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Модульный контроль 7 по УМК Spotlight 7

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Spotlight 7

Module test 7


A.   Match the words in Column A with the words/phrases in Column B.

1.     powerful


a. of plot

2.     music


b. single

3.     special


c. instruments

4.     variety


d. charts

5.     catchy


e. album

6.     popular


f. tunes

7.     musical


g. voice

8.     latest


h. effects


B.    Fill in the gaps with: fantasy, thrillers, animation, adventure, science, romance, comedy.

9.      My father enjoys watching and reading ___________ fiction.

10.  Children just love ___________ films like ‘Frozen’.

11.  My favourite genre is ___________ as I love stories about knights, dragons and magic.

12.  That’s the funniest ___________ I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop laughing!

13.  My sister hates love stories. She complains every time I watch a ___________ .

14.  I didn’t watch ___________ when I was a child. I was afraid.

15.  ___________ films by ‘Marvel’ are really popular with teenagers


C.   Fill in the gaps using Past Simple or Present Perfect.

16.  I _____________________ (see) this film. I don’t want to watch it again.

17.  We _____________________ (decide) to watch a comedy last night.

18.  He _____________________ (start) reading ‘Harry Potter’ yesterday.

19.  _____________________ (you/ever/watch) a film in IMAX?

20.  Judy _____________________ (never/hear) that song before.

21.  We _____________________ (buy) those tickets two days ago.

22.  When he was six he _____________________ (go) to the cinema for the first time.

23.  I _____________________ (just/meet) a pop star I still can’t believe that!


D.   Fill in the gaps with for or since.

24.  They’ve lived in Mexico ___________ 1993.

25.  Our family has known Frank ___________ fifteen years.

26.  She’s been worried ___________ last night.

27.  Tom’s been a producer ___________ five years.

28.  We’ve been busy ___________ last Monday.


E.    Fill in the gaps with in, into, off or on.

29.  Can you turn _____ the TV, please. I want to watch my favourite show.

30.  Little Jimmie was scared when he saw Alice turning _____ a monster.

31.  Don’t forget to turn _____ the lights when you leave.

32.  I’m so tired. I’ll turn _____ very soon.


F.    Form adjectives ending -ful or -less from the nouns. Write two adjectives if it is possible.

33.  success - _____________________________________________________________

34.  care - ________________________________________________________________

35.  thought - _____________________________________________________________

36.  speech - ______________________________________________________________

37.  beauty - ______________________________________________________________


G.   Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the adjective in bold.

38.  ‘Home Alone’ is the _____________________ (great) Christmas comedy of all time.

39.  Tickets for children are usually _____________________ (cheap) than for adults.

40.  It’s was the _____________________ (boring) film I’ve ever seen.

41.  Jason is as _____________________ (talented) as his brother.

42.  Jamie is _____________________ (attractive) than Kathy.

43.  He is the _____________________ (clever) student in our class.

44.  Stacy is as _____________________ (intelligent) as her sisters.


H.   Fill in the gaps with phrases A-E to complete the dialogue. There is one extra phrase you don not need to use.


A. Is there a discount for students?

B. Is that for 5 pm or 7 pm showing?

C. I’m afraid it’s sold out.

D. Enjoy the movie.

E. Two tickets for 7 pm, then.


Ticket Seller: Next, please.

Customer: Two tickets to ‘Spiderman’ at 5 pm, please.

Ticket Seller: 45._____________________________

Customer: Oh, right.

Ticket Seller: We still have tickets for 7 pm and 9 pm showing.

Customer: Oh, well. 46._____________________________

Ticket Seller: That’s £14, please.

Customer: 47. _____________________________

Ticket Seller: Yes, tickets are £5 for students.

Customer: OK. Here you are.

Ticket Seller: Thank you. 48._____________________________


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