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Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

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The competition “Who is the best?”

The aims:
To check and develop pupils’ knowledge, logical thinking, memory.
To enlarge pupils speaking, reading skills.
To develop the respect of relationship between pupils   
The kind of the lesson: game
Visual aids:                   interactive board, papers

The competition “Who is the best?”

Dear teachers and guests welcome to our “Who is the best” competition. First of all I want to congratulate you with the Independence day of our country. Let me introduce our juries. We ask you, juries, not to be too critical and forgive our participants mistakes they may make. Let me invite our teams. You may support our participants by clapping.
1) Introduction of teams: max-10 balls

1- команда – Hello! We want to greet you! And we are very pleased to meet you. Hello jury. You’ll see that we are fun creators. The name of our team is “Friendship”. Our motto is “Ten heads are better than one”. We”ll show you an interesting game. Good luck.

2- команда – We like to read and write very fast, so that you can see all of us. Our team is “Independence”. Our motto is “Live, learn and play”. We have a wish about the jury: Don’t be strong and understand us that we are too nervous. Oh, please jury.

2) “Who knows more about Kazakhstan?”Your task is to answer the questions about our country.

1) When do we celebrate The Independence Day? (The 16-th of December)

2) Who is the author of our flag? (Ш Ниязбеков)

3) Who is the first president of Kazakhstan? (N Nazarbayev.)

4) When do we celebrate our national holiday “Nauryz”

5) What kind of Kazakh national foods do you know? (Besbarmak, kuirdak, baursak, kazy, karta, etc)

6) Who is the author of the hymn of our country?(Ж Нажмеденов. Н Назарбаев. Ш Қалдаяқов)

7) When is the birthday of Astana? (6 маусым)

8) What is the basic law of Kazakhstan? (Constitution)

9) Who is the first cosmonaut of Kazakhstan? (T Aubakirov)

10) When do we celebrate the day of the Constitution? (30 August)

11) Which countries does our country border with? (Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, )

12) When was the first president elected? (1991 December)

13) What kind of national instruments do you know? (dombra, kobyz, zhetygen, sirnay, etc )

14) When is the day of the National currency “tenge”? (the 15-th of November)

15) The capital of our country? (Astana)

16) How many provinces are there in Kazakhstan? (14)

3) Polyglot. Your task is to find the missing word and say it in Russian, Kazakh and English.

1)Нет дыма без ……..(огня,от,fire)

2) No news is  good……..(новости,жаналык,news)

3)Live   and   ……( learn,учиться,оқу)


5)Өнер алды қызыл ………(тіл,язык,language)

6)Лучше поздно чем………( никогда,never,ешқашан)

7. Bad news travels …… (Fast –  тезбыстро)
8. First think then ……. (Speak  – сөйлеу  – говорить)
9. He laughs best who laughs ……. (Last – соңғыпоследний)
10. East or West, home is ….. (Best – жақсылучшие)

4) Grammar knowledge.







Construction- construct-constructive


5)Let’s make a picture. I ‘ll read you a story and you must draw it.

Musical pause “Love You Like A Love Song” by the girls of the 5th form.

6)Letter A and B. In this stage one of you who gathered fewer points will choose one envelope. In these envelopes there are two letters: A and B. I will read you 10 questions and all answers will start with the letter A or B. Is everything is clear for you? Let’s begin.

(екі әріп жасырылған қағазды алады, кімге А әріпі келсе, сол тәрбиеленуші бірінші болып бастайды. Әр тәрбиеленушіге 10 сұрақ оқылады.)

 Letter A:

1.The name of the fruit (Apple)

2.The river in the USA (Amazonka)

3.The name of the month (April)

4.The name of school subject (Algebra)

5.A part of the body (Arm)

6.The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)

7.One of the oceans (Atlantic ocean)

8.The famous Kazakh writer (Abai)

9.A funny story (Anecdote)

10.The first letter of the alphabet (A)

Letter B:

1.The little child (Baby)

2.The name of the fruit (Banana)

3.A part of the body (Back)

4.The antonym to the word “good” (Bad)

5.A kind of dance (Ballet)

6.The capital of Germany (Berlin)

7.The name of school subject (Biology)

8.The room where we sleep (Bedroom)

9.A colour (Blue)

10.A lake in Kazakhstan (Balkhash)

7) “The best speaker” (captains competition)

If I were a president of Kazakhstan…..?

Краткое описание документа:

       Учитель английского языка СШ № 18 г. Актобе:  Кушанова Альмира Кенжегалиевна. 

Предлагаю вашему вниманию разработку внеклассного мероприятия “Who is the best?” . Мероприятие проводится с использованием информационных технологий. Урок разработан для учеников 8-9 классов общеобразовательных школ, изучающих английский язык с 5-го класса. Ученики делятся на две команды и соревнуются. Задания различные:  вопросы про Казахстан, на знание лексики, пословиц на трех языках, грамматики.    

 Цели:  проверить и развить знания учеников, логическое мышление, память.

  развить навыки говорения, чтения.
  повысить интерес к английскому языку


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