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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Тест по английскому языку за второе полугодие для 5 класса по УМК И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой

Тест по английскому языку за второе полугодие для 5 класса по УМК И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой

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Тест по английскому языку за 2 полугодие для 5 класса по УМК Верещагиной И.Н. и О.В.Афанасьевой

Test 2.

1. The antonym for the word “departure “ is the word…..

a) luggage b) arrival c) board d) exhibition e) custom

2. The antonym for the word “cheap” is the word…. .

a) nice b) plane c) expensive d) wonderful e) cold

3. The synonym for the word “trip” is the word….. .

a) train b) flight c) voyage d) weather e) ticket

4. The 3rd form of the verb “drink” is… .

a) drunk b) drank c) drinked d) dronk e) drink

5. The antonym fort the word „ fast“ is the word….. .

a) quick b) brief c) slow d) terrible e) nice

6. Find the odd word.

a) train b) ship c) car d) plane e) luggage

7. …..you ever…..to London?

a) Have….been b) Has….been c) Have….was d) Has…was e) Are….was

8. Find an adjective

a) sun b) sunrise c) sunny d) sunbathe e) sunset

9. You can buy tickets for concerts in…… .

a) the booking-office b) the shop c) the Customs

d) the information-office e) the theatre

10. Find the sentence in Present Perfect.

a) I always visit my Granny on Saturdays. B) They are playing tennis.

c) I have bought the return ticket for Paris.

d) The sky was blue. e) The sun rises in the east.

11. My mother……fair hair.

a) is b) have c) are d) has e) am

12. Ann….a letter to her uncle at the moment.

a) writes b) is writing c) has written d) am writing e) has written

13. They….both pretty and polite.

a) have b) has c) am d) is e) are

14. ….you…..me now?

a) Do/ understand b) Does/understand c) Am/understand

d) is/understanding e) are/understanding

15. We seldom….to the country.

a) have gone b) has gone c) go d) are going e) is going

16. Find the odd word.

a) daffodil b) daisy c) snowdrop

17. Mr. Porter’s hobby is…. .

a) read fiction b) reading fiction c) reads fiction d) to reads fiction e) to reading fiction

18. My sister can play……. .

a) piano b) in the piano c) on the piano d) the piano e) at the piano

19. Choose the sentence in Past Simple.

a) He read the newspaper two minutes ago. b) He is reading a newspaper.

c) He often reads newspapers in the morning.

d) He was reading newspapers at 5 . e) He has already read this newspaper.

18. These letters……..yesterday.

a) was sent b) were sent c) are sent d) is send e) was send

19. English………all over the world.

a) was spoke b) is spoke c) was spoken d) is spoken e) are spoken

20. Nelly likes neither potatoes…..carrots.

a) or b) and c) nor d) either e) both

21. In spring many trees are in…….. .

a) smell b) harm c) custom d) fare e) blossom

22. 11. What are three forms of the verb “to give”?

a) give-gived-gived b) give-guve-guven c) give-gove-goven d) give-gave-given

e) give-gave-gived

23. When Fred was little he ………with toy cars.

a) used to play b) used play c) use to play d) used playing e) used to played

24. The book……everywhere.

a) are sold c) is sold d) is sell d) am sold e) are to sell

25. A lot of houses ……in the city every year.

a) is build b) are build c) am build d) is built e) are built

26. America ………in1492.

a) is discovered b) are discovered c) was discovered d) was discover e) were discover

27. The room…….last night.

a) was cleaned b) were cleaned c) is cleaned d) are clean e) was clean

28. Meat ………usually ……for breakfast in England.

a) wasn’t……ate b) aren’t….eaten c) weren’t…eaten d) isn’t…eaten

29. Choose the odd word. ( Выбери лишнее слово)

a) flute b) violin c) exhibition d) guitar e) piano

30. Every Saturday we go to the chess club and play…. .

a) chess b) in the chess c) on chess d) the chess e) at chess

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