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Планирование открытого урока на тему What do you have for breakfast


The grade: 5 “A”

The theme:What do you eat for breakfast?

The aims of the lesson:1.To enrich pupils’ knowledge about eating,food

2.to develop their skills of reading,speaking,writing and to develop an outlook of pupils.3.to bring up pupils to love sport,to go in for sport and to be healthy pupils of our Motherland

Visual aids: Activeboard,poster,cards,pictures.

The procedure of the lesson.

I.Organization moment -Good afternoon,children!

-How are you ?

-I’m very glad to see you ,too.

II.Phonetic drill Let’s sing a song “ Hello,hello”

III.Today we have many guests at the lesson.And we should show us your knowledge,best activities at the lesson.

Now at first I want you to look at the board and say what can you see, and what can you add to these pictures ……?

IV. Brainstorming. I want to know what would you like for

1. for breakfast?

2. for dinner?

3. for supper?

Now please ask some questions to each other what would you like for breakfast, for dinner, for supper ? I would like... for ...




V.Read the poem and put the necessary words /supper,breakfast,dinner/

_______ in the morning

_______ in the day,

Tea comes after dinner,

Then comes time to play,

_______ in the evening.

When the sky is red,

Then the day’s over,

And we go to bed

That’s right, and now I want you to chain the words from the poem one by one





VI.Now lets’ make up sentences and write down

a/1. eat/in the morning/porridge/I

I eat porridge in the morning.

2. she/milk/with/coffee/drink/does not

She does not drink coffee with milk.

3. hamburgers/they/with/like/cheese

They like cheese with hamburgers.

4. we/eat/for breakfast/do not/pizza/salad/fish/or

We do not eat pizza, salad or fish for breakfast.

5. for supper/would/I/orange/like/juice

I would like orange juice for supper.

b/Put much or many/ clap your hands/

1. Thank you very … .

2. How … money have you got?

3. There is not … milk in the bottle.

4. My son made … friends in France.

5. I take … photos from Astana

6. My sister gets … letters every week.

VII. You should read the nouns and say is it countable or uncountable and divide into two envelopes on the board

A car, a book,sugar, a chair ,a pen, rain,snow

VIII. Say in one word

1. A hard, round green or red fruit that is white inside and grows on trees. /an apple/

2. White liquid of cows, goats or sheep. Mother feed the baby with it. /milk/

3. Clear liquid that falls as rain and is used for drinking, washing, cooking /water/

Are you tired? Let’s play the game “BINGO”

Do you like to translate? Now we shall play such a game

Listen to the teacher attentively and try to find the English translations of the words in your tickets,then you should stick them as quickly as you can who finishes the first must shout “BINGO”

IX. Now last task is working in groups .You should make a poster which is called Are you a healthy child?

But at first divide into three groups

1.fruits /an apple,orange,lemon,banana/

2.vegetables /tomato,potato,carrot,cabbage/

3.drinks /juice,milk,water,tea/

X.Conclusion of the lesson. All of you could protect your posters and improved

that you are healthy children.

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