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Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыУрок на тему "Trobleshooting"

Урок на тему "Trobleshooting"

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Datsayeva L.M.






Smart desk, video, tape cassette, book, posters and markets.




to develop Ss’ watching and speaking skills,

to develop Ss’ reading skills and to check Ss’ understanding by the means of doing oral exercises,

to provide pair and group work developing Ss’ communicative skills,

to listen to the text for specific information and to encourage Ss to discuss questions in pairs,

to develop Ss creative skills in teams using all knowledge they’ve got on the lesson and to develop Ss’ responsibility for their deeds.



0,5 min

I Organization moment.

(Good day everybody. Take your seats.)

Slide 1

0,5 min

II Setting the aims.


  • watch video and discuss it in pairs

  • discuss the situations when companies advertise their products

  • learn the information about troubleshooting

  • listen to tape-cassette for specific information and do after listening tasks

  • work in groups preparing troubleshooting for IMG company

5 min

Slide 2

Slide 3 -video

Pair work

III Warming up. Watching and speaking

Students are divided into A and B.
A-students watch the video.
B-students don’t watch.
A-students tell what happened in the video.
Use the past simple and past continuous

2 min

Slide 4,5,6,7

IV Lead-in

Students answer the questions.

Say what is this clip?

When do companies advertise their products?

But what usually happens when the advertisement doesn’t work???

2 min

Slide 8

Slide 9

Slide 10

Slide 11

Slide 12

Slide 13

V Reading

a) Read and remember.

Sometimes companies realise that they are not achieving their GOALS or objectives effectively, that is , they are not getting the results

In this case they had to re-plan their STRETAGY.

It can be useful to get an outsider, e.g. a MANAGEMENT CONSULTOR,

to analyse the company's performance and recommend changes to make it more efficient

A SWOT ANALYSIS can be useful, that is, an analysis of the company’s




T- THREATS that face the company.

TROUBLESHOOTING, or solving problems, is a necessary part of running a company

3 min

Slide 14, 15

Group work

b) Comprehensive check.

Group work. Restore the information you have read.

1. Sometimes companies realise …

2. In this case…

3. It can be useful to get…


Groups share their answers.

2 min

c) Groups share their answers.

Slide 16,17

Group work

3 min

VI Listening.


Group work ex.1 p. 43

Before listening, work in pairs and predict possible answers to the interviewer’s questions.

Slide 18


6 min

Slide 19

b) Ex. 2 p. 43

4.5 Now listen to the interview and complete the manager’s answers.


1. Business is competitive in terms of time and money.

2. Problems can cost money and waste time.

3. At the beginning of a project often people don’t plan effectively.

4. Planning helps to make sure that everybody should make sure that everybody understands his or her role.

5. In a project, everybody should make sure that they ask the right questions and anticipate problems.

6. It’s important that a project team communicates well.

7. You should try to have a democratic spirit in a project.

8. In order to avoid problems you should be realistic about the number of people working on the project, the cost and the size of the project.

9. When you put pressure on a project you create problems.

2 min

Slide 20

VII Team work

a) The fashion model agency IMG solves a problem through successful troubleshooting strategies.

Read the following information prepare a SWOT analysis.

Information for teams


History-Has been one of the best-known model agencies in the industry for many years with an excellent reputation as a fashionable, forward-looking company.

The problem-The company loses its reputation as one of the best and needs a new strategy.

Group work


b) Giving instructions-Students are divided into 4 teams. The first team is to think of the company’s strength.

The second team is to think of the company’s weaknesses.

The third team is to think of the company’s opportunities.

The first team is to think of the company’s threats.

Group work


c) Regrouping.

In each group number till 4. Each number comes to its table and form new groups.

Instruction-Groups are to think of IMG’s troubleshooting and prepare a poster

Groups presentations 6min

c) Presentation

2 min

VIII Giving feedback.

What were the objectives today? Do you reach them?

1 min

IX Assessment.

Thanks everybody for your work today. Your marks for today are…

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Краткое описание документа:

The theme of the lesson is "Troubleshooting".

On the lesson students get to know about the troubles companies face to face and the tips to solve these troubles.

Students are mainly involved into working in team work that widely helps them to enrich their ideas before have a say in front of the class.

This theme of the lesson depicts such areas like inside and outside factors that influence the success not only of the person but also business.

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