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Контрольная работа по УМК М.З. Биболетовой для 10 класса по теме "Технологии и прогресс" (3-я четверть)

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Unit 3 TEST 10th class

1. Fill in the words from the box.

intense natural disasters desert in response to civilization

The Mayan Civilisation is not the only one society which has collapsed because of natural (1) ________. Severe floods and (2) ___________ droughts are still catastrophic to people and sometimes make them change their lifestyle completely (3) __________ changes in the environment.

Like the civilisations of the past we are very vulnerable (уязвимы) to climate and environmental changes. Nowadays environmentalists worry a lot about the desertisation in China. The Chinese (4) ____________ is one the oldest and most sophisticated in the contemporary world. It has survived through different (5) _________ disasters but now has to fight one more. The point is that due to human activity and unskilled farming some lands are turning into (6) _________ and the process, if not stopped, can cause catastrophic consequences (последствия).

2. Make up sentences.

  1. discovering how to make fire

  2. creating the written language

  3. making the electric bulb

  4. inventing the steam engine

  5. constructing the nuclear station

  6. building the spaceship

  7. inventing the Internet


  1. stimulate the development

  2. speed up the evolution process

  3. register the information

  4. provide access to the information

  5. develop industries

  6. improve people’s life style

  7. enable people to use/create/etc.

3. Choose the correct option.

1. His body was thin with long arms but short legs, tiny … under thick eyebrows, not so wide forehead and a huge nose made him look very odd. (chin, mouth, eye, skull, ear)

2. Doing the research our scientists made some small but important … . (tools, appliances, inventions, discoveries)

3. His research is … deeper, than the others. I think he is a genius. (considerably, much more, a bit, a little)

4. There were some other … of humans on the Earth in past times. (creatures, challenges, species, evidences)

5. Some animals are huge but some are … . (pale, straight, curly, miniature)

6. To my mind modern people have too many … at home: they hardly use half of them! (discoveries, creatures, appliances, inventions)

7. Any living thing in the world is made by God. So we, humans, are His … . (tools, creatures, discoveries, appliances, inventions)

4. Make up nouns of the verbs. Use: -tion, -ence, -ity, -ment and translate them into Russian.

inform, manage, invent, direct, evolve, human, act, differ

5. Translate the sentences from Russian into English. Mind the word order, degrees of comparison, modal verbs and conditionals.

1. Компьютер намного полезнее телефона.

2. Сегодня погода немного теплее, чем вчера.

3. Интернет значительно удобнее, чем работа с книгами.

4. Если бы майя обеспечили себя большим запасом воды, они бы выжили.

5. Цивилизация майя не исчезла бы, если бы они вовремя изменили свое поведение.

6. Чем меньше женщину мы любим, тем больше нравимся мы ей.

7. Маловероятно, что майя строили пирамиды сами (без помощи инопланетян).

8. Вполне возможно, что древние люди были сильнее современного человека.

6.* Which of the inventions do you think are the most important for mankind? Write 2-3 sentences to explain why





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