Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыМетодическая разработка контрольной работы по английскому языку УМК Spotlight 8, модуль 7

Методическая разработка контрольной работы по английскому языку УМК Spotlight 8, модуль 7

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A. Fill in: impact, producer, generation, attention, headline, newsreader, certificate, timetable, forecast, downloaded.

1 He got his course … framed and hung it on the wall.

2 The younger … are obsessed with new technology.

3 Don’t divide your … between too many activities, otherwise you will forget what you’re doing.

4 Have you read the … in this morning’s paper? A lion escaped from the city zoo!

5 Having the TV on while she’s studying has a very negative … on Jane’s ability to concentrate.

6 The weather … for tomorrow is predicting heavy rain.

7 David couldn’t remember what time his geography class started, so he checked his … to find out.

8 A … is someone who produces films.

9 A … is a person who reads the news on TV or radio.

10 I … a song from the Internet and now there is a virus on my computer!

B. Fill in: back, up, out, away (x2).

1 Don’t give … I know you can do it!

2 The teacher asked her to give … the worksheets.

3 I gave … all my old clothes to the charity shop.

4 We can’t believe Tom gave ......... secret information about the company. There must be some mistake.

5 Dan, give me ……. my CD, please.

C. Choose the correct item.

1 Mary can’t / must have been at the party last night. She’s on holiday in Italy now.

2 Would / shall you like me to carry these bags in, too?

3 Mark looked awful at the doctor’s. He should / might be ill.

4 If you want to succeed in life, you can / need to work hard, and always keep to your goals.

5 Should / May I have some information about Performing Arts universities in Britain, please?

6 You should / might spend more time studying if you want to get good marks.

7 Students mustn’t / needn’t run in the school corridors. It’s against the rules.

8 In Britain, all teens have to / can stay in school until they are sixteen years of age.

9 George, can / may you come here for a moment? I need help taking these boxes into my house!

10 In the old days, teachers could / should hit students with a ruler if they misbehaved in class.




D. Listen to Mrs. Jenkins talk to her class before their final exam. For questions 1-6, choose A, B, C

1. This afternoon, students are sitting a(n)

 A History exam.

 B French exam.

 C English exam.


2. The students are told 

 A the exam has different types of questions. 

 B there are three pages of questions.

 C there is one mark per question.   


3. What advice does Mrs. Jenkins give her students?

A  They shouldn’t guess if they don’t know the answer.

B They should finish early so they have time to look back for mistakes.

C They should not forget what they’ve learnt about essay structure.



4. The students are told not to worry because

 A  they can retake the exam if they don’t pass.

B the exam is easy.

C they are capable of passing the exam.


5. At five minutes to two (1:55), Mrs. Jenkins says that the students can  

A start writing.

B  put their name on the exam.

C  look at the questions.   






E. Read the text and mark statements True (T), False (F), Not stated (NS).

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Методическая разработка контрольной работы по английскому языку УМК Spotlight 8, модуль 7.

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