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Задания по английскому языку на тему "Спорт"

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captain     coach     draw     fair
football ground (or pitch)     footballer     fouls     free (or penalty) kick
goal     kick-off     league     opponents
referee     score     soccer

1. What Europeans call "football", Americans call .
2. The instructor of the team is the .
3. When you play in a football team you are a .
4. The games take place on a .
5. The leader of the team is the .
6. The man in the  is the goal-keeper .
7. The beginning of the match is the .
8. During the match each team tries to  as many goals as possible.
9. When the teams have scored the same number of goals we say it's a .
10. The players of the other team are the .
11. The man who enforces the rules during the game is the .
12. Playing correctly is called  play.
13. Unfair moves are called .
14. When a player breaks the rules the other team may get a .
15. A federation of football clubs is called a football .

II Crossword "Sport"



1. One of the types of sports that use bat and ball

3. Team sport in which the goal is to get the ball into the opponents legs or other parts of the body (except the hands)

4. A program of physical fitness that involves such exercise

5. Winter sport that combines ski race with shooting a rifle

6. A sport in which players are on opposite sides of the site and divided by a net slung shuttlecock over the net impacts

8. A player assigned to protect the goal in various sports

9. Task to identify the best

10. One of the oldest sports, including competitions in different shells, and in the floor exercise and vault

12. The act of competing, as for profit or a prize

13. Sports team ball game, whose purpose - to throw the ball into the hands of the opponents basket

14. Two unarmed combat athletes using certain methods

15. Mountain climbing, especially in the alps

17. Sports discipline is to bridge swimming various distances

18. A team sports game with the ball and bat

19. Sport which involves the movement of an athlete or a pair of athletes skating on ice

21. Major international multi-sport event

22. One who trains, especially one who coaches athletes, racehorses, or show animals


1. The winner of the competition

2. Sports a person who trains or directs athletes or athletic teams

7. The gymnastic moves of an acrobat

9. A competition or series of competitions held to determine a winner

11. Activities, such as sports, exercises, and games, that require physical skill and stamina

14. The oldest and most prestigious

16. A large, usually open structure for sports events with tiered seating for spectators

20. Defeat of an enemy or opponent

III Sport in our life

Sport is very important in our life.

It helps us to keep fit and to be healthy.

The most popular kinds of sport in Russia are football, volleyball, tennis and hockey.

The most popular kinds of sport in Britain are football, cricket and golf.

The most popular kinds of sport in the USA are rugby, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and football.

In winter people like skiing, skating, snowboarding and playing hockey.

In summer people like swimming, playing football or badminton and jogging.

Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning, train themselves in different sections and take part in sport competitions.

I think PE is a very important subject at college. The students play basketball, volleyball, table tennis and football.

My favorite kind of sport is…

1. Read the text and nswer the questions:

1) What are the most popular kinds of sport in Russia?

2) What are the most popular kinds of sport in Great Britain and The USA?

3) Why is it important to play sport?

4) What are winter kinds of sport?

5) What are summer kinds of sport?

2. Retell the text.


3. What is your favorite kind of sport and why?

Краткое описание документа:

Данное  задание может быть использовано для активизации изученных лексических единиц  и на  развития навыков устной речи обучающихся по теме "Спорт". Может также быть включено  в ФОС как средство текущего контроля знаний учащихся  для студентов 1 курса СПО. Работа  состоит из трёх заданий:

1. упражнение на знание лексики по теме;

2. кроссворд по теме "Спорт"

3. работа с текстом: на основе текста «Sportinourlife» разработаны задания, направленные на развитие навыков устной речи. Первое задание представляет собой ответы на вопросы по содержанию прочитанного. Проверив понимание содержания и освоив основную лексику учащимся предлагается во втором  задании пересказать текст и в третьем задании добавить содержание текста рассказом о своём любимом виде спорта.


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