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A trip to the USA

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УРОК-ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ по городам Соединённых Штатов Америки.

Тема урока: «A trip to the USA».

Цель: развитие навыков устной речи, обобщение знаний по теме.


  1. Обобщение и систематизация фактического материала по страноведению.

  2. Дальнейшая автоматизация изученного языкового материала.

  3. Развитие произносительных навыков.

  4. Формирование уважения к Соединенным Штатам Америки.

  5. Развитие познавательных интересов учащихся.

  6. Формирование лингвистического отношения к слову.

  7. Расширение кругозора учащихся.

Форма проведения урока: виртуальная экскурсия.

По данному конспекту возможно провести два варианта урока, когда в виде ведущих выступают учащиеся, в этом случае, тексты для будущих экскурсоводов раздаются заблаговременно, во втором случае роль экскурсовода играет учитель.

В конце урока проводится викторина.

Конспект экскурсии.

Washington DC.

Washington DC is the capital of the US and it is one of the most beautiful cities of the country. In July 1790 The Congress decided that the new capital should be situated on the left bank of the Potomac River. The city was called Washington in honor of the first president of the USA, and the area was called the district Columbia in honor of Christopher Columbus. Washington DC is the city with a lot of museums, libraries, parks, monuments, art galleries and beautiful buildings. Washington DC is the seat of the Government of the USA and most people work at the government offices.

The White House.

It is a pleasant, white-painted house in which the President lives. It was George Washington who decided that the President should have an official residence, and selected the place for it, but he never lived in it, for he died in 1799, before the house was completed. So the first President to live in the White House was John Adams. The White House has 132 rooms 54 of which are reserved for the private use of the First Family.

The Capitol.

The Capitol is the Seat of the Government of the USA. The corner stone of the Capitol was laid by George Washington on September 18, 1793. The Capitol is in the very centre of Washington. It is located on Capitol Hill, the highest point of the city. The Capitol is the highest building in Washington and there is a law not to build houses higher than the Capitol. The Congress first met in the north wing, which was completed on November 21, 1800. Finally the Capitol was completed in 1827. The Capitol Building is made of stone and marble. It contains 540 rooms. The 36 columns represent the number of the states of America at the time the building was designed.

The Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument is one of the most impressive sights. The monument is erected to the memory of the first President of the United States. It is also called “The Pencil”. It is one of the tallest stone constructions in the world, it is 555 feet high. It stands in the centre of the Mall area, not far from the White House, and it is the best point to get a bird’s-eye view of the capital. The Monument is faced with white marble.

The Lincoln Memorial.

A short way from the Washington Monument leads to the Lincoln Memorial. It is situated on the bank of the Potomac River at the west end of the Mall. Thirty-six columns, representing the States of the Union at the time of Lincoln’ death, support the roof of the building. The marble figure of the murdered president reminds people about the drama of the Civil War, and the horror of the shooting in Ford’s Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was murdered in 1865.

New York.

New York is the largest city of the USA, and one of the largest cities of the world. It is also the industrial, the cultural, the financial and the business centre of the country. It is also the centre of mass media and the world’s biggest bank centre. Americans call it the Big Apple, because so many people from different countries live there. . The centre of the city is located on the island of Manhattan which lies between the Hudson River and the East River. It known that the island was bought from the local Indians by the Dutch for 24 dollars. There are a lot of interesting sights in New York such as Empire State Building, Columbia University, Brooklyn Bridge, Times’ Square. Broadway is the centre of the theatres and night life. It is a city which never goes to sleep. There are restaurants which never close, and cinemas with films that start at midnight. Broadway is known as “The Great White Way” because of the electric lights which turn night into day.

The Statue of Liberty.

It is situated on the small island at the entrance of New York harbor. It is the work of the well- known 19th century French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi. The figure shows a young woman freeing herself from shackles. She holds a torch in her right hand , and in her left hand she has a tablet with the date “July 4th 1776” which symbolizes the Declaration of Independence. The statue was presented to the USA in 1886 and became national monument.


Chicago is the leading industrial city. It is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan in the Great Lake Region. Americans call Chicago “Windy City”. Chicago is the centre of automobile industry, where famous Ford cars are made. There are some places of interest in Chicago, such as Natural History Museum, University of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Lincoln Park and others. There are also foreign districts such as China Town, Little Italy, Jewish quarter, Polish quarter. Chicago is a typical American city with modern high-rise buildings. The first skyscraper was built in Chicago. The University of Chicago is one of the greatest universities of the world.


Philadelphia was the first capital of the USA (1790 - 1800). In Philadelphia the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1776. In this city the United States Constitution was adopted in 1787. It was the first written constitution in the world. Independence National Park is America’s most historic square mile. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are situated here. The Liberty Bell is traditionally associated with the events of the American War of Independence has become the national symbol of freedom. In July 1776 its chime informed the population of Philadelphia about the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Now Philadelphia is an important commercial, shipping centre. It is also famous for its libraries and museums.

San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the largest cities and ports in the West of the USA. It is the important military base of the USA near the Pacific Ocean. It is also an important shipbuilding centre. San Francisco is situated on the seven hills. It is the city of culture and beauty, hills and winds, style and color. People living in San Francisco are very proud of it. San Francisco is the birthplace of Jack London. In 1812 the first Russian settlement appeared not far from San Francisco. It was called Fort Rus. The founder of Fort Rus. was Ivan Kuskov from Vologda. Now Fort Rus is a museum.

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, “City of Angels”, is the largest city of the state of California. The city and its surroundings are rich in entertainments and attractions. There are lots of museums, libraries, theatres, and movie houses. Sport is also very important in Los Angeles. The Museum of Art is one of the largest in the USA.

One of the most famous attractions is Disneyland, situated 27 miles away from Los Angeles. It was created more than 40 years ago by Walt Disney. This is the kingdom of fantasy where children can meet characters of Disney cartoons.

Hollywood is known all over the world as the film production centre. Many years ago the tradition was established that the film stars left their hand and footprints on the pavement in front of the South Sea Island.


Atlanta is the capital of state Georgia. It is the important industrial centre on the Atlantic Coast of the USA. But it became well known all over the world after famous novel “Gone with the Wind” was written by Margaret Mitchell. It was the centre of the Sothern Army during the Civil War between the South and the North. Martin Luther King the great fighter for the rights of negroes who was killed by Ku-klus-klan members. Now there is a museum of Martin Luther King in Atlanta. There is a historic museum in Atlanta, a lot of beautiful parks and gardens.

Список используемой литературы: «По странам изучаемого языка». Пояснительные тексты к альбому под редакцией Ю.Ф. Гурьевой. Москва «Просвещение» 1999г.


  1. Who was the First President to live in the White House?

  2. Why aren’t there any skyscrapers in Washington DC?

  3. Where is the Capitol situated?

  4. What is the nickname of Washington Monument?

  5. Why are there 36 columns in Lincoln Memorial?

  6. What do the letters DC mean?

  7. What is the nickname of New York?

  8. Where was the Statue of Liberty made?

  9. What is written on the table in the hand of the Statue of Liberty?

  10. What is the symbol of freedom in Philadelphia and why?

  11. What American writer was born in San Francisco? What do you know about him?

  12. Why is Los Angeles Known to all cinema-goers?

Краткое описание документа:

УРОК-ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ по городам Соединённых Штатов Америки.

Форма проведения урока: виртуальная экскурсия.

Виртуальное путешесвие по миру продолжается. Теперь нас ждут Соединённые Штаты Амеррики. Мы посетим Вошингтон, Нью-Йорк, Чикаго, Филадельфию, Сан-Франциско, Лос-Анжелес, Атланту и другие города.

По завершении экскурсии путешественников ждёт викторина.

Урок рекомендуется проводить в 10-11 классах во время проведения недели иностранного языка.

По данному конспекту возможно провести два варианта урока, когда в виде ведущих выступают учащиеся, в этом случае, тексты для будущих экскурсоводов раздаются заблаговременно, во втором случае роль экскурсовода играет учитель.

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