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Урок на тему "География США"

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13.03 2015


8 A


Geography of the USA.


Grammar:“there is/there are”

Vocabulary: to occupy, to border, to be washed, landscape,desert,valley,to extend,snow-capped ,a peak,deposit,coal,iron, zinc, copper, silver, phosphate rock, natural gas, uranium, nonferrous metals,

Communicative tasks: asking and saying about nature of geography of USA


Learn more about Geography of the USA.


Learn how to find the ways of solving the ecological problems, ask and answer the questions on theme


handouts, pictures, self-assessment sheets, smiles


ICT, Critical thinking, Dialogic teaching, leadership, assessment of and for learning



Step 1. Org. moment

What date is it today?- Today is …

What is the day today? – Today is …

Who is absent? - … is absent.

What was your home task for today? – Our home task was …

Step 2. Organize well atmosphere in the class:

Psychological training“I wish you…”

Step 3. Groupings by proverbs

  1. A tree is known by it fruits

  2. So many countries, so many customs

  3. Little knowledge is dangerous thing

Step 4. Introducing the assessment sheets

Checking up of home task

To make a slide – show or a poster about The Aral Sea


Phonetic drill:

  • Every country has its customs

  • Әр елдің салты басқа

  • Сколько стран-столько и обычаев


Task 1. Asking about the problems of Aral Sea

Task 2. Prediction : Watching the slide (video) about the USA

II. Strategy “I know/I want to know/I’ve known”

I know

I want to know

I’ve known

III. Introducing new vocabulary

a) Vocabulary chart

IV .New theme. Slide-show about the USA

  1. Topic “Geography of the USA”

  • Reading the teacher

  • Reading in chain

  • Find the English equivalents

  1. Strategy “Hot chair”

  • How many parts does the territory consist of?

  • What is the area of the country?

  • What is the population of the USA?

  • Where are the Appalachian mountains?

  • Where do the Rocky Mountains extend?

  1. Group work.

  • Group 1 –Make the basket of Ideas

  • Group 2-Arrange the pictures in order

  • Group 3- Make the claster

d) Evaluation“Two stars and one wish ”

V. Having rest Game “From Present to the Future”

  • You are in a lovely garden,

  • The flowers are dry,

  • I see many berries

  • You have found a baby bird

  • I see green apples


  • I shall sit and listen to the birds.

  • I shallwaterthem.

  • Youwillpickthem.

  • I shall put it back into the nest.

  • They will be ripe in autumn

VI. Strategy “Thin and thick questions”

(groups ask each other questions) -

VII. Focusing on the grammar there is/there are or

are there/ is there

Use there is/there are in sentences

  1. _______________ Hawaii in the central part of the Pacific Ocean.

  2. _______________ a lot of mountains,valleys and deserts in the country?

  3. _______________ rich deposits of natural resources in the country.

  4. ______________ a lot of lakes in the country?

VIII.Pair wok. Make the dialogue “Visiting the USA”


Pupils can talk about geography of the USA


Assess of group, individual student assess by assessment sheets:

Name: ____________ Date: ______________


Strategy “I know/t want to know/I’ve known”

I know

I want to know

I’ve known

Tree of mood”. Pupils stick the apples on the tree

Home task

Topic “What not to do…”

Blagodarnaya secondary school

Demonstrative lesson

The theme: “Geography of the USA.


Form: 8 “A”

Teacher : Chovdurbayeva D.T.

Date: 13.03.2015

Aktobe 2015

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