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Урок по теме: "Meals"

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hello_html_m1bb31837.gifhello_html_m6f09ef7a.gifLevel: 7th form.

The theme of the lesson: “Meals”

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: Revise the themes which we studied at the previous lesson. To enlarge pupil’s vocabulary, to speak about foods and drinks. Study to answer the questions, to complete the sentences. Revise plural nouns, modal verbs, countable or uncountable nouns.

Developing: to develop the pupils speaking skills, writing and listening skills by working with texts, analyzing and doing exercises.

Up-bringing: to bring-up the motivation and interest of learning English.


1. To help pupils speaking, writing, listening and draw.

2. Revise all the material, answer the questions, describe the pictures and peoples, and make up your own sentences.

3. To bring up children to interest to languages. 

Visual aids:  pictures, cards, video materials, interactive board.

The type of the lesson: revision English lesson.


  1. Organization moment.

  1. Introduce the theme, the aims. The theme of our lesson is: “Meals”. The motto of the lesson is:

The more we learn the more we know”.

2) Listen to the duty’s report:

- How are you today?

- Who is on duty today?

- What date is it today?

- Who is absent?

II.Warm up

Study the poem:

I like ice-cream

She likes sweets

I like eggs

She likes cheese

I like coffee

She likes tea

I love you

Do you love me too?

III. Check h/w

IV. Reading. Speaking. Writing.

Revise the words: Complete the table (Disk 2): vegetables fruit


1. Hi, my name is Sam, I like eating … (jam)

2. My name is Liz, I like to eat … (cheese)

3. My big brother Jake is fond of … (cake)

4. This girl is Lola. She likes drinking … (Cola)

5. And this boy is Fred. He likes eating … (bread)

6. But do you want to know the food that is dream? It’s chocolate cake, with lots of good … (cream)

The division into groups based on pictures.

1 group:

Find the riddle:

    1. It is a fruit. It is red or yellow, sometimes green. It is very tasty. Children like to eat it very much. …apple

    2. It is a vegetable. It is orange. It is sweet. It is good for vegetable soup or salad. It is good to eat. …carrot

    3. It is white or brown. It is good to eat with meat soup or vegetable soup. It is good to eat with butter or jam. It may be toast….bread

    4. It is a drink. It is white. Children like to drink it. It comes from a cow. …milk

2 group:

Match some common ideas about food.

1.Eating carrots is good a) helps you to sleep.

2.Fish is good b) keeps the doctor away.

3.Drinking coffee c) for the eyes.

4.An apple a day d) for the brain.

5.Warm milk e) keeps you from sleeping.

3 group:

You must put the correct word into the dialogue. And role play it.

Dialogue: “DRINKS”

The words: drinks, apple and tomato, juice, desert.

Waiter: Good afternoon! Would you like your ______?

Natasha: No, thank you.

Ira: Yes, I would like some ______.

Waiter: What kind, Miss?

Ira: ________, please.

Waiter: Good. Here are your menus. And here’s the ______ menu.

Ira: Natasha, here’s a menu for you.

V.Physical training. It is time to have a rest.

VI.You must watch the cartoon of hungry Cat and do the tasks.

True or False:

1. It was a dog who wanted some meat.

2. The cat was very hungry.

2. It was the girl who was talking on the phone.

3.The cat wanted some fish.

4. It was a woman who opened a tin.

5.The cat was tired and happy.

VII.The division into groups according to the numbers.

Revision grammar: Countable and Uncountable nouns; Some, any; Modal verbs.

1 group: Read and  match.  Some /Any

1.Do  you  have  ………..  bananas? Yes, I  have ……. bananas. 

2.Do  you  have …….. strawberries?   I`m sorry. I have some nice bananas. I don`t have …… strawberries.  

3.Do  you  have …… melons?  I`m sorry. I don`t  have ……  

2 group: We studied the theme about table manners and Modal verbs. You must put should or shouldn’t into the sentences.

1.You ______ sit up straight.

2.You _______talk with your mouth full.

3. You _______ say “Thank you” after meal.

4.You ______ put your elbows on the table.

3 group: Read and write countable or uncountable nouns: Cars, water, air, bottles, apples, bread, tea, dollars, money, lemons, sugar, salt, eggs, milk, coffee, oranges.





Today at the lesson we have:

(Бүгін сабақта..)

Reviewed the material about…



(не істедік..)


(есінде сақтадық..)




(ұнаған жоқ...)

M a r k s h e e t






Final mark





























Did you like the lesson? What did you like best of all?

  1. Home work: ex.5 p.88

  2. Giving marks

- Now, I see that you know a lot of interesting about food. Thank you for being active at the lesson. It was very interesting to listen to your points of view. Your marks for the lesson are the following. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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