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Сочинение "Золушка сегодня" "Cinderella"

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Everyone knows Cinderella as a kind girl, and I'll tell you a story about a modern Cinderella in my opinion.

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   A girl who named Cinderella lived carefree and well. She had everything and even a

neighbor that she was so envied and hated her. But then came the hard times for Cinderella, her mother died, she began to look for support neighbor Emily and her cousin Jenny. Cinderella had no idea that Emily hates her. One of her friends, whose name was Fred arranged a Christmas party, where he invited and Cinderella and Emily and Jenny. Cinderella loved Fred and really wanted to go to this part ,but she did not have enough money for a beautiful

dress. And Cinderella went to work. Emily learned about what tomorrow Cinderella goes to work and decided to turn off her alarm clock and still decided to secretly take her shoes .She wakes up in the morning and sees that she was late for job . She dressed quickly herself and just wanted to get out and saw that her shoes are lost , but she did not lose her and ran to Jenny and wearing her shoes that she was small for the size and she went to work .Her first

day at her work was good .And now she did not have enough time for that would meet with Emily and Jenny because she corresponded with them on phone . Jenny wrote that she

loves Fred and what are her impressions of him. Well, Cinderella was able to buy a dress that she so loved. She showed her dress to her friends . Emily already had plan to get her dress and go to a party in her dress . Jenny was just happy for her. Emily carry out his plan, she

ruined her dress, that it was not fit When the Cinderella wanted go for a party she found

that in this dress she can not go to the party . She in tears called to Jenny . Jenny decided

to give her dress .

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When Cinderella was in this dress, she was beautiful , she was beautiful in it. At the party, Cinderella was so beautiful . Fred was struck by the beauty and dances with her . She had danced a super dance. But here's the clock struck twelve and Cinderella hurried go home . When she run she dropped her phone . Fred stayed at the party, but he had her mobile . He began to look for her, Fred announced that she would say that what three songs are in the player mobile phone . A girl tried to deceive Fred, but the moment when he almost gave in to despair and he hears her sing the first song, he looked and recognized her voice . And than

sang and the second and he was sure that it is she Cinderella. G:\Новая папка\зол9.jpg

      In my opinion a modern Cinderella must to get her opinion . Cinderella today must understand that everything around us is there for us, and not we exist for everything

around us . I believe that the hero of my story perfectly had with each object.

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