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Game - is vitally important and necessary element in the development of both

the individual and society as a whole. According to the complex nature of games can be

judge about the life, rights, and skills of the society.

The game is very closely connected with the development of the individual, and it is in a period of intense development - as a child - it acquires

of particular importance. In the early preschool years of life game

is the type of activity in which his personality is formed.

The game - the first activity, which belongs especially

significant role in the development of personality, in the formation of its properties

and enrichment of its internal contents.

According to LS Vygotsky, "the game is a leading line of development in

preschool age. "But due to the fact that children with defects in

intellectual sphere significantly lag behind in intellectual and personal

development, we can say that the game is a leading line

development of school-age children with intellectual


What does the game give the children?

The game gives the freedom. The game is not the problem, not the debt, not the law. By order of play can not only voluntarily.

The game gives a break from everyday life, with its utilitarianism, with its

monotony, with its rigid determination lifestyle. The game it’s originality.

The game gives an access to another state of mind. Subject only to the rules of the game,

man is free from all sorts of class, mercantile and other conventions. The game takes it hard voltage, which remains teenager in his real life, and replaces it with a voluntary and

joyous mobilization of spiritual and physical strength.

The game gives the order. System of rules of the game is absolute and unquestionable.

Unable to break the rules and be in the game. This quality procedure, very

valuable now in our unstable, chaotic world.

The game creates harmony. It generates a commitment to excellence. The game has

tend to become perfect. Although there is an element in the game

uncertainties and contradictions in the game tend to resolve.

The game gives you passion. The game has no partial benefits. she intensively

involves the whole person, his ability activates.

The game allows to create and rally the team. The attractiveness of

the game is so great and gaming contact with one another and so full of

deep that gaming community exhibit the ability to persist and

after the game, outside its framework.

The game gives the concept of honor. It confronts to selfish and narrow group

interests. The game gives the concept of self-restraint and self-sacrifice in favor of the collective,

as only "played" team succeed and perfection in the game.

The game gives the opportunity to prove or improve their creative skills in creating the necessary gaming paraphernalia. These weapons, armor, clothing, various amulets, talismans, and more.

The game gives the development of imagination, because it is necessary to create

new worlds, myths, situations, rules of the game.

The game gives the opportunity to develop your mind, because it is necessary to build

intrigue and implement it.

The game gives the development of wit, as the process and space games necessarily imply the occurrence of comical situations.

The game gives the psychological development of plasticity. The game is not one

only competition, but also theater, the ability to get used to

image and bring it to fruition.

The game gives the joy of fellowship with like-minded people.

Significance of using gaming devices in the lesson

Modern humanistic school focuses on individual and

interpersonal approach to each child. Game -is an invaluable Assistant. Games unselfish flows through them an endless stream of information that enrich children in the game, and because their imagination becomes more intense, informative, interesting. Equally important is the presence of individual games, pair, group, team and mass character.

Game form training involves techniques and game situations that act as a means of motivation, stimulate students to educational activities. Extensive use of objects, visibility, toys promotes the development of associative memory and imaginative.

Games provide children an opportunity to show the reaction of communication, independence in solving verbal problems, mobilize internal reserves. These games train students in the creative use of speech skills.

Thus, using of the game under certain it requirements, you can affect the requirement of the motivational sphere of personality schoolboy. Awakening steady interest leads to an increase

cognitive activity, mental activity , and this in turn affects the processes of self-expression and self-realization child, helping to create a positive self-concept.

There is the most important task - to create a video game educational system which will include special books, didactic game accessories; didactic playrooms (computer-based training games, board games development; program games for all academic subjects, etc.). Educational games

system - adventure playgrounds in schoolyards, playrooms rights libraries play " visibility " of school classrooms. Important prospect of establishing centers for children entertainment to the dynamics of the game: play equipment, toys for preschool children; slots for adolescents and teenagers. Invaluable role of the means of communication, especially television as promoters of the game.

Thus, for the development of personality and cognitive abilities of the child with intellectual disabilities need to build an optimal programs of education and training, and the formation of a full training activity in primary school children.

The study of personality of a child with disabilities in intellectual development requires consideration of the fact that in this age group is dominated by play activity.

Thus, traditional forms of schooling that do not involve any kinds and forms of children's play can not be considered adequate systematic training for such children. In other words, in principle the possibility of introducing systematic training closely associated with such forms of activity for children, which was given to significant place role play, game rules and game director .

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