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Разработка урока по английскому языку в 11 классе на тему "Sport and Games"

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11 form

Open lenon:

The Lexical theme: “Sport and Games”

The Grammatical theme: “The use of Articles with Names of Diseases”

Aim: Students should be able to tell how people take care of their health, to convince a partner to give up bad habits.

Educational: To give some information about lexical theme, to revise grammatical themes and to understand the rule is “The use of Articles with Names of Diseases”

Developing: to develop thinking, understanding, memory, orall speech, reading, writing, listening skills.

Bringing – up: to bring up. Love and interest to the subject, respect to each other, take care of their health.

Inter-subject connection: Grammar, Phonetic, Medicine, Physhology, Russian language.

Visual aids: Slides, Computer.

Methods: work on the dialogue, orally speech, writing work, Insert, venn diagram.

Type of the lesson: Integration lesson.

The plan of lesson:

I.Organization moment.

T:Good day, girls and boys. Take your seats!

T:Who’s on duty today?

T:Who’s absent?

T:What day is it today?

T:What date is it today?

Ch: I’m on duty today?

Ch: I’m on.

Ch: is absent or all are present.

Ch: Today is the 28 th of October.

Ch: Today is Monday.

T: All right. Thanks you. Sit down, please.

II. Checking up the home task.

T: What was your home task?

Ch: Prefixes (to consist the example)

III.Phonetic drill.

I have two eyes and I can see

I have two ears and I can hear

I have mouth and I can talk

I have two legs and I can walk

IV.New theme.

T:What do you think about health?\

Ch: Health is happy smile.

is successful day.

is journey.

is wonderful Life.

is physical training.

And What is the sport?

Sport is running


play sport games.

-Do you like sport?

So, our Lexical theme is “Sport and Health”

Today we will the new theme, the grammatical theme is “The use of Articles with Names of Diseases”

If translate into Native language….

Біздің лексикалық тақырыбымыз «Денсаулық және спорт»

The rule

1.Ауру аттары, әдетте артикльсіз қолданылады, яғни олар саналмайтын зат есімдерге жатады.

Мысалы; pneumonia, in flitenza, scarlet, fever, Cholera, carcer, tuber coulosis etc.

Ескерту: Ауру (төмендегі) аттары артикльмен қолданылады.

Мысалы: The measles, The mumps, the plague.

2.Белгілілік артиклі өткен шақта болған нақты оқиға туралы айтуда қолданылады.

Мысалы: The family were watching TV, recovering from the fiu.

3.Кейбір медициналық терминге жатпайтын зат есімдер саналатын не саналмайтын болуы мүмкін.

Мысалы: he had a headache I a toothache

he had a boil on his hand

he had heart trable

Introduction of the new theme and new words.

Health [helθ] - денсаулық

Disease [dɪˈziːz] - ауру

First aid [eɪd] – алғашқы көмек

Medicine [ˈmedsn] – дәрі-дәрмек

Feel [fiːl] - сезу

Headache [ˈhedeɪk] – бас ауруы

Toothache [ˈtuːθeɪk] – тіс ауруы

Stomachache [ˈstʌmək ˌeɪk] – асқазан ауруы

Backache [ˈbækeɪk] – бел ауруы

Earache [ˈɪreɪk] – құлақ ауруы

Cough [kɔːf] - жөтел

Flu [fluː] - тұмау

Influenza [ɪnfluˈenzə] - тұмау

Insomnia [ɪnˈsɑːmniə] - ұйқысыздық

Cancer [ˈkænsər] – қатерлі ісік

Quinsy [ˈkwɪnzi] - ангина

Heart disease [ˈhɑːrt dɪziːz] – жүрек ауруы

Pneumonia [nuːˈmoʊniə] – пневмония

Measles [ˈmiːzlz] - қызылша

Mumps [mʌmps] – мысқыл (свинка)

Appendicitis [əˌpendəˈsaɪtɪs] - аппендицит

Bronchitis [brɑːŋˈkaɪtɪs] - бронхит

Consumption [kənˈsʌmpʃn] – туберкулез

Do you know that?

I invite our medicine – man of school is Glden apai.

Let to her about information. (Meлтеп медбикесі ауру атауларымен таныстырады)

Phychological training”

Let’s hear psychologist of school is Koisyn Kubashovna. She give information about Diseases, so your self training.

Wonderful tasks

a)writing work

1.Insert articles before names of Diseases if necessary.

1.She got king of queit, like she had… headache.

2.”What’s happened fo your friend?”

He said. I fold him about … influenza.

3.I got … pneumonia making a picture just January and I’ve been recuperating.

4.It protably accouts for some … fly you speak of but that is not too serious in itself.

2.Complete the sentences using names of Diseases and the expressions.

to have toothache, a headache, a cough, a cold, heart trouble” etc.

1)“What’s the matter with Anne?” She is in bed with …

2) You look pale. What has happened? “I have …”

3) “I hear John is in hospital”, “Yes, he has…”

4)Jane has a high temperature. I’m sure it is…

5)George has a bad cough. I’m sure it is …

6)I must see a (doctor) dentist. I have (trouble) … terrible ….

3.Circle the word that go with it.


Moderation in eating and drinking, reas onable hours, water

Wealth, sport gymnastics swimming, running, hockey.


Patient, headache, mumps, diabetes, toothache, tackache.


Hertion, spiritus, aethy licus, floximed, Hairdresser


4.Translate the following from Russian into English paying attention to the use of Articles with Names of Diseases.

1.Врач сказал, что это аппендицит.

2.Билл, который выглядел бледным, пожаловался на головную боль, пошел на верх и лег.

3.На самом деле Дик был болен гриппом.

4.Я просто устал, и у меня болит ухо.

5.Может быть, туберкулез, которым он болен, не от этой пыли.

6. «Вы готовы идти на прием?»

«Извините, у меня болит сердце»

5.Continue this monologue … Example:

Health is very important for all people.

6.Work on the Dialogues.

7.Venn diagram.





What I have known v

What I didn’t know -

It’s new for me

What I’d like to know?



Proverbs with (Diseases) Disease.

for I Line “Old age is a disease that you die from”

Victims of the same disease share sympathy”

Medicine can only cure curable diseases, and then not always”

For II line: “ The cure may be worse that the disease”

Diseases come on horse back, but steal away on foot”

Every diseases will have its course”

The cure is worse than the disease

for III line: “Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies”

Disease is soon shaken by physic soon taken”

Health is not valued till sickness comes”

Money can’t buy you health

Home task

1.To write an essay. “What I do to stay health

2.By heart Proverbs with Disease Marking.

5” –excellent! “4” – good! (very good!) “3” – not bad! “2” – bad!

Общая информация

Номер материала: ДВ-360993

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