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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку за 8 класс
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  • Иностранные языки

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку за 8 класс


1. В каком времени употребляется глагол в предложении? Соотнеси написанное в столбцах 1 и 2. В столбце 2 есть одно лишнее утверждение, которое не нужно использовать.

A few centuries ago people didn’t travel in space.

It’s raining heavily now.

Tomorrow at this time they’ll be broadcasting this programme again.

He had finished his essay by 7 p. m. yesterday.

Nobody will read this book.

She was cleaning the park with other volunteers all day long.

Tornadoes usually occur in the spring.

1 Past Perfect
2 Present Simple
3 Past Simple
4 Future Continuous
5 Future Simple
6Present Continuous
7 Past Continuous
8 Present Perfect

 2. Заполните пропуски, поставив глаголы в правильной форме, используя Present, Past , Future Simple:

Many years ago different natural disasters 1)___________(happen) on our planet. People 2)_______(suffer) from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts and volcano eruptions which 3)_______(destroy) cities, 4)_________(carry) away houses and even farm animals. People 5)_________(lose) their homes. Many of them 6)_______(die) during terrible earthquakes and hurricanes.

Nowadays scientists 7 )_______(try) to predict these catastrophes. Emergency workers together with the police and the army 8) ________(help) people in difficult situations.

Hopefully in the future researchers 9)_______(learn) more about nature and 10)________(invent) new machines and devices which 11)__________(help) to predict all possible dangers. People 12)_______(have) a better chance to protect themselves.

3. Выбери и обведи ответ “да”, если ты согласен с утверждением, и ответ “нет”, если ты не согласен с утверждением:

Определенный артикль “the” употребляется:



С названиями сторон света



С именами и фамилиями



С названиями океанов, морей, рек, каналов



С существительными, являющимися единственными в своем роде



С названиями городов, улиц, площадей



С названиями стран, содержащих слова federation, republic, union, states, emirates, kingdom



С названиями единичных островов и горных вершин



Перед существительными с прилагательными в превосходной степени



С названиями горных цепей, групп островов, пустынь

4. Заполните пропуски, поставив предлоги since/for:

1. I haven’t seen him ______ Monday.

2._______centuries people have been living here.

3. Are you planning to stay here______ a week?

4. Wait ______10 minutes, I’ll be back.

5. People have been throwing away so much litter ______ the last 20-30 years.

6. She’s been bullied ______she came to this school.

5. Впиши в пропуски артикли a/an/the, где необходимо:

1.____Milky Way is ___ Galaxy we live in.

2. Travelling in ___space has been a dream of many generations of people.

3._____ sea was not warm enough for swimming so we went to ____nearest cafe for some tea.

4. _____UK, _____Canada, _____ USA, ______ Bahamas, ____ Australia, ______ New Zealand and ____ Barbados are just some of the English-speaking countries.

5. ____Earth moves round ___ Sun with ____ speed of 30 m/s.

6.____Irtysh is one of ___ longest rivers in Siberia.

7. In Moscow region there is a nice place for fishing -____lake Senezh.

6. Закончите предложения, поставив глаголы в скобках в правильной форме. Используйте условные предложения II,III и смешанного типа:

1. If I _____ (be) bullied, I would tell my parents about it.

2. I _____ (give) you this book yesterday if I had finished my literature essay.

3. If you ____ (be) braver, you could become a war correspondent.

4. If she ______ (phone) me yesterday, I would meet her at the airport this morning.

5. If people______ (not invent) books, a lot of knowledge from the past would have disappeared.

6. If people ______ (can) predict natural disasters, there wouldn’t be so many victims.

7. The Dead Sea _____ (not dry out) if people hadn’t used the water for getting necessary minerals.

8. If you ______ (follow) the school rules, you wouldn’t have been expelled.

7. Выбери во втором столбике формы, подходящие по смыслу и грамматически в предложения в первом столбике. Во втором столбике есть один лишний вариант, который не нужно использовать:

1. She ____ like apples, now she prefers bananas.

2. I _____ going to bed late as I watch my favourite soap opera on TV.

3. Teenagers want to be independent and some parents can’t _____ it.

4. 50 years ago people _____ have on-line mass media.

5. Nowadays teenagers _______ PCs and laptops for communication.

A get used to

B used to

C use

D am used to

E didn’t use to

F don’t use to

8. Определите, какие из данных существительных являются исчисляемыми


















9. Подберите в пропуски подходящие по смыслу слова из второй колонки. Впишите в пропуски буквы, соответствующие выбранным словам. Некоторые слова можно использовать более одного раза:

1._____ he says, don’t believe him.

2._____ hard I try, I can’t forget about it.

3. “You’ll always remember this place _____ you go”, she said.

4. ______ the bully is, he should be punished.

5._______ she is asked for help, she’s always busy.

6._______ late you come, do phone me!

7. ______ you do, a true friend will support you.

a. whatever

b. wherever

c. whenever

d. whoever

e. however

10. Передайте информацию в косвенной речи в прошедшем времени, обращая внимание на времена, обстоятельства места и времени:

1. She protested: “Bullying must be punished.”

2.”So much litter has been thrown away on the beach these days”, said the volunteer.

3. The policeman was asked:”How many people have suffered in the accident?”

4.”E-books will not replace paper ones”, said the librarian.

5.”Have you chosen which programme to watch?” I asked her.


1. She said________________________________

2.The volunteer said ________________________

3.The policeman was asked___________________

4. The librarian said______________________________________

5. I asked__________________________________

11. Закончите предложения, поставив глаголы в скобках в правильной форме:

When I was a little boy my parents always 1) _____ (make, I) read a lot of books. Moreover, they 2) ____ (ask, I) retell the information I had read trying to enlarge my vocabulary. The 3) _______ (not let, I) go out until I’d finished my reading. None of my friends’ parents 4) __________ (tell, they) do the same, so I started hating books.

Surprisingly I do the same now with my children. I 5) __________ (want, they) broaden their mind and become well-educated people. However I 6) _____________ (not tell, they) which books to read, I’m just trying to give them the right direction otherwise they’ll hate reading. This is definitely not what I want to get as a result.

12. Образуйте выражения, используя глаголы do/make.Впишите их в пропуски:

1. __________________fun of someone

2. __________________friends


4.___________________ money

5. ___________________your best

6. ___________________the shopping

7. ___________________the washing

8. ___________________ an exercise

9.___________________one’s bed

10.__________________ a mistake

11.__________________tea, coffee

12. _________________ a phone call

13. _________________ the housework

14. _________________nothing

15.__________________ plans

13. Заполните пропуски, используя относительные местоимения who(whom)/that/which:

1. Is he the photographer _________________ took these dramatic pictures?

2. In our school library one can find any books______________are popular today: fairy tales, fantasy books, science fiction.

3. This is the CD book ______________ my father gave me as a birthday present.

4. Bullying is a kind of behavior ____________________ shouldn’t be tolerated.

5. James Cameron is the film director ___________________I’d like to meet some day.

     14.  Составьте предложения и переведите их.







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