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Конспект урока английского языка по теме: "Моя начальная школа"

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The theme of the lesson: “My primary school.”

Form: 7

The aims of the lesson:

 Pupils will enrich knowledge about English;

 Pupils will increase skills in speech, using new words and phrases; Pupils will develop skills in expressing their own ideas, opinions;

To bring up Pupils love to English.

The equipment of the lesson: cards, slides, b-board, books.

The plan of the lesson:

  1. Organizational moment. Т: Hello, boys and girls! Today we continue speaking about school and we’ll speak about our school day and your favourite subjects.

  1. Check of home task.

- What was your home work? Are you ready today?

  1. Brain storming. Do you remember the names of the subjects?

- What subjects are compulsory?

- What subjects are optional?

- What do you think is the most important subject?

- What is your least favourite subject?

V. Reading. My Primary School.

         My name is Aidar.  I am 14 years old now I am living in Astana. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.  I started school at the age of seven. It was an ordinary school in Almaty where my family lived before. After  four  years of primary school I went to secondary school. Primary and secondary schools together comprise  eleven years of study.  Nine years of classes are compulsory in our republic.

The primary school curriculum included such  subjects as Kazakh, Math, Russian, Drawing, Physical  Training and Music. We had also Nature classes. Our school was not an  English School but we had  English classes which started in the 2-nd form.

Our  school  year began  on  the  first of  September and ended in May. It lasted 9 months. We had 4 holidays a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn.    On  the  first  of  September  we  got  acquainted  with  our  teachers and had our first  lessons.  Every  lesson  lasted  forty  five  minutes.  Every  day  we  had  4  or  5  lessons. We  usually  had a  lot  of homework  and it  took us  2  hours  to do  it.  If we didn’t  know  how   to  do  our  homework  we   usually  asked   the   teachers  for  help.

VI. Comprehension check. Let ,s   talk   about    Primary  School. Exercise II, on page 141.  Answer the questions.

1.What age did Aidar start school at?

2.When did he go to secondary school?

3.How many years of study do primary and secondary schools comprise?

4.How many years of study are compulsory in our republic?

5.What subjects does the primary school curriculum include?

6.When does the school year begin and end?

7.What holidays do you have every year?

8.When do you get acquainted with your teachers?

9.How long does every lesson last?

10.How many lessons did you have every day when you studied at primary school?

11.What will you do if you don’t know how to do your homework?


VII. Grammar. Fill in the correct prepositions. Exercise III, on page 141.  

1.Astana is the capital ____________________ Kazakhstan.

2.I started school______________________ the age of seven.

3.Nine years _______________________classes are compulsory.

4.Our school year usually begins ______________the first ________ September.

5._________________ the first of September we get acquainted ________our teachers. 

VIII. Vocabulary. Complete the sentences. Exercise IV, on page 141.    

 1. After four years of_________________ school classes I went to _____________ school.

2.Primary and secondary schools together ______________ eleven years of study.

3. The primary school curriculum _____________ such subjects as Kazakh, Math, Russian, Drawing, Physical Training and Music.

4.Our school year begins on the first of September and ends in May. It ____________ 9 months.

5. On the first of September we ______ with our teachers.

IX. Conclusion stage. Homework. Marks. T: Thank you. I see you go to school mostly because you like to study. Everybody was very active today. Everybody tried to share his opinion. Our lesson is over. Good-bye.


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