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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План-конспект открытого урока английского языка с применением Сингапурских структур обучения в 11 классе по теме "The History of the Academy Awards"
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План-конспект открытого урока английского языка с применением Сингапурских структур обучения в 11 классе по теме "The History of the Academy Awards"


План-конспект открытого урока английского языка с применением Сингапурских структур обучения в 11 классе по теме

The History of the Academy Awards

(Из истории академических наград)

Провела учитель английского языка I категории Габидуллна Р.Х.

Январь 2014


to integrate cooperative learning structures into the lesson;

to do jigsaw reading;

to express opinions;


a smartboard, a Video “Rewarding Oscars”, timer tools, photocopies of the reading article, photocopies of the task “Before reading/ After reading, 3 posters of films “Stalingrad”, “Titanic”, “Avatar”.



Greeting. Warming up.

T: Good morning, boys and girls! I hope everybody is ready to work. As you see, each of you has got “a face partner” and “a shoulder partner”. Will you say “hi” to your partners, please. Could you give me “High five», please?(I’m raising my hand up showing that I need absolute silence and attention.)

2. Guessing the subject of the lesson.

Watching a Video “Oscar awards”. Discussion.

T: Now I’d like all of you to watch a small video and guess what we are going to talk about. You have to do it within your teams and reach a consensus as a team.

T: What about team № 1? What is your idea about our topic? Team №2, team №3, etc.

T: Yes, you are right. We are going to read and talk about the History of the Academy Awards.

3. Main part of the lesson.


T: But if you were able to award the best films , directors or actors which or whom of them would you choose: the film «Stalingrad», «Titanic», “ Avatar” or any other film?

Сhoose a corner according to your choice, , walk to your corner and find partners to talk with, discuss why you choose this very corner. . You have 30 seconds to share your ideas with your partners. Then I select a few students from each corner to tell about his partner’s or his own ideas. Don’t forget to use in your speech phrases like these…

(На доске заранее написаны вспомогательные речевые структуры, которые ученики используют в своей речи:

- If I were allowed to choose the film worth awarding I would choose … ;

- In my opinion, … ;

- I'm absolutely sure …;

- I’can’t help …ing…;

- From my point of view … .

Tell according to the plan:

The name of the film.

Its genre.

Your feelings and opinion.

Your recommendations/ Advertising.

T: And now tell all of us something about your ideas, your choice. Thank you very much. Go back to your places and touch down.

( Учитель развешивает (заранее) варианты ответов на разных стенах или углах класса- обучающая структура «Corners», дает время подумать самостоятельно и предлагает подойти к своему выбору ответа. С ближайшим партнером дети должны обменяться своими мнениями. Например, по 30 секунд каждый. Время контролирует учитель при помощи одного из timer-tools (электронный инструмент, который ученики видят на экране, для того чтобы следить за своим временем). Затем учитель фронтально просит нескольких учеников поделиться или своим мнением или мнением партнера по дискуссии, в зависимости от постановки вопроса учителя.

Reading.Writing. Speaking.

Pre- reading activity

T: Well, I’m handing out texts for reading We are going to do jigsaw reading. We’ve got 3 teams and 3 paragraphs. Before you start reading we are going to try an activity called AR Guide (РуководствоПредположения/ Реакции) Look at your tables and find pages with statements and try to predict if you agree with these statements write down pluses or minuses before them. You have got 3 minutes

Before reading


After reading

The first winners were known before the awards ceremonies

The first Academy Awards were presented in 1929 and were known as Oscar since that time

Winners were awarded by the gold medal

Today, hundreds of millions of people in over 100 countries watch the show

The Academy Awards ceremony was postponed (отменен) due to the World War II

Beginning in 2002, the ceremony will be held at new location

After- reading activity

T:And now read your texts and fill in After reading column. Be ready to prove your ideas using the text. Listen to your partners and members of other teams and fill in the last column.

So, we are going to try an activity called AR Guide. Each team is to read its own individual paragraph and discussing all together find out the best title for it.

(Учитель раздает каждой команде по одному параграфу текста , к которому они придумывают и записывают на своих листочках заголовок и каждый ученик заполняет последнюю графу в таблице).

The first Academy Awards were presented on May 16, 1929. Academy Awards , now also known as Oscars, are given out annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts* and Sciences(Американская Академия кинематографических искусств и наук(AMPAS). It was the legendary Louis B. Mayer, head of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, who came up with the idea of an annual award ceremony . Named after the newly formed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the awards aimed at publicly rewarding excellence among the academy’s five branches: actors, writers, technicians, directors and producers. In the first ceremony , for films made in 1927- 28, took part 250 people and it was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Tickets cost $10(roughly the equivalent of$95 in 2002). Today, no tickets are available for public sale( invitations only).

The first ceremony was the only Academy Awards which was not broadcast in some way. There was not any suspense anyway, since the winners had been announced three months before the awards were handed out. Among the first winners were Wings , perhaps the last great film from the silent era. Winners were awarded “The Statuette”, a 33-cm gold-plated figure of man plunging a sword (вонзающий меч)into a reel of film. The Awards have been held annually ever since. It was not until 1931 that a chance remark by Academy librarian Margaret Herrick – “he looks just like my Uncle Oscar”- gave the birth of the unofficial name by which The Statuette would thereafter be known.

For the second year, a Los Angeles radio station did a live , one-hour broadcast , and by 1932 the Awards were broadcast on radio nationally. Today, hundreds of millions of people in over 100 countries watch the show.

Untill 1940, the winners were announced to newspapers and the guests were able to find out who won before the ceremony. The next year the sealed-envelope(конверт с печатью) system was introduced and has been used ever since.

The Academy Awards ceremony was postponed on three occasions . The

1938 ceremonies were postponed (отсрочены) for one week due to

severe flooding in Los Angeles. The 1968 ceremonies were postponed for two days out of respect for the funeral(похороны) of Dr. Martin Luther King. The 1981ceremonies were postponed for a day due to assassination attempt(покушение) on President Ronald Reagan.

Since 1988 the event has moved back and forth between the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Shrine Auditorium. A new $500million theatre complex , created specifically for the Academy Awards ceremony, was completed for the 2002 Oscars

T: Well, now I’d like all number “1” to name the best title for your own paragraph titles. s. The other members of the teams have to be active listeners.

T: Looking at the manage mat you can learn if you are A or B. For the structure called “Inside circle-outside circle” I want all people “A” to form a full inner circle. Now all people “B” have to find your original shoulder partners and form an outer circle. Stand face to face. If I say “3” those who are in the inner circle have to make 3 steps clockwise. As a result, you’ve got a completely new partner. Look at the smart board, the question is like this:

If you had a choice, which actor profession would you choose, why?

Everybody has to think 20 seconds and then those who are in the outer circle start sharing their opinion. Now it’s time for the inner circle. (1 minute per each partner). The second question is:

What qualities should an ideal actor have?

T: And at last I would like you to write as many new words as you remembered while reading and discussing the actors, writers, technicians, directors and producers. text.


T: Write down a small composition about any famous actor, writer, technician, director or producer who received Oscar Statuette. Use the same plan given on the blackboard.


T: Thank you very much for your participation! Each team did its best to fulfill all the tasks, especially I enjoyed those who actively took part in discussions. And here is a small questionnaire:

Did you enrich your vocabulary?

Did you have any difficulties while the lesson?

Which activity did you find interesting/ boring?

So, please, give me your papers for checking up. Don’t forget to say “thanks” to your partners. See you next time!

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