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Презентация "The role of money in our life"

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    The Role of Money in Our Life

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    by Lenedra J. Carroll Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way that it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want.

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    The History of Money

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    Barter In ancient people didn't buy goods from other people with money. They used barter. Barter is the exchange of personal possessions of value for other goods that you want. This kind of exchange started at the beginning of humankind and is still used today. From 9,000-6,000 B.C., livestock was often used as a unit of exchange. Later, as agriculture developed, people used crops for barter. For example, I could ask another farmer to trade a pound of apples for a pound of bananas.

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    Shells At about 1200 B.C. in China, cowry shells became the first medium of exchange, or money. The cowry has served as money throughout history even to the middle of this century. 

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    First Metal Money China, in 1,000 B.C., produced mock cowry shells at the end of the Stone Age. They can be thought of as the original development of metal currency. In addition, tools made of metal, like knives and spades, were also used in China as money.  From these models, we developed today's round coins that we use daily. The Chinese coins were usually made out of base metals which had holes in them so that you could put the coins together to make a chain.

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    Silver At about 500 B.C., pieces of silver were the earliest coins.   Eventually in time they took the appearance of today and were imprinted with numerous gods and emperors to mark their value. These coins were first shown in Lydia, or Turkey, during this time, but the methods were used over and over again, and further improved upon by the Greek, Persian, Macedonian, and Roman empires. Not like Chinese coins, which relied on base metals, these new coins were composed from scarce metals such as bronze, gold, and silver, which had a lot of intrinsic value.

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    Leather Currency In 118 B.C., banknotes in the form of leather money were used in China. One-foot square pieces of white deerskin edged in vivid colors were exchanged for goods. This is believed to be the beginning of a kind of paper money.

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    Paper Currency From the ninth century to the fifteenth century A.D., in China, the first actual paper currency was used as money. Through this period the amount of currency skyrocketed causing severe inflation. Unfortunately, in 1455 the use of the currency vanished from China. European civilization still would not have paper currency for many years.

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    A Major Teen Parenting Topic Includes Discussions About Money A major teen parenting topic is money. Recent surveys wherein teenagers relayed that they felt secure about their ability to handle finances, much of it was attributed to their role models. Those individuals taught them to manage their money and create financial goals. About a third of these role models had owned their own business or worked within a financial institution.

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    Someone may say that you are nobody without money , and this might be absolutely true because nowadays money is the biggest power in the world. Some people judge by social status and if you are not able to gain money they might consider you are a loser. Each man tries to earn as much money as he can, but there are some people who just try to survive. Better to have neither very much nor little money, but as much as we need. The importance of money has increased so high in our society that they have come to govern our life. We think everything is related to money. For any activity we establish a price, whether it’s to pay or to collect it. Here we have a psychological analysis of the way in which money changes our lives.

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      The Role of Money What is money? What is wealth? Answers to these questions usually provide typical responses such as: money means power, control, security, comfort, happiness, satisfaction, enrichment, etc. These responses simply represent feelings or experiences from exchanging something of perceived value for goods and service. In reality, money itself means exchange, and nothing more! Over time, wealth has been measured in many ways. In ancient times, wealth was measured by ownership of such diverse items as gold pieces, seashells, animal furs, crops, and, yes, even the number of cows an individual owned. Some of these measures of wealth still exist today in some parts of the world.

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    Teaching Teenagers About Money Teaching teenagers the importance of money would surely help in the long run. Materialistic attractions bound to tempt teens to understand the value of money. Teaching teenagers about money should begin at the early ages. They should know the difference between something they need. However, it does not mean parents should lecture endlessly on this subject. Pearents"Teaching children about money would require a lot of communication parents. Here’s a guide for parents to teach their children how to value money.

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    kids + money "A fascinating look of teenagers from the economic spectrum candidly talking about the importance of money and its ability to provide the clothes, cars, jewelry, bags and shoes that define who they are and where they fit in the social hierarchy.

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    How teens do spend their money? We think teenagers spend their pocket money freely and it is their choose. Some teenagers spend all their money at once but some teens buy something special. We think teens should plan their own budget. Pocket money makes teens more independent and responsible. Teens become independent from their parents. But parents need to know how their children spend money. Many teens waste money buying a lot of things which they don`t need.

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    Pocket money gives teens many opportunities. For example teenagers go to the cinema or to the swimming pool with their friends, go shopping.

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    The end!

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