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Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 2015-2016 учебный год (7 класс)

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Руководитель ШМО Завуч по УВР

Шустина Н.В. ____ Романова И.Е.____



1. Read the text and match the headings with the paragraphs.

A. The vitamins make your bones hard.

B. Tastes differ.

C. You can’t live without food.

D. Vitamins and the ABC.

Healthy food.


Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favourite food. Some people enjoy eating sweet things like cakes, chocolates and ice cream. Other people enjoy savoury foods like cheese and meet. Enjoying eating is our body’s way of making sure that it gets the things it needs to work properly.


Food helps us to keep warm, gives us the energy to walk, talk, run and do all the other things we do. It helps us to grow and stay healthy.


Vitamins also help us to be healthy. Scientists name vitamins after the letters of the alphabet. All of them are very important, for example: vitamin C keeps our skin and gums healthy. It is found in fresh fruit and green vegetables, such as oranges, blackcurrants, lettuce. Brussels sprouts and spinach also contain a lot of vitamin C.


Vitamin D helps our bones to grow strong and hard, and we are able to make it for ourselves if our skin gets enough sunlight. But we can also get vitamin D if we eat fish, milk, butter, cheese and margarine. Some people buy pills or tablets vitamins. But most of us get more than enough of them from our food.

2. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1. When we enjoy eating our body gets everything to work well. ______

2. To get vitamins you need to buy pills. _______

3. Vitamin C is important for our skin. _______

4. You can get vitamin D only when eating special food. _______

2. Grammar-lexical test

3. Choose the right form:

1. Her parents want … to behave well at school.

a) him b) her c) she

2. During World War II many cities … by the German army.

a) were occupied b) occupied c) will be occupied

3. My neighbour is a lecturer; she ... French at the university.

a) studies b) learns c) teaches

4. If you stay here a little longer, you … (see) him.

a) visit b) will visit c) visited

5. My younger brother … to bed at ten o’clock yesterday.

a) went b) go c) goed

6. Is … Indian Ocean bigger than … Atlantic Ocean?

a) ---, the b) the, the c) the, --- d) ---, ---

7. I eat too much chocolate. I really … stop.

a) should b) have to c) must

8. The man … answered the phone was really rude.

a) who b) which c) when

9. Hockey … in winter.

a) was played b) are played c) is played

10. If I had the money, I … that car.

a) buy b) would buy c) will buy

11. My brother … his face every morning.

a) washed b) wash c) washes

12. You … consult a doctor.

a) must b) have to c) should

13. The CD … you gave me for my birthday is my favourite now.

a) who b) which c) why

14. Tomorrow I … my partner at the airport.

a) will meet b) meets c) will meets

15. … Moscow is … capital of … Russia.

a) ---, ---. ---- b) ----, the, --- c) the, ---, the

16. Alex … to Moscow next week.

a) will be sent b) was sent c) is sent

17. She was carefully ..... the map.

a) studying b) learning c) teaching

18. In many countries, men … do military service.

a) should b) must c) have to

4. Write the sentences in passive voice.

Pupils use computers at their lessons.


Ann cooks a special dinner on the 21st of May.


They will arrange a nice picnic next week.


The little girl drew these funny pictures.


The teacher punished the naughty boy.


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