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Ашық сабақ ағылшын тілінен тақырыбы "Canada" \10 класс\


The Plan of the lesson for the 10th of form

The Theme: Canada

The aims of the lesson : a\ to talk and speak about the ‘Canada’, to enrich their knowledge of grammar, phonetics and lexis, b\ to develop pupil’s thinking abilities, written speech, logical speech, reading skills. c\ To bring up the patriotic feelings and love the world around us and love our Motherland .

The type of the lesson: Presentation

The methods: question-answer, true-false activity, group work, a pair work.

The visual aids: a textbook , a map, cards, pictures, a computer, slides

The inter-subject connection: Kazakh, Geography.

The procedure of the lesson:

I organization moment.


2.Talking with a pupil on duty, checking attendance.

II.Brainstorming . I’d like to begin our lesson with videotape reminding the general information of Canada. Let’s look screen.

T: What have you seen?

Ch: W’ve seen cities and sights of Canada

T: What are we going to talk about today?

Ch: We’ll talk about Canada’s geographical position, agriculture and industry.

III Presentation

T: Today we’ll consolidate your knowledge on the theme ‘Canada’, we’ll speak about the geography, climate, industry, agriculture and educational of Canada.

IV. Work with the computer. Reading the text : ‘Canada’ Listen to the tape- recoder

Y. Work with the map. \бір оқушы шығып өзінің дайындаған презентациясын карта бойынша ағылшын тілінде қорғап шығады.

YI. Creative work. а\T: At home you have prepared some facts about the most interesting place of Canada. Now each of you will be a guide. \оқушылар өздерінің презентацияларын қорғайды\ I ‘l put your mark this paper.

1.Aigerim-Have you been in Canada?

What does it grow?

2.Albina -What are the most developed industries?

3.Nurtilek- What is the capital of Canada?

4.Aitolkyn-What is the population of Canada?

5.Erlan- Where is situated Canada?

6.Duman- What does it produce?

VI. Work with the book . I shall divided into three groups and gives them three cards. In cards there is part of the text. Each group must

a\ Ex 3 Look at the numbers. What are the situations? 1759 33 2 400 1931 10 1000

b\work with the cards . and Complete the sentences.

Canada. Chinese English and French. French

a\ She is Canadian. She lives in ----------------.

b\ He was born in Chaina. He is -------------------.

c\Canada has two official language. They are --------------------.

d\ My girlfriend is -------------------. She was born in France.

Duman: make up your own dialouge Read the dialouge.

c\ And Match the sentences with vocabulary words.

Nurtilek :- Manufacture- өндіріс

Mining- тау кен ісі

Legislative- заң шығарушысы

Соmmonwealth – мемлекет

Agriculture- ауылшаруашылық

Rise – қырат

Mountain- тау

Nurzhan - Some of theme Are sentences true or false?

1.Education in Canada is completely the same as in America. T

2. All schools have a 16 – grade system . T

3.In the junior high shools schoolchildren are able to choose some subjects .T

4. Vocational schools are those who want to study at university . F

Albina : Read the Passive voice words and Write down on your note-book

б\Let’s sing the song!

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

I’m from the USA

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

I’m from the UK

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

I’m from Canada

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

I’m from Kazakhstan.

I’m from Kazakhstan.


VII. Conclusion Answer the question

What is it? It is a White House.

What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

What is the population of Kazakhstan?

What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know?

What countries does it border on?

b\ Doing tests exercise.

VIII. Marks In our lesson you done many work. And then I give your mark.

IX The home work . Prepare the quiz of Canada.

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