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Лондонский и Московский зоопарки

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Прочитайте тексты про Лондонский и Московский зоопарки, ответьте на вопросы, заполните таблицу, сопоставьте полученные ответы (6 класс).


They say exotic animals were first taken to Britain in the 13th century when King Henry III received some presents of leopards and elephants. The animals lived in the Tower of London in a special place. Later, the King of Norway presented Henry III with a polar bear. The bear liked to go fishing in the Thames at the end of a long rope.

Five hundred years later the London Zoo, the world’s oldest zoo, was opened on 27th April, 1828. It is situated in the heart of London in Regent’s Park. Although this zoo is located in the middle of the city? It still has plenty of animals to see including lions, camels, giraffes, penguins, tigers, monkeys and elephants. In facts, there are over 750 different kinds of animals in the London Zoo. It has one of the largest collections of animals in the UK.

The Zoo is divided up into many different areas, which are great fun to explore. The most popular attractions are Meet the Monkeys, Butterfly Paradice and Into Africa. Children can also part in fun activities, exhibitions.

Whatever the time of the year or weather, there is always something to see and do at the London Zoo. The London Zoo is open all the year round except 25th December.


The Moscow Zoo is situated in the center of the Russian capital. It is one of the largest zoos in the world. It was founded in 1864 and from its first days, the Zoo became extremely popular with both children and adults. For more than 250 years, the Zoo remained open. Even during the war year, 1941, it had one million visitors.

Nowadays, more than 6,000 animals live in the Zoo and some of them belong to endangered species. The Moscow Zoo consists of two parts (the Old and the New) which are connected by a bridge over the street. Everyone can enjoy watching swans, pelicans and other lovely birds in the zoo ponds as well as plenty of rare animals from all over the world and exotic reptiles. There is also the Bird House, Night World and others. In the Moscow Zoo, you can walk and watch the wildlife, see a dolphin show, go on rides and take part in various activities and festivals. There are also clubs for children and teenagers.

The Moscow Zoo is opened every day except Mondays and it’s free for children.

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