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Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку


1 Variant

1) Make questions.

1. Tennis/ with/ you/ play/ tomorrow/will? (Who?)

2. The/ he/ work/ at/ factory/does? (General Question)

3. The/ radio/ you/ TV/ watch/ last/ did/night/ listen/ to/ or? (Alternative Question)

4. Mary/ writing/ letter/ is? (What?)


2) Choose the correct variant.

1. Rugby … in the USA

  1. Was play

  2. Is played

  3. Is play

  4. Plays

2. A lot of apartment houses … in our city now.

a) Are being built

b) Build

c) Are builded

d) Being built

3. The letter … yesterday?

a) Send

b) Was sent

c) Is sent

d) Being sent

4. Four people … in a train crash.

a) Killed

b) Have been killed

c) Have

d) Is killed

5. A new supermarket … next year?

a) will… be built

b) will…build

c) will … being built

d) built

3) Fill in the gaps with the adverbs: already, ever, never, yet

  1. Has your friend __________ taken a ride on a horse?

  2. I haven’t been to St. Petersburg ___________.

  3. My parents have _________ given me a new bike. I am very happy.

  4. We have _________ lived in a tent .

4) Match the words:

1) Alien a) comedy

2) Laugh b) adventure

3) Explore c) Musical

4) Kiss d) Science-fiction

5) Dances and music e) romance

5) Fill in the genre of film.

  1. A movie that makes you laugh is a ____________.

  2. A movie that makes you scream is a ____________.

  3. A movie that is exiting with lots of guns and explosions is an ____________ movie.

  4. Movies about future of space are known as _____________ films.

  5. A film made full of violence and crime is a ___________ .

2 Variant

  1. Rearrange the words to make questions.

  1. meet/ I /a lot/ people/ do/every /day/of/ Where?

  2. started/ just/ has /What/ film ?

  3. you/on / How/should/dress/a/cold day ?

  4. like/ do/ thrillers/watching/you/ detectives/or ?

a. weren’they?

6. Everyone was there,

b. did they?

  1. Choose the correct variant of passive form.

1.Two men tried to sell the pictures which…...(steal).

a) had been stolen b) is stolen c) stole d) were stolen

2. Prices on gasoline…..(rise) next year.

a) are risen b) rose c) will rise d)will be risen

3. Coffee…..(grow) in Kenya.

a) will grown b) is grown c) was grew

4. Signed certificates……(present) them yesterday.

a) presented b) is presented c) were presented

5. Drinks and snacks…..(give) to everyone tomorrow evening.

a) will be given b) gave c) is being given d) was gave

3) Fill in the gaps with the adverbs: already, ever, just, never, yet, since.

  1. The pupils have read two books in English.

  2. Jim has known Sara 1993.

  3. I have……riden on the elephant.

  4. Karen has….. passed her exams.

  5. Hasn’t she come…..?

  1. Match the words:

  1. Monster a) Western

  2. Wizard b) Action

  3. Cowboy c) Horror

  4. Explosion d) Cartoon

  5. A set of drawings e) Fantasy

5) Write the genre of films.

  1. A movie about real life is a ___________ .

  2. An ___________ film has cartoon characters.

  3. A film about lots of travelling and exciting or dangerous events is an _________ .

  4. A film about love is a _________ .

  5. An action -packed film about cowboys, horses and gunfights.__________

Answers to variant 2

1) 1. Where do you meet a lot of people?

2. What film has just started?

3. How should you dress on a cold day?

4. Do you like watching thrillers or detectives?

5.-b 6.-a

2) 1-a 2-d 3-b 4-c 5-a

3) 1. Already 2. Since 3. Never 4. Just 5. Yet

4) 1-c 2-e 3-a 4-b 5-d

5) 1-Biography 2-Animated 3- Adventure 4-Love-story 5-Western

Answers to Variant 1

1) Make questions.

1. Who will play tennis with you tomorrow ?

2. Does he work at the factory?

3. Did you watch TV or listen to the radio last night ?

4. What letter is Mary writing?

5. Where do you meet a lot of people every day ?

6. What film has just started ?

7. 1 – b

2 – c

3 – a

2) 1-b 2. –a 3. –b 4. –b 5. -a

3) 1- ever 2-yet 3-already 4-never

4) 1-d 2 -a 3-b 4- e 5-c

5) 1- Comedy 2-Horror 3- Action 4- Science fiction 6-Thriller

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