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Творческий мини проект "Путь к успеху"

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  • Иностранные языки

План-конспект урока английского языка в 11 классе по теме «Личность»

Тип урока: урок обобщения и систематизации знаний

Форма урока – урок - дискуссия

Ведущие – две старшеклассницы, ученицы данного класса, готовящиеся сдавать выпускной экзамен в форме ЕГЭ.

Место в учебном процессе: заключительный урок по теме: « Личность», 11 класс,

УМК « New Opporunities Intermediate Russian Edition» Longman 2007 год

Авторы : Michael Harris, David Mower, Irina Larionova и др.

Цель урока:

- Усвоение знаний в системе. Обобщение единичных знаний в систему

- Формирование коммуникативных умений в говорении, аудировании, чтении и письме.

- Научить учащихся работать в команде над решением единой проблемы, развивать умение работать со словарем, извлекать необходимую информацию.

- Помочь решить проблему – все люди разные, а что значит успех для самих учащихся, как они будут добиваться успеха в жизни.

- Научить учащихся давать аргументированные ответы по данной ситуации.

- Привитие чувства уважения к таким качествам как трудолюбие, уверенность в себе, настойчивость в достижении цели.

Отличительные черты данного урока: применение компьютерных технологий.

Одна из индивидуальных черт урока: творческий мини – проект – изобразить свое понимание успеха и путь к нему в виде плаката.

Материалы и оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, листы с текстами, ватман, наборы фломастеров.

Ход урока

I.Приветствие. Постановка целей. Введение в тему( 5 минут)

Teacher. Good morning, boys and girls! How are you!

Pupils. Good morning, teacher! Fine, thanks, and you?

Teacher. Me, too, thank you.

The topic of our discussion is “ A sweet smell of success”

We are going to have an unusual lesson today.

Today we’ll try to look into your future and we’ll try to define what real success is, what it means for us.

There is a Chinese proverb on the screen . Let’s read it.

SLIDE # 1 “ There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.

  • And the first question is “ What is meant here under the words “ the top of the mountain” and “ the view”. As you know, the Chinese are considered to be hardworking, persistent and hardy.

P1 – I think as for the top it is “ an aim” and the view means “ the result”

P2 – I agree with …, but judging by the topic of our discussion the top may be “success” because I believe success is some aim in gaining something. People can choose different things and means to get it and as a result they have what they want to.

Teacher: - Right you are. But now I’d like to reveal my secret to you. I asked two girls your classmates Kristina and Ksenia to organize a discussion for you. Please, meet them and be cooperative with them.

II. Основная часть ( 30 минут)

Ведущий 1 - But what makes a success?

What do we need for it?

How to achieve success?

These things we are going to discuss and to check if success really smells sweet.

But first , in my opinion, we should define the word “ success”. What is success? How do you understand it?

I think computer will help us to find the best solution in this situation. Computer is also a so called ticket to success. Please, take your seats in front of the computers. Your task is to make use of the computer dictionaries as: Lingva, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary etc. What definitions have you found?

P1 – Success is the fact that you have achieved smth that you want

P2 – Success is the fact of becoming rich or famous or of getting a high social position

P3 – Success is gaining of prosperity

P4 – Success is achievement of something desired.

P5 – Success is attaining wealth or fame

P6 – Success can be somebody or something that does well. It is referred both to people or things.

Ведущий 1- What do these definitions have in common?

P1 – The common thing that you get what you want , perhaps either in a fair or in unfair way.

P2 – In some definitions success is associated with fame , prosperity, wealth, triumph, money , power, respect , a high position.

Ведущий 1 - In certain meanings they are synonyms. Such things as fame, wealth, money and power are the main motivators of success. Do you agree with me?

P3 – It’s not surprising, we live in a materialistic world where material goods are a so – called reward for working hard. People need a country which can offer them opportunities for a good and successful life

Ведущий 2 - That’s OK. We are going further. Look at the gallery of these people.

SLIDE# 2 ( 7 people) – Tennis player, builder, teacher, businesswoman, doctor, scientist, politician)

Can you say if they are successful or not looking at their appearance. By the way, how does a successful person look like?

P1 – I suppose they may be obsessed with fashion and look fantastic in expensive clothes.

P2 – In my opinion, they prefer casual clothes not to differ from others but have a hair style, tidy, neat and look healthy.

P3 – I completely agree with you, looking healthy is very important for successful people – they follow healthy lifestyle, go to the gym, don’t eat fattening food, try to be the examples for others.

P4 – As I notice, successful people are different in appearance. Some of them are physically perfect the others can be skinny or fat with dark or fair complexion, dark or blond haired, but usually there is nothing ridiculous about their appearance.

P5 – I want to add, one day I met a man who didn’t care about his appearance at all and I thought he was homeless or had some problems with money but later I found out that he was a millionaire from Switzerland. Appearances are very often deceptive.

Ведущий 2- But let’s go back to our people in the pictures. Can you say that this lady is successful? Do you know her?

P 1 – I have known her since the 5th form. It’s our teacher of English N.A. and I think she is successful because she loves her job. The person who is completely satisfied with his career is successful in life.

P2 – As far as I know, she always has an aim in her life, and never stops on the achieved, she puts her aims one after another. For example, she tried to enter the Teacher’s Training Institute three times and she did it. She is very persistent and determined.

P 4 – I want to add one more important thing about her character – she has an optimistic approach to life . I’m sure it’s very important for successful people to be optimistic and patient.

Ведущий 2 - Thank you very much. We are with you here.

Ведущий 1 - Now, we’d like you to have a look at the screen, read the words and say what traits of character are required to succeed in life?

You’ve got the same words on the cards for you to see it better.


We want you to choose 5 most important and 5 unimportant personal qualities. A couple of minutes for you to choose.

So first come most important features. Who would like to start?

P1 – Strong willed, persistent, ambitious, quick – minded, determined.

P2 – Sociable , tolerant, energetic, hard- working, independent.

P3 – Confident, enthusiastic, persistent, hard – working, ambitious.

Ведущий 1- Thank you for the summary table. You can see the ideas are different but such traits of character as persistency, ambitiousness and hard work are beyond any doubt.

And what about unimportant ones?

P4 – Shy , selfish, doubtful, nervous, rank.

P2 – Doubtful, sensitive, absent-minded, indifferent.

Ведущий 1- Well, were they worth mentioning at all?

P5 – Yes, they were , because I find it useful to have a look at my personality from different sides.

Ведущий 1 - You are right! We should mention such features of character as shyness, doubting, absent mindedness, indifference. A negative result is also of some importance: it’s better to avoid such traits of character on the way to your success.

Ведущий 2 - Now have a look at these photos. Where can people succeed? ( на доске ряд картинок иллюстрирующие разные сферы жизни – бизнес, общение с друзьями, любовь, учеба, семья,

What spheres of life do they represent?

P 1 – The first picture illustrates “love”, the feeling without which nobody can go in the world. It is one of the essential spheres of our life.

P2 – The next photo represents a businessman ( woman) This sphere is business.

P3 – Then comes education

P4 - …relations with friends/ other people

P5 …family

Ведущий 2- Do you really think that a good family is an aim in life?

P (a girl)– Good family relations, children around you… it sounds very supportive in life. you have somebody to rely on and give you advice. It seems to me that one of the main family values is when you in your family find a shelter from the storm, feel comfortable, secure and protected. As for me it’s more important than success in business.

P ( a boy) – I have quite opposite opinion – if you want to get a ticket to success it’s much easier to stay single because you are aimed only on one thing – how to become successful and nobody distract your attention.

P – I joint … here. I don’t believe that it is possible to achieve success in family relations.

(ведущие обращаются друг к другу)

Ведущий 2 - How do you think, why do the boys think in a different way?

Ведущий 1 - I suppose, in our world community men and women don’t have the same opportunities to be successful in their life. Besides the nature both of men and women also influences their choice. According to the statistics women prefer family to career and men pay more attention to their job or business.

Ведущий 2 - It’s OK. There is nothing to argue about – both points are right. All people are different. So many people so many opinions. Thank you.

Ведущий 1 - SLIDE# 4

Now pay your attention to the next slide (4) What sphere is more important for you and why?

P1 –Education, career, love, family, relations with other people.

P2 – Love, family, relations with friends, education career.

P3 – Education, relations with people, career, love, family.

P1 – I’m sure that good education is an essential part of career. If you want to be successful you need courses in computing, foreign languages, perhaps two or three higher educations. Only good education can lead to the top career.

P2 – Sorry, but I can’t completely agree with you here – brilliant education does not bring you to success if you are not persistent, ambitious, decisive and don’t believe in yourself.

P3 - Love and only love can bring a person to success, because when a person is in love nothing is impossible to a loving heart for the sake of his dearest people.

P4 – And I’m completely for the relations with friends, reliable and devoted friends are the ticket to success. I believe in it.

Ведущий 1 – Thank you very much. it’s so good of you to have such different opinions.

Ведущий 2- The next point of our discussion is the ways to the mountain.


Why do you think is necessary to be successful? What are the ways to the mountain?

( читает сама по часовой стрелке)

But most of all I like the words written below)

And again please, name 5 most important ways from your point of you.

P1 - Health, Someone’s support, Money, Good luck, Personal qualities such as persistence, ambition, industry.

P2 – Talent, Education, Risk, Hard work , Experience, Hope, Personal appearance

Ведущий 2- What opportunities do we, Russians have to do well in life?

How do you see your future?

What is the Russian dream?

I hope you’ll help me to answer these questions and explain your choice in the form of mini – project. To make this project you are to divide into groups. I’ve got cards with the same names of the ways how to achieve success as you see on the slide. Which way would you prefer?

Remember to say : What and where you will be in 20 years

What ways will you choose

( in two minutes) Who would like to represent the project? ( ask only one group)

as for the rest of the projects we’ll discuss them later

P1 – ( reads the project)

III. Заключительная часть. Подведение итогов ( 5 минут)

Ведущий 1

So many people so many opinions. Each person prefers to achieve a goal. And without any doubt, there are no easy ways to success but the English proverb says “ Real success comes in small portions every day”.

Do you remember the topic of our discussion? A SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS.

Though we are short of time but we’re still wondering if success really smells sweet for you. What conclusion have you come during this discussion?

P1- I have come to the conclusion that when everything goes well you feel happy. It is very happy to realize that you can cope with all troubles and problems; and the most important things still waiting for you.

P2 – It’s great when fortune favors you. You are full of hopes and expectations.

P3 – For me success can smell sweet if I succeed in family relations and career. Nowadays these spheres are difficult to combine.

P4 – There is a Russian proverb “Money doesn’t smell”. But I think that only money and someone’s support can make people experience this pleasant feeling of being successful.

P5 – Only hard work, good education, persistency is the real smell of success. Never be afraid of difficulties, overcome them, if you have failure, try again and again and you’ll be happy in your life.

Ведущий 2 – Thank you very much for cooperation. Our discussion is coming to an end and in the conclusion we’d like to say that each of us has our own plans for the future and our own paths. Unfortunately we can’t say what expects us there in 20 years. But we hope that in our life may be several tops which we will have to reach. And we suggest you choosing a motto for our life – “ Nothing is impossible to a willing heart” Agree?

Good luck to you!

Ведущий 1 – N.A. Thank you very much for the chance to practice our English and to work as a teacher. We found it rather difficult but very exciting.

Заключительное слово учителя:

Thank you very much for your work. I hope today this smell of success has been sweet for everyone, as you have worked really hard and achieved in the mean time your little aim – you have been able to express yourselves in fluent English. I’m sure this discussion won’t be in vain and it’ll be great benefit to you to find yourselves in the future. I’d like to believe that you have found your priorities and realized that success can be achieved not only in business but also in other spheres of life, in international relations.

During the lesson there have been a lot of proverbs and sayings which have been collected for ages. I would like you to have this list of proverbs as a present and choose as a motto for your life some of them.

To finish our discussion I’ve chosen the words of Albert Einstein “ Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” Please keep them in your mind and let success attend you in all your undertakings. Good luck to all of you!

Краткое описание документа:

Творческий мини – проект – изобразить свое понимание успеха и путь к нему в виде плаката.

- Усвоение знаний в системе. Обобщение единичных знаний в систему

- Формирование коммуникативных умений в говорении, аудировании, чтении и письме.

- Научить учащихся работать в команде над решением единой проблемы, развивать умение работать со словарем, извлекать необходимую информацию.

- Помочь решить проблему – все люди разные, а что значит успех для самих учащихся, как они будут добиваться успеха в жизни.

- Научить учащихся давать аргументированные ответы по данной ситуации.


- Привитие чувства уважения к таким качествам как трудолюбие, уверенность в себе, настойчивость в достижении цели.

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