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Презентация на тему "Школа моей мечты"

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Название документа The School of my dreAM.pptx

The School of my dream Prepared by Volokitina Marina
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№ слайда 1 The School of my dream Prepared by Volokitina Marina
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The School of my dream Prepared by Volokitina Marina

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The school of my dream.

Good morning everyone. My name is Marina. I’m in the 11th form. I go to school number 69 named after Sergey Esenin.

Today I’d like to tell you about the school of my dream. Some people think that the best school must consist of a comfortable and spacious building, good school grounds fitted with everything necessary, a lot of up-to-date equipment and other facilities. But I can’t agree with this point of view completely. Of course, a school ought to have special modern equipment for pupils to feel comfortable in it, but, in my opinion, the high level of education plays the main role in the school of my dream. To my mind, no computer in the world is advanced enough to replace the staff of not only highly-qualified but also smart, creative and witty teachers. So, as you have noticed, a teacher is the main and indispensible part of the school of my dream. This person develops pupils’ mentality and integrity. I mean that the teacher shapes the pupils’ views and opinions, their attitudes to life and to other people. A teacher helps pupils to understand what’s good and what’s evil and to make proper choices. Neither the computer nor any other kind of equipment can teach such things. As you can see, equipment doesn’t play such an important role in the school of my dream, but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t exist there at all. Certainly, the school of my dream should be equipped with the newest information technology, computer laboratories, good furniture and an excellent library with video and audio materials. These are also important elements in the school I dream about.

So , this is the idea of the school I want to present to you. Thank you!

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