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Вопросы по страноведению для подготовки к ЕНТ



"An American Tragedy'4 was written by ...? (Theodore Dreiser)

"The Brown Wolf was written by ... . (Jack London)

"The Invisible man" was written by ... . (Herbert Wells)

"The Treasure Island" was written by ... . (Robert Stevenson)

"Ulster" is another name for ... . (Northern Ireland)

A red dragon is a symbol of... (Wales)

Australia is a (n): (island continent)

Australia is famous for its ... . (sheep)

Bald eagle, which is the national symbol of the USA, is a bird of... (strength and courage)

By whom was the novel "Treasure Island" written? (Robert Stevenson)

Elizabeth Gaskell is ... writer (English)

From the earliest times the .... of London depended upon its water-born trade, (prosperity)

How do we call a favourite domestic animal? (pet)

How is the Northern part of Scotland called? (Highlands)

How is the oldest part of London called? (City)

How many houses does English Parliament consist of? (2)

How many houses does the USA Congress consist of? (2; Senate and House of Representatives)

How many members are in the American Senate? (100)

How many states are in the USA? (50)

In English vacation is equal to ... (holiday)

In the center of what city is the Capitol situated? (Washington)

In what book would you meet the following character: Friday? ("Robinson Crusoe")

In what country is one of the biggest airports of the world Heathrow situated? (England; London)

In what park of London is the Speaker Corner situated? (Hyde Park)

In which city is Hollywood? (Los Angeles)

In which Scottish lake is there supposed to be a monster? (Loch Ness)

Jack London is a pen-name of... . (John Griffith)

Jonathan Swift is a famous (English writer)

Jonathan Swift wrote... ("Gulliver's Travels")

Lewes Carroll was a pen - name of... . (Charles Dodgeson)

London became extremely prosperovis during ... . (in the 16th century)

London is divided into 3 parts: .... (the city, the East End, the West End)

London stands on ... . (the Thames)

Madam Tussaud's is a museum of (Wax figures)

Mark Twain was a pen-name of... . (Samuel Clemens)

Mayne Reid was an (American writer)

Members of the Parliament gather to make laws in the ... . (the Palace of Westminster) Nowadays, the Queen... . (reigns but doesn't rule) Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth's II...? (son)

Public schools in the USA are ... while the "public schools" in Great Britain are .. . (free; private fee-paying)

Robert Burns is ... . (Scottish poet) Robinson Crusoe met his friend ... on the island (Friday) Sometimes Australia is called ... ? (the upside down world) Stonehenge is situated in ... . (Bath)

The battle at Trafalgar was a ... victory of the British nation (triumphant) The building of Westminster Abbey was started by ... ? (King Henry III) The chairman of the House of Commons in the English Parliament is ... . (the Speaker)

' л5.

The chairman of the House of Lords in the English Parliament is... . (Lord Chancellor)

The first colonists in America started the tradition of .... (Thanksgiving Day)

The national food for Thanksgiving Day is ... . (roast turkey)

The native Americans are the... (Indians)

The novel "The Invisible Man " of Wells is... (the fantastic novel)

The oldest University in GB is... (Oxford)

The ravens in the Tower of London are taken care because of... . (the legend)

The Tower of London was started by...? (William the Conquer)

The traditional clothes for men in Scotland is a ... .(kilt)

The US centre for art and business is ... . (New York)

The USA is ..., a union of 50 states? (federal republic)

The word "albion", the poetic name of GB, means... (White)

The world's oldest and largest national park is ... . (Yellowstone Park)

They call it "The land of songs" in Great Britain. (Wales)

Uncle Tom, the main hero of novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was .... (slave)

Washington, D.C., stands for... (District)

What American writers do you know? (J.Cooper, E.Poe, M.Twain, E.Hemingway, J.Salinger,


What ancient London sightseeing was bought by an American shipped stone to the USA and rebuilt

in Arizona? (London Bridge)

What are famous British Universities? (Oxford, Cambridge)

What are the colors of British flag? (blue, red, white)

What are the colors of Irish flag? (green, white, red)

What are the colours of American flag? (red, white, dark-blue)

What are the last two states to join the USA ? (Alaska, Hawaii)

What are the main political parties of the USA? (Democratic and Republican)

What are the official languages of Canada? (French and English)

What city did the famous pop-group "The Beatles" come from? (Liverpool)

What city do Americans mean when they say about "Fun City"? (New York)

What city is famous for its skyscrapers in the USA? (New York)

What country was the Statue of Liberty a gift from? (France)

What does Great Britain consist of? (England, Scotland, Wales)

What does the United Kingdom of Great Britain consist of? (GB & Northern Ireland)

What does the word "freshman" mean? (первокурсник) (

What does V&A mean? (Victorian^and Albert Museum)

What English writers do you know? (D.Defoe, W.Scott, C.Dickens, O.Wilde, R.Kipling, A.C.Doyle,

G.Wells, J. Swift)

What is "Disneyland "? (Children's Park of Wonder)

What is another name of the flag of the USA? (the Stars and Stripes)

What is largest city of the USA? (New York)

What is the American money? (dollar)

What is the Australia divided into? (states)

What is the basic currency in Canada? (dollar)

What is the British money? (pound)

What is the capital of Northen Ireland? (Belfast)

What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)

What is the capital of Canada? (Ottawa)

What is the capital of England? (London)

What is the capital of Georgia? (Atlanta)

What is the capital of Massachusetts? (Boston)

What is the capital of New Zeeland? (Wellington)

What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)

What is the capital of the USA? (Washington) What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

What is the cradle of English Christianity? (StPaul's Cathedral) What is the heart of London? (the City) What is the highest mountain on the British Isles? (Ben Nevis) What is the largest city in Australia? (Sydney) What is the main modern art museum in London? (the Tate Gallery) What is the most popular English sport? (rugby) What is the name for American anthem? (the Star Spangled Banner) What is the name of state whish is situated in the Pacific Ocean? (Hawaii) What is the name of the oldest and best known public school for boys in Great Britain? (Eton) What is the name of the town where W.Shakespeare was born? (Stratford-on-Avon) What is the national sport in America? (baseball) What is the national symbol of England? (red rose) What is the national symbol of Scotland? (thistle) What is the national symbol of the USA? (bald eagle) What is the national symbol of Wales? (daffodil) What is the nationality of Columbus?(Italian) What is the nearest continental neighbour to Great Britain? (France) What is the nickname for the American Government? (Uncle Sam) What is the nickname of flag of the UK? (Union Jack) What is the nickname of London's underground? (tube) What is the official language of Ireland? (English) What is the official residence of Queen in Britain? (Buckingham Palace) What is the safest topic for conversation in England is? (weather) What is the symbol of Canada? (maple leaf) What is the symbol of New Zeeland? (kiwi bird) What is the term for being the president? (4 years) What is the Whispering Gallery remarkable for? (acoustics) What main rivers in Great Britain do you know? (the Thames) What main rivers in the USA do you know? (Mississippi, Colorado) What man is Sherwood Forest famous for? (Robin Hood) What mountains can you find in the USA? (Mt. McKinley) What ocean separates Europe from the states? (the Atlantic Ocean) What river does Washington D.C. stand on? (Potomac)

What state does the capital of the USA Washington belong to? (the District of Columbia) What theatre was organized by W.Shakespeare? (Globe Theatre)

What title does Prince Charles, the eldest son of the British Queen, have? (Prince of Wales) What town in the UK is called "smoky"? (London)

What was the 22-nd and 24-nd president of the USA? (Stephen Grover Cleveland) When did America win its Independence? (1776) When did Christopher Columbus land in America ? (1492) When did Elizabeth II become the Queen of Britain? (1952) When did the Great Fire of London take place? (1666) When do Americans celebrate Halloween? (the 31st of October) When do Americans celebrate Independence Day? (the 4th of July) When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day? (the last Thursday of November) When was the American anthem written? (1814)

Where are the concerts of classic music held in London? (royal Albert Hall) Where did the famous Globe Theatre where Shakespeare stage his plays situated? (London) Where do the members of the House of Commons sit? (on two sides of the hall) Where does the President of the USA live and work? (the White House)

Where is Hollywood situated? (Los Angeles)

Where is Nelson's Column situated? (Trafalgar Square)

Where is the Statue of Liberty situated? (New York Harbour)

Which is the biggest state in the USA? (Alaska)

Which of the US presidents served the longest of all other presidents? (Franklin Roosevelt)

Which waterfall is situated in the USA? (Niagara)

Whitehall is... . (street in London)

Who built St.Paul's Cathedral? (Christopher Wren)

Who choose the members of the House of Commons? (Electors)

Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)

Who fought against racial discrimination in the 1960's? (Martin Luther King)

Who is famous American artist? (Norman Rockwell)

Who is the "father" of American Literature? (Washington Irving)

Who is the formal head of Canada? (the Queen of GB; Governor-General)

Who is the head of UK of GB? (the Queen)

Who is the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty? (August Bartholdi)

Who is the third president of America? (Thomas Jefferson)

Who was the first Englishman to come to Australia? (Captain James Cook)

Who was the first man on the moon? (Neil Armstrong)

Who was the first president of the USA? (George Washington)

Who was the founder of the English Fleet? (Alfred the Great)

Who wrote "Hamlet"? (W.Shakespeare)

Who wrote "My Heart's in the Highlands"? (Robert Burns)

Who wrote "Pygmalion"? (Bernard Shaw)

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? (Thomas Jefferson)

Whom did people name "jack"? (sailor)

Whom did The Emancipation Proclamation free? (the blacks in the South from the slavery)

Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square? (Admiral Nelson)

William the Conquer invaded the British Isles in ... . (1066)

You can see a monument to in front of Buckingham Palace in London. (Queen Victoria)

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