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"This is his\her ball" 1 сыныптарға арналған ашық сабақ

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Date: 12.01.15

Grade: 1 “ә”

Theme: This is her/his ball.

Type the lesson: Lesson- Introduction

Objective: students will be able to: use his/her in their speech

Materials for need: CD player, pictures of Ademy and Bobby, poster of colours, pictures, interactive board, computer


Introduction: -Greeting

-Hello class! How are you?

Warm up: -Sing a song “Hello, hello”

Hello, hello!

How are you?

I`m great, great, great!

Hello, hello!

How are you?

I`m happy, happy, happy!

Hello, hello!

How are you?

I`m OK, OK, OK!

Hello, hello!

How are you?

I`m sad, sad, sad!

Divide the class with the coloured worksheets.

-Choose one card and find your classmate with the same colour.

Checking the hometask: -Let`s revise our vocabulary. How many words do you know?

-apple, car, dog, boy, pen, pencil, book, bag

Presentation: -Letter Hh

Listen, point and repeat

Hug- құшақтау

House- үй

Horse- жылқы

Hat- қалпақ

Repeat after me.

Grammar: “His” for boys and “Her” for girls. This is her doll.

This is his car.


-Now, children, we`ll learn the colors. Listen, point and repeat.

Blue- көк

Green- жасыл

White- ақ

Yellow- сары

Brown- қоңыр

Black- қара

Teacher gives you cards and pictures of Ademy and Bobby. Teacher tells the sentences using “his” and “her” and you should glue the cards to the pictures with your group.

This is her doll. –for Ademy

This is his car. –for Bobby

This is his house. –for Bobby

This is her dog. –for Ademy

This is his elephant. –for Bobby

This is her cat. –for Ademy.

-Now, children, one children from each group show your posters to the whole class.


-Now, children, to revise our theme we`ll play a game “Fly”. One children from each group come to the blackboard. There are posters with a pictures of fly. There are a lot of flies. In these flies there pictures of new words. I`ll give you a fly-swatter. I`ll tell the word. You should kill them. Other children make a noise of flies. If you beat right picture other children stop making a noise. If it is false they aren`t stopped.

Black, hat, green, yellow, blue, house, horse.

Hometask: Your hometask will be exercise 1, 2, 3, 4 page 22

Assessment: Do all children understand a new theme. I`ll give you smiles.

Raise your head

Jump up high

Wave your hand

And say : “ Good-bye”.


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