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Сценарий на конкурс Уильям Шекспир

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Ведущий: (выходит на сцену, на фоне тихо звучит легкая средневековая музыка (saltarello)

Hello dear fans and admirers of English language! Honestly, we thought long and hard about the topic of tonight's English. First, we wanted to tell you about the kings and knowing all the clever moves of the UK, then we thought that the game is just what you need. Upon reflection, we decided to combine story, game and a great Englishman together. How well we'll manage, you be the judge. Today we will tell you about a great English playwright, whose portrait you can see on the slide, tell me who is he? (Audience answer). Correct, this William Shakespeare is the greatest classic of world literature. Tonight we will spend in two languages: Russian and English. But we are sure that you will understand.

Слайд1 (Шекспир в Стратфорде-наЭйвоне)

Let's now go to a small English town of Stratford on the river Avon. Here April 23rd, 1564 was born William Shakespeare. In 6 years, like all children, little William went to school, but unfortunately, he had to leave school when he was 13 years old. The fact that his father was a printer, and it so happened that he got into debt, William had to quit school and start working with his father. A difficult childhood had William, isn't it, dear children?(Yes, it is)

Cлайд 2(картинки Шекспира)

At 18, William married Anne Hathaway who was 8 years older than him. And again William was not lucky, their marriage was not successful. At 21, Shakespeare goes to London in search of work. The irony of fate, dear children, but first William had to guard the horses at the theater, while rich people entertained themselves watching different theatrical performances.

In all his life, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, various tragedies and comedies, sonnets. What are the works of Shakespeare do you know?( (Зрители называют произведения У.Шекспира)

If you are ever in England, be sure to visit Stratford-upon-Avon visit the house where Shakespeare lived and where now there is the Museum of the poet, and in the small square there is a monument: Shakespeare sits surrounded by heroes of his books. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Stratford-upon-Avon, to touch the history of literature and to pay tribute to the great poet.

Слайд3 (картинки музея)


In the year of 1564 the greatest English writer used to be.

He wrote sonnets, songs and plays

And he was born to be in love.

His name was William, Will Shakespeare.

So, well, my friends, we thus begin.


When first we met we didn’t guess

That love would prove so hard a master.

And more then common friendliness,

When first we met we didn’t guess.


Врывается Розалина.



Oh, Will, my darling,

I’m glad to see you smiling.

I’ve come to change your live up to the end.

Oh, come to me, my sweetest friend.

Oh, let me kiss you,

You won’t miss her. (Целует).

Шекспир (читает по листку):

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

Розалина (вырывает листок):

We blinding the eye in the sky,

That bright face hides the bad weather.

Caresses, pampers and tormented us

Its a random whim of nature.


You won't decrease day

Not fade Sunny summer.

And death will not save you a shadow,

You will live forever in the lines of the poet.


Among the living you be as long

Until breathing the chest and sees the eye.


In London Shakespeare began working in the theatre. He writes plays and makes plays with the Royal acting troupe. But the land on which the theatre was located, it was very expensive, and Shakespeare had no money to pay for it. The theatre was closed. But once the dead of night actors and William took the theatre apart, brick bybrick, and transported to the other side of the river Avon. There the theatre was rebuilt. It was called "the globe". Very soon "the globe" has become a favorite Queen Elizabeth theatre, which ruled at that time in England.

Выходит королева Елизавета

For me my country is important

I’m virgin queen, but only for men.

My England is my friend, my husband and my lover,

I gave my heart, my soul, love for it.

And if it needs my life, I’ll give it.

I’ve been, I am and always will be faithful to my England.


 It is known that during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the theater could only play men. But sometimes the women were dressed in men's clothes and sneaking into the theater to audition

Глашатай: Королевский театр «Глобус» объявляет набор в новую актёрскую труппу. (2 раза).(На сцене появляется Гамлет)


To be or not to be? That is the question.
Or to take the blows of fate?
Ile is to provide the resistance,
And death struggle against a sea of troubles
To end them, to die, to be forgotten.
To sleep and dream. Here is the answer.

Шекспир: (перебивает).

Here is the answer. I hamlet you will write later.
Now turn the other comes to us.
I will tell you of great love,
About the General, whose face was blacker than the blackest night,
But the heart is kindness, love is full.
Only to the one, the only, lovely,
We will call Desdemona.
And to you, friends, to understand
What is the lead I'm gonna,
And to our moor was not a nameless,
We will give him the name, he is Othello.

(На сцене появляется Отелло и Дездемона)

 Отелло: Have you prayed, my darling, yet?


Oh, yes, my Lord. But why?

What’s wrong with you?

Why are you so pale?

 Отелло: You have deceived me. Now you must die.


What for? I love you so much.

I didn’t bring you any harm, believe me.

 Отелло: I wish I could believe.

(Дездемона пытается вырваться).

No, you must die.

(Отелло душит Дездемону. Дездемона умирает).

 Шекспир: Убийца жалкий. Чёрт слепой.

Но что и было делать с такой женой такому дураку?

Как его терпит небо?


I took your life with my long kiss good-night.

And falling with a kiss I die.

(Отелло закалывается и умирает)


Я лучше расскажу вам о любви,

Которая была не так жестока,

Но столь ж печальна.

Две равно уважаемых семьи

В Вероне, где встречают нас событья,

Ведут междоусобные бои

И не хотят унять кровопролитья.

Друг друга любят дети главарей,

Но им судьба подстраивает козни

И гибель их у гробовых дверей

Кладёт конец непримиримой розни.

Его я назову Ромео, он Монтекки,

А девушку – Этель, иль дочь пирата.



Нет, Вильям. Её Джульеттой лучше назови.

И пусть ее род будет Капулетти.

Кормилица (Плачет):

О, девочка с несчастною звездою.

Ты сделалась бледнее полотна.

Когда-нибудь, когда нас в час расплаты

Введут на суд, один лишь этот взгляд

Всех нас низринет с неба в дым и пламя.

Похолодела, холодна, как лёд.

О, горе мне, Джульетта.



Oh, Juliet, oh, my love, my wife,

What’s happened?

Oh, Juliet, oh, my light,

Oh, arms, take your last embrace.

And lips, oh, you the doors of breath.

What shall I do? (берёт яд)

Come, bitter conduct.

Here’s to my love.

Thy drugs are so quick,

Thus with a kiss I die.

(Целует и умирает)


Wake up, my poor girl.

Проснись, проснись, Джульетта.



I do remember well where I should be

And there I am.

But where is my Romeo?

What’s here? A cup closed in my true love’s hand.

Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.

Oh, churl, drunk all and left no friendly drop

To help me after. What shall I do?(берёт кинжал)

Oh, happy dagger. This is thy sheath.

There rest and let me die.

Все герои поднимаются для прощального слова.



Героев жизнь, любовь, их смерть и сверх того,

Шекспира слава, что живёт и ныне

На час лишь составляют существо

Разыгрываемой пред вами были.



Помилостивей к слабостям пера –

Мы сгладить их старались. Это лишь игра.



И если я не прав и лжёт мой стих,

То нет любви, и нет стихов моих.

Ведущий: Дорогие зрители, позвольте выразить сердечную благодарность всем участникам сегодняшнего вечера, особенно нашим юным актёрам, которые помогли нам перенестись в Англию XVI века и познакомится с творчеством великого поэта У. Шекспира. Давайте скажем им спасибо за прекрасную игру (юные актеры выходят для поклона). Творчество У.Шекспира – драгоценный бриллиант в короне не только английской, но и всей мировой литературы. Мы надеемся, что вы ещё не раз вернётесь к произведениям Шекспира, проникнетесь историческим колоритом той далёкой эпохи. Ура Шекспиру!

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