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Тест по английскому языку для старших классов в формате ЕГЭ

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1. Read this text and questions below. For each question, mark the correct answer - А, В, С, or D.

Some people believe that there are mysterious animals of large lakes, which live in the water of large lakes or high up in the snow on the mountain tops or deep in the forests. A few people claim that they have actually seen the creatures.

Lake Okanagan is situated in the Rocky mountains of western Canada and some local people say that a strange creature lives at the bottom of this large lake (128 kilometres long and 230 metres deep): the Ogopogo, they call it. You can read the name forwards or backwards and it's still the same name. You can see the stories about this creature in two different ways, too: believe them or doubt them?

Ed Fletcher, who lives in a house on the side of the lake, is certain that there is something there, under the surface. He says that he has taken more than 50 photos of it out in the middle of the lake. He reports that it is green in colour and about fifteeen metres long. But his photos are not at all clear so we can't be sure.

Other people say that the Ogopogo is grey and only about six metres long. Some say it has a head like a dog; some say it has horns on top of its head, like a goat. So who should we believe?

Perhaps we should not be too quick to laugh at those stories. Television teams from Japan and the USA have been down into the lake in small submarines, in the area near a small island They have not been able to make clear pictures either, but they do believe that something lives near the island — something very large, deep under the water. And if it is there, then what is it?

1. What does the author think about the creatures?
A That they exist.

В That they do not exist.

С That nobody has seen them.

D He does not take any of these sides.

2 . Where is Lake Okanagan?

A It is in the Rocky Mountains of the USA.

В It is in the western part of Canada.

С It is in the valley.

D It is an imaginary lake.

3. What does Ed Fletcher say about the creature?
A It is fifty metres long.

В It is green.

С It is grey.

D It is huge.

4. Which words show that the author is doubtful about the creatures?
A Some people believe ...

В A few people claim ...

С ... they are all nonsense, they say ...

D So, who should we believe?

5. Which of these titles is the most suitable for the story?
A A sensational creature

В Ed Fletcher has found a new monster

С More stories, but the same thing

D USA television team has made an amazing discovery.

2. Fill in the correct word.

Football or soccer, which is so popular all over the world,

dates back to the Middle Ages. At that 1 it was very

different from the game we play today. Any number of players

could 2 part and the matches usually developed

into a free-for-all. In its modern 3 , football is less

than two hundred years old.

In 1848, the first rules to govern the game were drawn

4 at Cambridge University. The number of players

was 5 to 11 per side, which made things much more

6 than before. Later in 1863, the Football Associa
tion was 7 up to help promote the game in Britain.

The game is played on a grass or artificial 8 with a

goal net at each end. The 9 is to move the ball around

the field, 10 the feet or head, until a player is in a

position to put the ball into the net and score a goal.

  1. season, time, term, stage

  2. play, make, take, do

  3. form, shape, fashion, pattern

  4. out, away, up, in

  5. limited, checked, counted, defined

  6. tidy, neat, arranged, orderly

  7. put, set, born, called

  8. court, pitch, course, track

  1. object, reason, focus, purpose

  2. by, to, of, with

3. Fill the gaps in the following text with the correct form of the words.

I always wanted to be a great (1) . I had science

these dreams of discovering a (2) new drug revolution

that would save the lives of hundreds of people. Unfortunately, I was

never very good at (3) at school and kept chemist

producing these horrible smells and the teacher used to get very cross with me.

After a while, I decided I would become an (4) invent

and design an amazing new (5) which produce

would become a household name. My parents were quite encouraging,

but told me to be a little more (6) and not quite so real

(7) . A few weeks later I had a brilliant idea for

a pen that, at least (8)__________would write upside down.

To my (9)______ disappointment

a friend of mine pointed out that it was not a new (10) ________. discover

Краткое описание документа:

Данный тест включает в себя текст для контроля чтения и лексико-грамматические упражнения для контроля языковых знаний в старших классах средней школы и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка. Упражнения теста составлены в формате ЕГЭ, что дает возможность учителю проверить готовность учащихся к итоговой аттестации, а также использовать упражнения теста для тренировки данного вида упражнений с целью подготовки учащихся к экзаменам при работе с любыми учебниками. Упражнения теста могут  использоваться учителем на факультативных занятиях при подготовке к экзаменам.

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