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Внеклассное мероприятие "Времена года"


Вечер на английском языке

«The Seasons»

Подготовила –

учитель английского языка

Тхамокова Инна Хачимовна

Compere: Good morning, our guests, teachers! Today we are going to the spear about the seasons of the year. Listen to the poet and guess the season.

(Звучит музыка П.И.Чайковского: «Времена года - весна»).

This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To stay in the room.

This is the season

When birds make their nest,

This is the season

We all like best.

What is it?

Children: It, is, spring.

Girl: Little red bird in the tree,

Pass the happy news along,

Sing a song so cheerily,

Pass the happy news along.

Boy: Pass the happy news along

Listen to the red bird’s song:

«Spring is coming, winter’s song!»

Pass the happy news along.

March: March wind goes out to play,

He will have such fun today!

When the boys and girls come out,

He blows their caps and hats about.

April: Days are clear,

Day after day,

When April’s here,

That leads to May.

May: Dup in the woods a cong hear,

A robin is singing, «May is here!»

Than at my feet a violet blue

Is singing, «I am blooming for you».

Birds: In the merry month of May

All the little birds are day

They all hop and sing and say:

«Winter days are far away,

Welcome, welcome, merry May».

Violets: In the merry month of May

All the violets are gay.

They all dance and sing and say,

«Winter days are far away,

Welcome, welcome, merry May».

Children: In the merry month of May

All the children are so day,

They all play and sing and say:

«Winter days are far away,

Welcome, welcome, merry May».

Girl: In winter I ski and skate.

Compere: Says little Kate.

Boy: In summer I Like to swim.

Compere: Says little Jim.

And what do you do in spring?

Boy and girl (together): In spring we play and sing

Here we go round the blossoming tree,

The blossoming tree, the blossoming tree,

Here we go round the blossoming tree.

Here we go round the blossoming tree.

Every spring morning.

Spring rain (a song)

Rain, rain, rain, April rain,

You are feeding suds and grain,

You are raising plants and crops

With your gaily sparkling drops.

And what season when nights are short.

And children gave plenty of fun and sport

Boating, swimming all the day

With a merry song

On a sunny day.

(Звучит музыка П.И.Чайковского: «Времена года – лето»)

Children: It is summer.

Boy: Ring-a-ding! Ring-a-ding!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

In comes Summer.

Out goes Spring.

Girl: Ring-a-ding! Ring-a-ding!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Welcome, Summer!

Good-bye, Spring.!

June: Summer’s here!

Days are long.

July: And the sun

Is high and strong.

August (звучит бит-рок): Long live summer!

Golden bright,

Full of warmth

And sweet delight!

June: Come, my children, come away,

For the sun shines bright today;

Little children, come with me,

Birds and brooks and flowers see.

July: Get your hats and come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

August: Let us make a merry ring,

Talk and laugh, and dance and sing!

Quickly, quickly come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

(Бальный танец «Бит-рок»).

When Woods Are Green (a song)

When woods are green groves are fair,

And leaves are large and long,

It’s god to wander through the woods

And hear the small bird’s song.

Boy: Shower, shower, go away!

Girl: Bob and sally want to play.

June: For the field and for the wood

Summer showers are so good!

July: Every river, every pool,

After showers is quite full.

August: Rain in summer sings a song –

There’ll be apples all year long.

(Звучит музыка П.И.Чайковского: «Времена года - осень»)

Compere: Autumn is the season

When fruit is sweet.

Whet noisy,

It is a season

Whet school – friends meet.

Whet noisy and gay

And browned by the sum

Whet their books and bags

Jo school they run.

Now we come to autumn.

Is autumn a rainy season?

Дети: Yes, it is.

September, October and November,

Come up here.

September: There are twelve months in the year,

From January to December –

And the best month of the all twelve

Is the merry month of September.

October: Golden in the tree tops,

Golden in the sky;

Golden, golden, golden

October’s passing by.

November: The summer is over

The trees are bare,

There is mist in the garden,

And frost in the air.

(Композиция ветра из «Времен года» П.И.Чайковского).

Wind: «Come, little winds», said the wind one day,

«Come over the meadows with me and play

Put on your dresses of red and gold».

Leaves: Dancing and whirling the little leaves went;

Winter called them and they were content,

Soon fast asleep in their earthy beds,

The snow laid a coverlet over their heads.

Cleaning Up the Garden. (a song)

The autumn leaves are falling down,

Falling down, falling down,

The wing, he comes and blows them around,

And blows them around.

Boy: I like to gray

November day,

And bare, dead boughs

That coldly sway

Against my pane.

I like the rain.

Girl: I like to sit

And laugh at it –

And tend

My cosy fire a bit.

I like the fall –

The mist and all.

Compere: Which is the coldest season?

Children: It is winter.

(Звучит музыка П.И.Чайковского: «Времена года - зима»).

December: This is season

When children ski,

And Grandfather Frost

Brings the New Year Tree.

January: Now quietly the snow

Is falling on the ground,

It’s falling on the country-side

And softly on the town.

February: And children’s eyes are bright

With wonder and delight,

For tiny stars of snow are falling

From the sky tonight,

Tonight the tiny stars of snow.

Boy 1: When windows are frosty and icy in places,

I like to write letters and draw funny faces.

Boy 2: Where is my cap? My warm little cap?

My boots and my mittens too?

I want to go and play in the snow

And have a lot of fun. Do you?

(Надевает шапку, ботинки и варежки).

(Звучит композиция ветра из «Времен года» П.И.Чайковского).

The snow is falling,

The wind is blowing.

Girl: The ground is white

All day and night.

(На сцену влетает и машет руками ветер, на нем белая накидка с полосками).

Wind: Little snowflakes come and play,

I’ve nothing to do today.

(Вбегают снежинки в соответствующих костюмах).

Snowflakes: Yes, we’ll come and on, what fur,

We’ll twirl, and dance and skip and run.

Wind: Come on, snowflakes, come with me.

There are many things to see.

Snowflakes: Come on, sisters, back we go

Jo where the earth is white with snow.

(Снежинки танцуют под музыку песни «If it Snows» учебник для V класса И.Н.Верещагиной, О.В.Афанасьевой, урок 20).

(Снежинки, танцуя, убегают со сцены).

Snowflakes (a song)

Snowflakes fall on trees and walk

Snowflakes fall as white as chalk.

Snowflakes fall into my hand

Snowflakes brighten up our land.

Boy: I’m running on my skis,

White and silver stand the trees;

I’m as warm as warm can be,

Try to catch me. One! Two! Three!

Girl: I am running on my skates,

White and silver are the lakes;

I’m as quick as quick can be,

Try to catch me. One! Two! Three!

Robin: The north wind is cold,

The robin says.

And that is why robins

Must fly away.

Chickardee: The north wind is cold,

As cold can be,

But I’m not afraid.

Says the chickardee.

So chickardee stays

And sees the snow

And likes to hear

The north wind blow.

Children: We’ll make a snowman

Big and round,

Big and round,

Big and round.

We’ll put the snowmen

On the ground,

On the ground,

On the ground.

Compere: Little children, make a ring,

Make a ring, make a ring.

Children: We shall dance and we shall sing,

We shall dance and we shall sing.

May there always be sunshine (a song)

Bright blue the sky,

Sun up on high –

That was the little boy’s picture,

He drew for you,

Wrote for you too,

Gust to make clear what he drew.


May there always be sunshine,

May there always be blue skies,

May there always be Mummie,

May there always be Me!

(Снежинки, возвращаясь, танцуют, и снова убегают, когда за сценой слышны голоса Деда Мороза и Снегурочки).

Краткое описание документа:

Данная разработка внеклассного мероприятия "Времена года" поможет учителю провести вечер на английском языке. Цель этого вечера - в увлекательной форме углубить знания, полученные на уроках, показать их широкое использование в жизни, пробудить в учащихся стремление к творчеству, помочь им это творчество проявить, выработать у них умение быстро мыслить, а затем свои мысли кратко излагать, проявлять находчивость в трудных ситуациях. Вечер должен стать, как бы, заключительным этапом в изучении соответствующей темы или как повторение ранее изученного материала.

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