского языка

КГУ «СОШ №23» г.Семей

Класс: 7

The theme of the competition: Do you know English well?

The aims of the competition: Revision and practicing the grammar and lexical materials. To develop students' knowledge about English speaking countries and British Royal Family. Practicing the students' speaking, listening, writing and pronunciation. To increase pupils' interests to English language and English culture.

The type of the competition: Intellectual game, competition.

Visual aids and resources: presentation, list of questions

The plan of the competition: (Слайд 2,3)

I. Organization. (Introducing with members of the jury and participants. Presenting the rounds of the game.)

II. 1st round. Introducing.

III. 2nd round. Quick questions.

IV. 3rd round. Who, what and where?

V. 4th round. Grammar and lexical tasks.

VI. 5th round. Find the words.

VII. Conclusion. (Awarding the winners of the game)

The procedure of the competition:

Organization. -Good afternoon dear teachers and students! Welcome to our intellectual game "Do you know English well?". It consists of 5 rounds (Introducing with the rounds).First of all I introduce you with our jury. They are... Now let's apologize for our participants and they introduce themselves. We begin our 1st round "Introducing". The members of the jury listen every participant and give them points from 5 till 10.

2nd round. Quick questions. Let's begin our second round "Quick questions". In this round there are 10 questions and you must answer them very quickly. You'll have 5 points for every right answer. After this round we'll lose our one participant who has the least number of points. (Слайд 4-14)

  1. What is the official name of Great Britain? (The UK of GB and NI)

  2. Name the famous presidents of the USA. (Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy etc. )

  3. What is the favorite hot drink in Britain? (tea)

  4. How many states does in the USA consist of ? ( 50stars)

  5. What is the Union Jack? (Flag of the GB)

  6. Who is the head of the UK of the GB and NI? (Queen Elisabeth II)

  7. Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)

  8. Describe the flag of the USA. (There are 50 stars, 1 for each state, white and red stripes)

  9. What is the full name of the present queen of GB? (Elisabeth II or Elisabeth Alexandra Mary)

  10. Which countries consist in the UK of the GB and NI? (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

3rd round. Who, what and where? This round is called "Who, what and where?". Look at the board, there are some pictures on it. You must identify the subject or people, events and places. Every right answer will bring you 5 points. After this round we'll lose 2 participants who have the least points. (Слайд 15-22)

  • An ideal place for sun work shippers. (Stonehenge, in England).

  • He was born in Stratford on Avon. (Shakespeare)

  • He lived in Sherwood forest and helped to poor people. (Robin Hood)

  • This famous group was born in Liverpool , in 1962. (Beatles)

  • This is a member of the British Royal Family.()

  • One of the famous presidents of the USA. (Kennedy)

  • He is a presumptive to the throne after Elisabeth II. (Prince Charles)

4th round. Grammar and lexical tasks. Here you can choose the boxes with points from the board and if you give right answer you'll have the given point. There are two surprise boxes with free points. After this round we'll lose 2 participants who have the least points. (Слайд 23-34)

    • 10 (surprise)

    • 20 (Will be, tomorrow, writing, I, at 5, a test.)

    • 50 (I'll help you if...)

    • 30 (East or west...)

    • 40 (On thin ice means in Kazakh...)

    • 30 (We hoped our experiment (будет) interesting. will be, would be, will have been)

    • 20 (surprise)

    • 50 (Elephant is (big) and giraffe is (tall) animal in the world.)

    • 10 (I'm very interested...tennis. I'll be back... an hour.)

    • 40 ( Walking on air means...)

5th round. Find the words. Our last round is called "Find the words". We have last three participants, who can find the largest number of words that's will be our winner. (Слайд 35)

Carosearabbitableglassisterelephantailampearestaurantrumpet (car, rose, ear, rabbit, table, leg, glass, sister, elephant, tail, lamp, pear, rest, restaurant, trumpet, pet)

(Прилажение 1)

Conclusion: So, today's intellectual game is over. Thank you for your participation.

Прилажение 1


  1. This fruit contains more vitamin C. (Lemon)

  2. Name the popular game in the USA. (Baseball)

  3. Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, May Day what are these? (Holidays)

  4. Football in America is...(Soccer)

  5. What are the main colors of the Union Flag? (Blue, red and white)

  6. What the musical instrument did the Beatles play? (Guitar)

Краткое описание документа:

В данной разработке внеклассного мероприятия рассмотрены разные вопросы по страноведению и культуре ВеликоБритании. Так же имеется презентация по которому проводилась это мероприятие. Внеклассные мероприятия помогают повторить пройденный материал, закрепить грамматику и лексику по темам. Внеклассное мероприятие в виде интеллектуальной игры и соревновании. состоит из пяти раундов. В каждом раунде дается разные задания такие как: Быстро ответить на заданные вопросы, "Что, где, когда", задания по грамматике и лексике и "найди слова". Все вопросы и задания составлены учитывая возрост и программу седьмого класса.



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