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Конспект урока английского языка по теме "Мир, в котором я живу"

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Урок в 8 «В» классе на тему “Мир, в котором я живу” “The world I live in

Цель урока:

  • совершенствование практических навыков владения лексикой по теме; развитие навыков аудирования, говорения и чтения;

  • формировать у обучающихся уважение к окружающему миру; поддержание интереса к изучению английского языка;

  • расширение кругозора и общей культуры учащихся;

  • обобщение знаний, умений и навыков по теме “Environment ”.

Ход урока.

1. Орг.момент. Определение целей урока совместно с детьми.

-Good morning boys and girls. Nice to see you.

Children, look at the window, please. What do you see?

-How do you think what is it? – (environment)

-Now try to guess. About what shall we speak today?...

-You are quite right, we’ll speak today about the world around us, environment, ecological problems.

-Do you know that Many years ago people lived in great harmony with nature because industry was not much developed. Today the situation is quite different. Nowadays industrially developed states can’t ignore the problem of environmental protection

2. На основе темы урока составьте слова с каждой буквы.

But first let’s remember words.

- I offer you to find words on each letter. (дети выходят к доске и пишут слова по теме на каждую букву темы урока)


3. Отработка лексики в парах.

- Check each other. Ask words and words combinations.

- Time is over.

-Now let’s do this cross words. I’ll give you 3 minutes.

-Are you ready, let’s check it.

-Put mark for these tasks. Who has no mistake put down 5? 1-2 mistakes – 4, 3-4 “3”, 5 and over “2”

4. Речевая разминка.

Please answer my question. What word “environment” mean?

- What environment may be? ( town environment and countryside environment)

-Which is better& Why? (Крюкова)

- Why is town environment worse? (Севастьянова)

You are right. As for me, I’d like to live in countryside environment.

5. Работа над текстом песни.

Children, when we say the Earth is in danger. What exactly is in danger? Open your books p. 64 ex.5

-Well, let’s listen to the poem. Guess who is speaking in the first verse...

Turn on. Put your ear-phones.

-Answer the questions: Who speaks in the first , second, third …?

- Let’s read this poem again and give it a name. Ex.8 help you.

- Sing along. Do you like this song?


6. Беседа по содержанию песни.

-What problems discussed in this song? ( air, water, land pollution, animals in danger)

- What causes air pollution?

-What causes water pollution?

-What causes land pollution?

-How can we help the atmosphere?

-plant trees

-don’t use cars, buses

-use filters

-don’t use aerosols

-don’t cut down trees

-don’t test nuclear weapon

-don’t burn rubbish

-How can we help rivers, lakes, ponds, seas, oceans?

-don’t drop litter into the river

-factories must not pour industrial waste

-don’t kill fish

-don’t wash cars near lakes and rivers

-What should we do to walk on a clean land?

-don’t leave litter

-don’t make fire

-don’t kill animals, plants

-don’t use chemicals

-don’t bury rubbish

7. Беседа о проблеме переработки некоторых видов отходов.

By the way. Who knows how long rubbish lasts? Try to guess. Now I hope that you won’t drop any litter.

You see the rubbish problem is very important now. Look at this poster "Litter lasts...”.

You can see that a traffic ticket lasts 1 month.

A banana peel lasts up tо 3 months.

A wool sock - 1 уеаr.

Wooden stakes - 4 years.

A wax paper cup - 5 years.

Tin cans - 100 years.

Aluminum cans- up to 500 years.

Glass containers - they never decay.

Painted wooden stakes - 13 years.

8. Аудирование (экологическая организация Green Peace).

Do you know ecological organizations which help our nature? (Green Peace)

-But do you know what it does?

-Open your books p.66 ex.11. Fill in the gaps with the suitable words.

-Now exchange with your copy-books listen to the tape recorder and check each other.

-If you have no mistakes put 5

1 mistake-4

2 mistakes-3

3 and over 2/

9. Насколько ты заботишься об окружающей среде (тест).

Friends, would you like to know how green you are?

I offer you a quiz. If you answer “yes” score one point.

-Let’s start.

Занимательный квиз: “How Green Are You?”QUIZ:

Here is a quiz to see how green you are and how well informed you are about the environment.
Try it now and again in six month's time, when you have taken some action.
Score one point for every "yes" answer.

1. Do you take a shower instead of bath?
2. Have you planted at least one tree?

3. Do you feed birds or squirrels in winter?
4. Do you switch off lights if nobody needs them on?
5. If your family doesn't have a car, score 2.
6. Do you drop litter in the street?
7. Do you have a pet?
8. Do you belong to any environmental organisation?
9. Are you a vegetarian?
10. Do you collect aluminium cans for recycling?
11. Do you collect paper for recycling?
12. If you don’t smoke, score 5.
13. Coming back from the forest, do you always take your litter with you
14. Do you have a plastic Christmas tree?

15. Do you agree that everybody must think about the environment?

16 Do you reuse old bottles and plastic bags?


Add your scores to discover if you are:

Light green – scores under 5
Mid-green – scores 8-15
Dark green – scores 16-21

Look and say who is light green?- Mid green?- Dark green?-

(I’m glad that there is nobody light green among us.)

-I’m happy that you think about our environment and try to keep our planet clean.

10. Работа в группах на тему «Как мы можем помочь планете». Делаем дерево «защиты окружающей среды», наклеивая листочки на ветки.

And the last task. Discuss in groups how you can help our planet. Write down it (your suggestions) on these leaves). According to your suggestions let’s make our tree. This tree will show our respect to nature.

-First group stick your leaves.

-Now you see that everyone wants to save our planet. Our nature is in danger. We should protect it because we want to save our beautiful planet for the next generations.

11. Обобщение темы урока в форме стиха. I want to finish our lesson with this poem “Yours and Mine”

A poem “Yours and Mine”.

The sun, the tree, the grass, the sky

The silver moon that’s sailing by

The rain and dew and snowflakes white

The flower sweet and stars of night

The song of birds, wind whispering-

Such lovely thing to hear and see

Belong to you, belong to me!

12. Домашнее задание.

-Open your dairies and write down the homework. Your homework is to create your own poster & explain your choice.

13. Итоги урока. Заполняем таблицу достижений («My achievement»).

My achievement


1.I know all words, can write some of them.

2.I can describe air, water, land pollution.

3.I know how long litter lasts.

4.I have understood the text about Green Peace.

5.I can tell about environmental protection.

If you get 23 –25 it’s brilliant.

If you get 19 –22 it’s very good.

If you get 15 –18 it’s satisfactory

If you get 11 –14 it’s bad.

Thank you for the lesson. You all have worked hard & tried to do your best. Hand in your sheets with your achievement.

Good buy.

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