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Конспект урока "I! I? I..."

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Цель - развитие способности и готовности осуществлять иноязычное общение.

Формирование социолингвистической компетентности: умение функционально использовать изучаемый язык как средство общения и познавательной деятельности – умение понимать аутентичные иноязычные тексты, планировать свое речевое поведение.



6 мин:


сообщение темы урока-1мин.

Речевая зарядка- активизация лексики- 1мин.



Мотивация - 1мин.

Основная часть -30мин

2 мин.

3 мин.

2 мин.

10 мин.

12 мин.

6 мин.

4 мин.

окончание – 3 мин.


домашнее задание

  • Hallo. Nice to see you.

  • What can be more interesting than a person? People all their life try to understand what kind of persons are they and why? What does it depend on? Today we are going to speak about our personality, our character, our interests and maybe something will be new for you.

  • I think that every person has different features of his character but some are dominating.

  • Name some positive and negative features of the character.

  • How would you describe yourself? Write down three Key Words. Be honest

  • I’ll read your Key words. Try to guess who is she/he?

  • Well, actually it is very difficult to speak about myself but we’ll try. Doing different tasks today: reading some information, listening to the radio programmes, doing some psychological tests you will know what kind of person you are and maybe not the same you think. During our lesson make some notices about yourself on this paper. And then we can compare this list of your features of character with the first.

  • To get to know yourself is difficult but people have different ways to do it, e.g. they can read their horoscope or their palm, do some tests? Interpret their handwriting or appearance. Would you like to do it? Ok, let’s start.

  • Look at the picture and choose your favorite. Think about colour and shapes.

  • Read the description from your favorite picture. Does it describe your personality? Tell the class.

  • Look at the photo and choose one of chocolates. Then listen to the radio programme and say if you agree with the description of your personality.

  • To be honest I can be very different: kind and unkind, optimistic and pessimistic, cheerful and miserable, hard-working and lazy, sociable and shy, thrifty and untidy, talkative and timid. Possible the matter is that my sign of Zodiac is Gemini. They say that it is a very contradictory sign. And what about you? Read and say if you agree or disagree with our horoscope.

  • Some people believe they can judge someone’s character by features of their body. This is called physiognomy. Read the text quickly and match each part to one of the pictures.

  • Choose a face type that best describes you.

  • They say that features of handwriting will reveal smth. about the writer’s character.

  • You will hear part of radio discussion about graphology, the analysis of handwriting. Which one of these samples of handwriting are the speakers discussing?

  • Listen again. Complete the sentences with a word or a phrase.

  • Let’s analyze your handwritings.

  • People’s curiosity made them read their palms and foretell their future. Would you like to do it?

  • Work with a partner. You are going to read each other’s palms. First find the lines shown in the picture on your palms. Read the information. Use the information to read each other’s palms.

  • Now look at your paper. Using your notes try to speak about your personality. Compare this list with the first.

  • What was new, interesting, difficult and strange for you?

  • Using your notes try to speak about yourself. Analyse your character. Are there any features of your character you hate, dislike, would like to change, to improve? Why? What qualities do you need to be successful, to make friends, to get on with people well, to get a good job.

  • Thank you for your work. The lesson is over. Good bye.

1 слайд презентации

Перечисляют прилагательные, характеризующие человека

Пишут 3 характерных для них черты

Догадываются, кто это о себе написал

Карточки, где учащиеся делают краткие записи после каждого задания.




2 слайд презентации

3 слайд презентации

4 слайд презентации

Читают, выбирают, делают записи, высказываются-

I agree/disagree…


(2-3 чел.)

5 слайд презентации

слушают, записывают, высказываются-

I choosethats why … (2-3 чел.)

6 слайд презентации

Читают, записывают, высказываются

(2-3 чел.)

7 слайд презентации + раздаточный материал

Читают, соединяют

Определяют свой тип лица, высказываются, делают записи

(2-3 чел.)

8 слайд презентации

Слушают, выбирают.

9 слайд презентации

Слушают, заполпяют пробелы + раздаточный материал

Анализируют, делают записи, высказываются.

(2-3 чел.)

10 слайд презентации

Работают в парах

Читают информацию + раздаточный материал, читают по руке, делают записи


(1-2 чел.)

выражают свои мнения, делают выводы, подводят итоги.

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