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Разработка урока - Книги в моей жизни

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Topic: “Books in our life”

(the 8th form)

Objectives (aims)

1) Practical: to practice in using new vocabulary of the topic “Books”; to continue forming the skills of oral speaking.

2) Educational: to teach students to work in pairs and groups.

3) Developing: to develop memory, attention, skills of communication.

4) Cultural: to develop the wish to read more, to love literature as a source of knowledge, to grow the feeling of mutual help…

Equipment: posters on the topic, the flower with petals, texts, hand out cards, text-books.

Type of the lesson: lesson of giving new lexical material.


  1. Warming up.

  2. Riddles


The filed is white

Black is the seed

The man who sow it

Is clever indeed

I have no tongue

But tell a tale

I have leaves

But I am not a tree (books).

3 There are some words containing the word “book”:

1) a book containing information about 1 subject

2) a diary, where pupils write down their home task

3) a book that pupils use fore writing in

4) a book including practice questions

5) a book for pupils that contains exercises and has spices to write answers

6) a book of paper fastened to used for writing or drawing










4. Сообщение темы, целей

We shall speak about reading habits, about the importance of reading and of course about English and American writers.

5. Эпиграфы:

  • Reading makes a full man (Francis Bacon)

  • Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

  • Reading is a vital form of communication (Richard Steele) with all of man hind, and wisdom of many ages (Olzhas Suleymenov)

6. Proverbs – match the parts of the proverbs 1

1. Choose an author

2. Books are friends

3. A room without books

4. There is no fried

5. like author

6. Do not judge a book

A as you choose a friend

B by its cover

C like book

D could be few but good

F as faithful as a good book

G is a body without soul

7. We see, books are really important in our life.

  • Are the books worth reading? or

  • Are you waiting for electronic books?

  • Computers are your best friends now,

aren’t they?



  • It takes a lot of time to read a book – it is faster

  • The books are boring

  • Contain more information

  • Books were written a long time ago, they are not interesting anymore

  • main source of knowledge

  • contain new ideas

  • can make people up

  • are the memory of the nation

  • give a lot of information

(we can get a lot of books)

  • entertain during travelling

  • wonderful way of spending spare time

  • broaden outlook

  • reflect real life

  • develop my imagination

Come to conclusion – books are worth reading

Books are our teachers and advisers

They teach you how to take the next step when we are in different situations

They help to shape our life

8. Answer the questions

  • How old were you when you began reading?

  • Do you remember what book was the 1st to read?

  • Do you read books only for your Russian literature classes or do you do any extra reading?

9. Lets read Jane’s letter about her reading habits

It was your home task.

Now your task will be

1) Fill in gaps

2) The paragraphs are mixed ,put them into correct or right order according to the rules of writing letters

3) Say what kind of books Jane likes to read

4) True or false Ex.3 p. 64

10. So, when we speak about books we speak about the types of books.

Look at the blackboard. Here you can see the main types of books. Let’s read & translate them.

  • Historical novels

  • adventure stories

  • science fiction books

  • detective stories

  • Romantic novels

  • Psychological dramas

  • Fairy - tales

11. Now we know how to translate these types of books. Now let’s guess what are they about?

I’ll give some definitions and you should match the type of book

  • events in the past, famous political figures, wars, life of people in old time (historical)

  • brave & clever people, adventure of people in difficult and unusual situations, how people take risks (adventure)

  • imaginary worlds, unusual electronic character, their good and bad actions, their unusual power (science fiction)

  • crime and criminals, clever detectives, how they catch criminals (detective)

  • Happy or love, hardship and pleasure of love, people’s feelings (romantic)

  • How people behave in different situations, attitude of people to various events and other people’s actions (psychological dramas)

  • Imaginary heroes who fight for the good against the evil, for justice and love fairy – tale

12. Time-out, doing morning exercises

13. You know that all books are written by writers. Today I offer you to speak about English and American writers. Look at the blackboard. Here we have the names of English and American writers. Let’s read them and say if it is an English or American writer?

  1. J Swift - English

  2. A Christie- English

  3. L Carroll – English

  4. W Scott – English

  5. K Scott – English

  6. J Rowling – English

  7. M Twain – American

  8. W Shakespeare – English

  9. Edgar Al. Poe – English

  10. R Kipling – English

  11. C Doula – English

A “The Gulliver’s travel”

B “Miss Marple”

C “Alice in Wonder land”

D “rob Roy”

E “the there men in a boat”

F “Harry Potter”

G “The adventure of Tom”

H “Romeo and Juliet”

I Short detective stories

J “Mawghli”

K “Sherlock Holmes”

14. Now you can see the names of famous writers and the names of their works. Let’s match them together. (But before revise past passive voice)

15. Now we shall be writers for short time

16. Make up synkan


famous unbelievable

feel, love, read

I have a lot of fun



Interesting, amazing

create, help, facing

They offer me a lot


Books help people understand our world better.

Let’s come back to the proverbs.

Try to complete them.

17.Come to conclusion (short test)

18. Giving marks

19. Explaining the home task: to tell about our school library.

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