Инфоурок Английский язык ТестыЗадания для подготовки к олимпиадам по английскому языку (9-11 классы)

Задания для подготовки к олимпиадам по английскому языку (9-11 классы)

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Новожилова Н.А. ( задания для подготовки уч-ся 9-11х классов к состязаниям по англ. языку).

Готовимся к  предметным олимпиадам по английскому языку (9-11 классы)


Task1. Multiple choice. (“The beard” by G. Clark)

I was going by train to London. I didn’t have the 1)_______to take anything to eat with me and  soon was very hungry. I decided to go to the dining-car to have a meal.

As I was about to 2)______ myself,  I saw that the gentleman I was to face wore a large beard. He was a young man. His beard was full, loose and very black. I glanced at him uneasily and noted that he was a big pleasant fellow with dark laughing eyes.

Indeed I could feel his eyes on me as I fumbled 3) ______ the knives and forks. It was hard to 4)______ myself together. It is not easy to face a beard. But when I could escape no longer, I raised my eyes and 5)_______ the young man’s on my face.

“Good evening”, - I said cheerfully.

“Good evening”, - he replied pleasantly, 6) ______ a big buttered roll within the bush of his beard. Not even a crumb fell off. He ordered soup. It was a difficult soup for even the most barefaced of men 7)_______, but not a drop did he waste on his whiskers. He kept his eyes on me in between bites. But I knew he knew that I was watching his every bite with acute fascination.

1. a) idea          b) thought        c) trouble         d) mind

2. a) seat          b) pull              c) keep            d) find

3. a) by            b) with             c) up                d) to

4. a) push         b) put               c) bring            d) pull

5. a) found       b) would find   c) had found    d) had been found

6. a) having insert        b) had inserted             c) inserting       d) were inserting

7. a) eaten        b) to eat            c) ate               d) had eaten

Кеуs: 1-trouble, 2-seat, 3-with, 4-pull, 5- found, 6- inserting, 7- to eat


Task 2. Fill in the spaces by finding one word which fits in all three sentences.


1. He knew that I was watching his every ______ with acute fascination.

I have been fishing all day and haven’t had ______.

The dog seems ferocious, but it will more likely growl than _______.


2. I feel extremely exhausted so I shall ______ myself for a holiday.

I’ve never met such an enthusiastic storyteller. It’s a great _______ to listen to him.

The lecturer is going to ________ the subject in detail.


3. We unpacked our bags eagerly and then went out for a ________.

Last week I had a _______with my neighbours. They are really tough to deal with.

We’ll see the stage perfectly well this time as our seats are in the front _______.


 4. As I was about to________ myself, I saw the gentleman with a large beard.

It was his decisive battle. He was watching a _______ of the war very carefully.

I have been waiting for this performance too long. I’m going to take a ______ in the stalls.


5. I found some people were shy looking in the _______.

You won’t find these species any more. They disappeared from the______ of the earth.

I have to admit that it’s not a piece of cake, but we must ______ facts.


Keys: 1- bite, 2- treat, 3- row, 4- seat, 5 – face.


Task 3. Match the proverbs with their definitions.

1) If you run after two hares you will catch none.          a) Knowledge is got by study and hard work.

2) Every dog has his day.                                             b) There must be something better after a piece of unpleasantness.

3) After a storm comes a calm.                                     c) Holding a high position at a low level is better than the opposite.

4) It is a sad heart that never rejoices.                           d) Don’t try to do several things at once.

5) There is no royal road to learning.                            e) Good fortune comes once to all of us.

6) Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.      f) When the person in authority is absent, you will take advantage of his absence.

7) Learn to walk before you run.                                  g) Don’t do the work that you pay others to do for you.

8) When the cat is away the mice will play.                  h) We can’t look forever on the gloomy side of things.

9) Why keep a dog and bark yourself?                          i) You will learn more by listening to other people than by talking yourself.

10) A still tongue makes a wise head.                           j) Knowledge must be gained step by step.


Keys: 1-d, 2- e, 3-b, 4- h, 5- a, 6-c, 7- j, 8- f, 9-g, 10- i

By Natalia Novozhilova (school №1173, Moscow)

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