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Английский язык "Диктант для 3 класса"

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Диктанты для 3 класса

Unit 1.

Dictation 1.

This man is a Farmer. He lives on a farm. He is fat. That is why he is sad. He must run in the park. He must not ride in the car. He must walk.

Dictation 2.

I have a pet. My pet is a big horse. It lives on a farm. Its legs are not short. They are long. It likes corn in the morning. It doesn’t like milk or butter.

Dictation 3.

Good morning! My name is Winnie. I think I am very nice. I am not very fat. I am hungry. I’m sorry I don’t like milk. I would like some sweets. Thank you. Bye – bye.

Dictation 4.

This girl is my friend. Her name is Helen. I think she is thin. She has a white shirt and a black skirt. Her shirt isn’t dirty. She is not hungry. She drinks coffee, juice and tea with lemon.

Dictation 5.

We have a party on Sunday. You are welcome. You can dance and sing with your friends. You can eat cheese, salami and bananas. You can drink tea with cake.

Dictation 6.

Nick has got a bird. His bird is clean and nice. It is green and red. It eats corn. It doesn’t it meat. It can sing and speak. Nick teaches his bird to read.

Unit 2.

Dictation 1.

I like animals. They are clever. Fish live in the river. Birds live in a tree. Cats live in a house. I like to help animals. I go to the shop and buy corn> milk and meat. I feed animals.

Dictation 2.

My friend eats a lot of apples, tomatoes and potatoes. He doesn’t eat much bread for breakfast. He likes eggs. He drinks much juice. He runs in the park, swims and jumps. That is why he is healthy.

Dictation 3.

Rabbit lives in the forest. He has blue jeans. His friend`s name I Winnie. Today Rabbit plays tennis with him. They don`t ski and play hockey.

Dictation 4.

I like to go to the zoo with my mother. We can see a lot of animals in the zoo: tigers, koalas, zebras and kangaroos. I want to see a small panda. I think it looks so nice.

Unit 3.

Dictation 1.

My name is Vova. I`m from Russia. I have a birthday on the first of November. It`s great! I would like to have a lot of presents: a new computer, cassettes and a player. My friend Tom is from Britain. I got a letter from him with a bright card. I learn English and I can read his letter. I would like to visit him in summer.

Dictation 2.

Hello! My name is Nick. I am eight years old. I go to school and I am in the third form. I have a lot of pen friends. I get letters and beautiful postcards from many towns. But like to send letters. I write the address on the envelope and put a stamp on it. Then I take paper and write a letter. After that I go to the post office and post the letter.

Dictation 3.

Dear friend,

Nice to meet you! My name is Sasha and my surname is Ivanov. I am a schoolboy. I live with my family in a small town. My address is 35 Green Street. My mother is a teacher. She works at school. Her children learn English.

My father`s name is Alex. His favourite sport is basketball. I don`t have a brother but I have a sister. I think she is very beautiful. Her favourite film star is DiCaprio. She has a lot of posters with him.

What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? When is your birthday? What is your favourite sport? Which is your favourite season?

Unit 4.

Dictation 1.

I have a true friend. My friend`s name is Helen. She looks like her mother. She has long blonde hair and a lovely round face. Her nose is small and her eyes are blue. Helen is a merry girl and always plays jokes. She has a sweet tooth and buys a lot of chocolates and cakes. Helen likes music and plays the piano twice a day. My friend likes sport. She can play tennis very well. But she can neither ski nor skate.

Dictation 2.

It`s 8 o`clock. It`s time to get up. I usually get up at half past eight. I wash my face and hands and clean my teeth. I don`t forget to wash my ears. Then I have breakfast. After that I go to school. When I come home I have lunch. Then I clean the house and do my homework. In the evening I listen to fairy-tales or watch TV. I go to bed very early.

Dictation 3.

My brother and I have grandparents. They live on a farm. They are very kind and hospitable. They like children and we often visit them. My grandparents are very busy. They have a lot of hens and geese. But they have neither pigs nor sheep. We like to feed birds. They are very nice.

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