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Урок-экскурсия 'Shopping in Kazan'

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Good evening, dear guests of our marvelous city. We welcome you in Kazan, the capital OF THE Republic of Tatarstan. My name is Yelena Mishkaryova and tonight I’ll be your guide. I know that the whole day you’ve been sightseeing and you’re a little bit tired. I’m sure you have a burning desire to relax! So take your sits and our comfortable bus will take us to the biggest and most famous shopping Mall called ‘Mega’. Hey, guys, do like shopping? I know you do like it! There is a great variety if shopping centres, Malls, small boutiques and markets in Kazan where you will find everything you need: souvenirs, clothes, books, electronic devices and so on… Among the large and popular centres are Bahetle, Tsum, Koltso, Park House and Mega. And on our way to Mega I’ll tell you few words about shopping in Kazan.

Moreover, If you’re tired of walking through shops, there are a lot of cafes, cinemas, bars, bowling, discos and other places to have rest. And now turn to the left - this huge fascinating building in front of you is our destination! Welcome to ‘Mega’! I’m sure you won’t regret! Have a nice evening and don’t forget your things in the bus!

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