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Аудирование по теме "Sport"

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Interview | Official Site | Discuss

Sebastien Foucan plays the villainous henchman Mollaka in the latest Bond flick Casino Royale.He is also well known for his co-invention of the art form parkour, also known as "free running," with his friend David Belle. We caught up with him shortly after his stint on the set of Casino Royale and asked him a few questions regarding his invention and the Bond series. 

1. First up, for the uninitiated, can you explain what exactly parkour is?
Parkour is an art form which consists of using your environment to move and develop for body and spirit!

2. Where did the inspiration for parkour come from?
Parkour originally came from a military obstacles course and an officier called Georges Hebert.

3. Were you a James Bond fan before signing on to Casino Royale? If so, do you have a favourite film?
Not really but I grew up with Bond! Maybe

4. Are you able to tell us a little bit about your character, Mollaka? 
Mollaka is a terrorist who has information that Bond wants!

5. Where do you feel Casino Royale fits into the pantheon of Bond films and what kind of direction do you see the series taking? 
I know we worked hard for it and I hope it'll be a great movie!

6. Were your actively involved with the planning, staging and choreography of your action scenes in Casino Royale? 
Yes, but only in my sequences!

7. Since you are a professional athlete did you require a stunt double for the more dangerous stunt work?
Yes, they did give a stunt double to me, but more to protect my character Mollaka! I did ninety five per cent of it!

8. Are you going to pursue more film and acting roles?
I don't know, maybe!

9. Will you be using Casino Royale as a way to promote "free running" to those unfamiliar with the art form?
Yes, to show people my discipline, parkour is an art not a sport!

10. Was it difficult applying your art form and filming in the extreme heat of the Bahamas?
Yes, but it was okay, I improved myself!

11. Finally, what are your thoughts on Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond?
I think he's a good actor and he's great for this new Bond version! 

A word from the interviewer: I'd like to firstly thank Daniel and Darren from the Parkour official website for organising this interview so quickly and easily. Secondly, I'd like to extend a big thank you to Mr Foucan himself, who did not hesitate to answer a few questions.

Выбранный для просмотра документ упражнения.docx


1. Match the questions from the interview with Sebastien Foucan

to the answers:


1. Firstly, can you explain what                    A. Not really but I grew up watching

   parkour is?                                     Bond! 

2. Where did the inspiration for                B. Yes, I did but I did 95% of

   parkour come from?                              it myself!

3. Were you a James Bond fan before             CI don't know, maybe I will!

you acted in Casino Royale?

4. Were you involved with the                 D. Parkour is a sport which uses

 planning and choreography of your                your environment to move and

 action scenes in Casino Royale?                  develop for body and spirit! 

7. You are a professional athlete              EYes, I planned some but only in

 so did you need a stunt double                   my action sequences.

 for the dangerous scenes?

8. Are you going to do more film             F. Yes, to show people my discipline

  and acting roles?                               but Parkour is not just an art form

                                                 it's a sport. You need to be trained

                                                to do it.

9. Will you use Casino Royale as a          G. Parkour originally came from the

a way to promote "free running" to                army, from obstacle courses and

people who don't know about the art form?         an officier called Georges Hebert. 




2 True or false?

1. Parkour is just an art form?  

2. You need be trained to practise Parkour?  

3. It originates from the film Casino Royale? 

4. Sebastien Foucan was a big fan of Bond films?  





3 Read this text

     Born in 1974, Sebastian Foucan is the founder of Free running and co-founder of 

     Parkour. He is married with one child and lives in France. He was born to Guy and

     Lydie Foucan, with Caribbean origins (Guadeloupe), and brought up with his 4

     brothers and 1 sister.

     Freerunning is the result of 18 years of practice and thinking. Sebastian

     developed his skills though childhood play.
     In 1992 S
йbastien discovered the discipline of “Tao du Jeet kune do” and others,

     which he began to include in his practice. By 1993 he had started to put 

     names to the key moves he was practicing. Between '94 and '96 he was working as a 

     firefighter in Paris as part of military service. Sebastien suffered a serious

     injury. It was a turning point for his practice, reinforcing his determination to

     encourage people to take care of themselves and respect their body, mind and




4. Answer these questions:


1. Sebastian created Parkour by himself.  

2. He injured himself practicing 'Tao du Jeet Kune do'.  

3. His injury made him less sure about the importance of respecting your body 

4. Childhood play helped him to improve his skills. 

5. He has 4 siblings.  

6. Before '93 he hadn't really named many of the moves he was practicing. 

7. Sebastian did not take part in military service.  





Click on things you hear Sebastian say:


1. Free running is about expressing yourself in your envirnoment  

2. Me and my friend thought we would create something  

3. It's about being powerful and having imagination  

4. It's not very demanding  

5. It is important to have a guide when you begin practicing  

6. You can avoid falling down  

7. Most important is to teach kids to see where the danger is 

8. It is important to show-off to other people  

9. You can learn about co-ordination  

10. In our society we are connected to our environment  

11. Free-running is a fantastic discipline to teach you skills   

12. We have to be positive because the world is hard to live in   

13. Parkour is driven by love and passion  




Write a short paragraph about Parkour.

   What do you think about Parkour?

   Do you think it is dangerous?

   Would you like to train to do it?



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