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Составитель Гришанова Е. В. преподаватель английского языка первой квалификационной категории ГБПОУ ВО ПФ «ГПК»






Методическое пособие предназначено для студентов СПО для совершенствования лексического материала и расширению страноведческих знаний по теме «Спорт в англоязычных странах». Методические указания, как по содержанию, так и по объему соответствуют ФГОС и рабочей программе.






1. The role of sport

2. Healthy lifestyle

3. Olympic Games

4. Cricket 5. Extreme Sports

6. Golf

7. Hockey in Canada


9. Test 1.

10. Test 2.

11. Test 3.










1.Прочитайте текст.

The role of sport

    A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and sport are the main elements of life that every person should follow. Nowadays, sports equipment companies offer a lot of various simulators that make sports activities more attractive and efficient. In all cities every year sports clubs, sports halls, fitness centers open. Sport is also available in nature, at home, even in the workplace. Home exercise equipment is distinguished by its compactness and mobility. A lot of audio training cassettes are produced that allow you to play sports at home, and save money and free time in fitness rooms.

     Even if you are busy at work and live in an accelerated rhythm, you need to find a free half hour every day and devote them to the sport. Any physical activity is very good for health, keeps in shape, supports strength and improves mood from the results. Sports activities contribute to the proper metabolism, which affects the general well-being, increases efficiency.

    Sport strengthens the immune system and the human body has the ability to fight colds and viruses. Also, thanks to the sport, fat cells are burned, muscles strengthen, a beautiful posture appears, the figure looks slim and fit. Sport is useful for the work of the heart, proper blood circulation. Due to physical exertion, the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks is reduced. Those who like to play sports, get rid of all bad habits, first of all alcohol and tobacco are excluded.

    It is recommended to engage in sports at any age, the main thing is to do it moderately, not to burden yourself, to do the exercises correctly, and not to forget about safety rules. Take care of yourself and your health! 

2. Выпишите и переведите следующие слова из текста:

1. правильное питание

2. привлекательный и эффективный

3. возможный в принципе

4. спортивное оборудование

5. поддерживать здоровье

6. улучшить настроение

7. повышать эффективность

8. физическое напряжение

9. вероятность инсультов

10 не перегружать себя

11. заботиться о себе

12. умеренно

13. бороться с простудой и вирусом

3. Подготовьте краткий пересказ текста.

































Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопрос:

           Do you prefer healthy lifestyle?          


Healthy lifestyle


   Nowadays our life is getting more and more tense. People live under the press of different problems, such as social, ecological, economic and others. They constantly suffer from stress, noise and dust in big cities, diseases and instability. A person should be strong and healthy in order to overcome all difficulties.                                                         

To achieve this aim people ought to take care of their physical and mental health. There are several ways to do it. The state of your body depends on how much time you spend doing sports. At least everybody must do morning exercises every day.                                                           The most healthy kinds of sports are swimming, running and cycling. Healthy food is also a very important factor.    Overeating causes many dangerous diseases. The daily menu should include meat, fruit and vegetables, milk product, which are rich in vitamins, fat, proteins and etc.       

 On the other hand modern diets are very popular especially among women. Diets may be harmful, if they are used in the wrong way.                                     

  To be healthy, people should get rid of their bad habits. It's necessary to stop smoking and drinking much. Everyone should remember that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs destroy both body and brain. Besides according to statistics most of crimes are committed by people under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In addition it is recommended to watch TV less, avoid anxiety and observe daily routine.              

   Certainly it's hard to follow all these recommendations, but every person    have to choose between healthy life style and numerous illnesses                                                                    


1.                 Выпишите выделенные слова и переведите с помощью словаря.


2.                 Почитайте еще раз текст и выпишите предложения, соответствующие данным:

1.                 Они постоянно страдают от стресса, шума и пыли в больших городах, болезней и нестабильности.

2.                 Диета может быть вредна, если она используется неправильно.

3.                 Здоровая пища так же очень опасный фактор.


4.                 Согласитесь или не согласитесь.

1.                 Overeating isn’t dangerous.

2.                 Modern diets are popular among men.

3.                 You should watch less, avoid anxiety and observe daily routine.


4.                 Ответьте на вопросы:

1.                 Why should a person be strong and healthy?

2.                 What products should daily menu include?

3.                  What bad habits are the most dangerous for health?

      5. Составьте пересказ текста.
















1.     Прочитайте текст.

2.     Выпишите и переведите выделенные слова на русский язык.

The Olympic Games

    The Olympics have a very long history. They began in 776 BBC, and took place for nearly 1200 years at Olympia, Greece. The citizens of all the Greek states were invited to take part in the games. The prizes were wreaths made of branches of olive trees. Ancient Olympic Games were a great athletic festival and included many different kinds of sports: running, boxing, discus throwing, wrestling, the pentathlon (five different sports) and others. In 394 A.D. the games were stopped by the Roman Emperor Theodosius.

    Only fifteen years later, in 1894, a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, managed to persuade people from fifteen countries to start the Olympic Games again. The International Olympic Committee was set up in 1894, and the first of the modern series of the Games took place in Athens two years later, in 1896. There were competitions in many kinds of sports: running, jumping, boxing. All the nations of the world were invited to send their athletic teams. From then on the Olympic Games have been international and the number of events on the programme have increased.

    In these games only amateurs, or non-professional athletes can take part. Each country sends teams for as many different events as possible. The winners of each event are given a certain number of points. The International Olympic Committee decides where each Olympics will take place. They ask a city (not a country) to be the host.

    The Olympic games are attended by thousands and thousands of people every time they are held. They provide an opportunity for lovers of sports of all nations to meet together.

3.     Ответьте на вопросы:

How often and where did the ancient Olympic Games take place?

What kinds of sports did they include?

How did the modern Olympic Games begin?

What athletes can take part in the modern Olympic Games?

What are the winners in each event given?

Why are the Olympic Games so important?









1.     Read the text about Сricket.


Village sign, Benenden, Kent

Traditional cricketer on the village sign, Benenden, Kent


                                       History of Cricket

The game of cricket appeared  in 1300 in Kent.

Cricket is a sport that has been played around the world for more than eight centuries. In fact, Prince Edward played cricket in 14th century England. In the 17th century cricket became a professional sport played in competition, and a hundred years later it became known around the world.

Cricket is played by two teams of eleven players each, which take turns to bowl a hard-leather ball. At first view, cricket looks similar to baseball, with players batting a ball and trying to score as many runs as possible. The differences, however, are many. For starters, cricket is played with a flat bat, rather than a rounded one, and players do not run on a square to score a point, but instead run forward in an effort to reach the opposite end of the pitch. If the ball is hit hard enough to go far, a player may keep running back and forth between the opposite ends, scoring one point every time they complete the full distance.

The Rules of Cricket

As explained to a foreign visitor

  • You have two sides, one out in the field and one in.
  • Each man that's in the side that's in, goes out, and when he's out, he comes in and the next man goes in until he's out.
  • When they are all out the side that's out comes in and the side that's been in goes out and tries to get those coming in out.
  • Sometimes you get men still in and not out.
  • When both sides have been in and out including the not-outs, that's the end of the game.

2.Переведите слова из текста:

village sign

eight centuries

a hard-leather ball

looks similar

batting a ball

to score as many runs as possible

a pitch

a flat bat

3. Согласитесь, не согласитесь с утверждениями:

1.     Prince Edward played cricket in 16th century England,

2.     Cricket is played by two teams of five players each.

3.     Players bat a ball and try to score as many runs as possible.

4.     Cricket is played with a round bat.

4.Ответьте на вопросы:

1.     When did cricket become professional sport?

2.     How many members are there in every cricket team?

3.     When is the game of cricket is finished?


  5.Переведите текст.



1.     Прочитайте текст.

2.     Переведите письменно.

3.     Задайте 5 вопросов к тексту на английском языке письменно.

Extreme sports

Extreme sports lately firmly strengthens its position in the choice of leisure among young people. Everyone knows that this sport is very dangerous for life. Immediately the question arises: for what? It turns out that many extremes like to get thrills, balance between life and death. For some, such a pastime helps to throw out negative energy. Others need to experience a heightened sense of life.

Extreme sport has become famous since 1950. These include rock climbing, parachuting, skateboarding, snowboarding, car racing, surfing, rodeo, diving and many others.

Basejumping is the most popular and dangerous sport. It represents jumping from high buildings, bridges, towers. In order not to break, jumpers use parachutes. A person must have courage, dexterity, and be able to accurately calculate when to open a parachute. Such jumps do not rarely lead to injury or death.

CAVE DIVING - diving under the water in caves that are very dangerous. Swimmers are sometimes forced to swim through narrow passages in total darkness, they do not always go up. With such dives there is a great risk of getting lost.

RAFTING - rafting on turbulent rivers in the mountains, where there are a lot of obstacles in the form of waterfalls, turbulent rapids and huge stones. This hobby is no less dangerous, because mountain rivers are very severe.

RODEO - dangerous and spectacular entertainment. The competitor needs to jump on the infuriated bull and hold onto it for 10 seconds. But victory does not always come easily, and often such jumps end in fatal injuries.

SURFING - gliding through the waves on special boards, which are very difficult to hold onto. And if a high wave is approaching, it is not known who will win this man’s battle with the ocean.
















1.  Прочитайте текст.

 2.  Переведите текст.                                         

                                           History of golf

Although the Romans may have played golf with a bent stick and a ball filled with feathers golf, as we know it today, started in Scotland in the 14th century. Saint Andrews is called the birthplace of golf because its golf course is over 500 years old. The first rules of the game were also set there.

Golf spread from the British Isles to the overseas colonies. The oldest golf club outside of Britain was founded in Calcutta, India. Golf came to the USA and Canada towards the end of the 19th century. Although British golfers dominated the sport at first, great American golfers emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1916 they formed a professional organization, the PGA, in which they started to earn money through golf.

Players like Severiano Ballesteros of Spain, Bernhard Langer of Germany or Gary Player of South Africa made golf popular in Europe and other continents. In the last two decades the American Tiger Woods has dominated the game.

In the 1960s more and more companies, private sponsors and television networks started to pour money into golf. Today the best golfers in the world earn millions of dollars in prize money every year. Tiger Woods became the first athlete to become a billionaire.

3.Согласитесь, не согласитесь с утверждениями.

1. Saint Marino is called the birthplace of golf because its golf course is over 500 years old.

2. The youngest golf club outside of Britain was founded in Calcutta, India.

3. In 1916 American golfers formed a professional organization, the PGA, in which they started to earn money through golf.

4. In the last two decades the American Tiger Woods has dominated the game.

5.I n the 1960s more and more companies, public sponsors and television networks started to pour money into golf.













1.     Прочитайте текст вслух.

2.     Переведите письменно словосочетания после текста.

3.     Задайте письменно вопросы к выделенным предложениям.

4.     Переведите текст письменно.

Hockey in Canada

Among various kinds of sports there are some that are strongly associated with a certain country. Hockey is the game that Canadians are absolutely passionate about, and most sports fans would agree that it is Canada that can be directly associated with hockey. The game of hockey was invented in Canada and it is definitely the country's most important contribution to the world of sports.
The very first game was played in Montreal in 1879. Today hockey is played professionally in over twenty countries. There are a number of local, provincial and national amateur hockey teams across the country. It is also quite a common for people to play what are referred to as pick up games just for fun. The wooden sideboards of outdoor rinks are uninterruptedly smacked with slap shots for most of the winter months. And winter weekends for many families across the country mean five to six am time slots for children hockey teams at local arenas. It is more than simply a pastime it is a way of life.

Be  absolutely passionate

be directly associated with

be  invented in

important contribution

local, provincial and national amateur hockey teams

pick up games just for fun

wooden sideboards of outdoor rinks



















1.     Прочитайте текст.

2.     Озаглавьте абзацы.

3.     Выпишите выделенные слова, переведите на русский язык.

4.     Задайте вопросы к каждому абзацу.


     Rugby is a popular sport in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and France. In recent years Italy has become a great rugby nation. It competes with England, Wales, Scotland, France, and Ireland at the Six Nations Championship. It’s an annual rugby competition. All these teams are dreaming of Grand Slam. The Grand Slam means to win all the matches of the competition.

     But now in addition to the Six Nations Championship, the Rugby World Cup takes place this year. It is the only time Northern hemisphere teams meet teams from the Southern hemisphere in a great competition. Apart from the UK the spirit of rugby is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. That is why the teams of the southern hemisphere are New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. They can also add Argentina which is also good at rugby very well.

     Rugby is associated with three main values: respect, team spirit and courage. It can also be said that rugby fans behave very well before, during and after matches. There are no cases of violence in the grandstands. And if you have your favorite rugby team, you can safely go to the stadium, watch the World Cup and support your team.































Test 1.

Ответьте кратко на вопросы к сектору « Sport». Переведите предложения.

1.It is a game played by two teams of eleven players who try to kick a ball into the other team’s game.

2.It is a game played indoors between two teams of five players, in which each team tries to win points by throwing a ball into the basket .

3.It is a game in which the players hit a small white ball into holes in the ground.

4.It is a sort of swimming under water using special equipment to help you breathe.

5.It is a game for two people or two pairs of people who use rackets to hit a small soft ball backwards and forwards over the net.

6.It is an outdoor game played by two teams with an oval ball that you kick or carry.

Вопросы к сектору «Person»

1.How is called a person who plays football?

2.How is called a person who plays basketball?

3.How is called a person who plays tennis?

4.How is called a person who does running?

5.How is called a person who does swimming?

6.How is called a person who plays hockey?

Вопросы к сектору « Place»

1.Where is football played?

2.Where is basketball played?

3.Where can you do swimming?

4.Where can you play tennis?

5.Where can you play golf?

Вопросы к сектору «Equipment»

1.What do you need to play tennis?

2.What equipment do you need for diving?

3.What do you need to play football?

4.What do you need to play basketball?

5.What do you need to play rugby?































Тест по теме «Спорт»

1.The swimming competition will take place in the local _________.




2.Sportsmen usually play football on a _________.



3. Tomorrow we are meeting with the _________.




4.We all want to win the _________.



5.English football in the USA is called _________.



6.Hockey players have skates and _________.




7.In sport you can either (или) win or _________.



8.English football _________ are very aggressive.




9.The runner crossed the _________ line.




10.We play hockey on a very good skating-_________.




11.That was the first _________.



12.In this game they lost their _________ of world champions.




13.Our football team has a very good goal_________.






14.Excuse me, what’s the _________ of the game?



15.The captain asked for an _________.



16.The match ended in a _________.




17.The referee said "_________” to the boxers.
























Тест по теме: «Спорт»

Вариант 1

1.     Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

1.Участвовать в спортивных соревнованиях:

А) to take part        B) to keep fit         C) to compete

2.Парусный спорт:

A)  а skating                 B) а swimming       C) а sailing

3. Мастерство:

A) a sense                B)  a skill                C) an injury

4.Быть выносливым:

A) to be tough         B) to be self -confident  C)  to be competitive

5.Побить рекорд:

A) to win                B) to break a record         C) to throw

2.     Поставьте глагол в подходящую форму:

1. Sport (to teach) _____ you to win and to lose.

2. The Olympic Games  (to dedicate) ____ ________to the Olympian Gods.

3. The Olympic Flag (to be) ______________ the symbol of the Olympic  Games since 1920.

4. The first Modern Olympic Games (to take) ________place in Greece in 1896.

5. By about 650 BC the Games (to held)  ______________over five days.  

3.     C вашей точки зрения:

1. Sport takes a lot of time and energy.

2. Sport makes people strong and healthy.

3. Sport develops a sense of coordination.

4. Sport is dangerous.

5. Sport teaches to be competitive.

4.     Ваш любимый вид спорта:

Вариант 2

1.     Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

1.Быть бодрым и здоровым:

А ) to take part        B) to keep fit         C) to compete


A) а skating                 B) а swimming       C) а sailing

3. Участие в группе поддержки:

A) a cheerleading     B)  a skill         C) an injury

4.Быть уверенным в себе:

A) to be tough     B) to be self -confident  C)  to be competitive


A)  to win     B) to break a record         C) to throw

2.     Поставьте глагол в подходящую форму:

1. The first Modern Olympic Games (to take) ________place in Greece in 1896.

2. Sport (to teach) _____ you to win and to lose.

3. The Olympic Games  (to dedicate) _____ ________to the Olympian Gods.

4. The Olympic Flag (to be)_____________ the symbol of the Olympic Games since 1920.

5. By about 650 BC the Games (to held) ______________over five days.

3.     C вашей точки зрения:

1. Sport takes a lot of time and energy.

2. Sport makes people strong and healthy.

3. Sport develops a sense of coordination.

4. Sport is dangerous.

5. Sport teaches to be competitive








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